It was not just Shi Qing's family background. Her personal qualities were also shockingly outstanding. As such, Qiu Chenxi did not feel good about it.

If Qiu Chenxi had a choice, she would not have 'invited' Shi Qing to Ping Cheng to help her find the hidden vixen.

"Qing Qing, it's already the summer vacation. Are you really not going back to Mo Du or Beijing? You must know that your maternal, as well as paternal, grandpas and grandmas will definitely miss you." Someone had told her that Brother Zhai would be coming back from the army in four days' time. This time, Brother Zhai had ten days of leave.

On this occasion, she would find all ways and means to be by Brother Zhai's side at all times. Although she might not make Brother Zhai take a liking to her or even marry her during these ten days, she would definitely not give that vixen a chance to continue to seduce Brother Zhai.

Of course, prior to this, Qiu Chenxi had to cajole Shi Qing back to where the latter came from.

Qiu Chenxi was more fearful than Qiao Nan of Shi Qing being a threat. She was not willing to let Shi Qing continue to remain in Ping Cheng.

"I'm not going back." After Shi Qing finished attempting a mathematics sum, she turned to the next page. "My dad told me that Brother Zhai will be coming back in two days' time. He has ten days of leave. If I go back now, aren't I stupid? That being said, it's indeed already summer vacation. Aren't you going to Mo Du to visit my grandpa and grandma who are considered your maternal grandparents?"

"…" Qiu Chenxi paused for a while. She was stunned and did not reply.

Brother Zhai was coming back soon. How could she go to Mo Du to visit her maternal grandpa and grandma at this time? "Qing Qing, you're unwilling to go back. Don't tell me you're afraid that you will lose out to Qiao Nan on your grades? If that's the case, I can only say that you've been thinking too much. How is it possible that you will not score better than Qiao Nan? If you're really concerned about your grades, then it's no problem. When your results are out, or even when it's still not out, I promise to help you make a call and find out about both Qiao Nan's and your grades after the papers are marked. What do you think?"

Shi Qing put down her pen and stared at Qiu Chenxi straight in the eye. "Have I not been clear enough in my earlier words? No! Brother Zhai is coming back. I won't leave. I transferred to Ping Cheng High School to study for the sake of Brother Zhai. Qiu Chenxi, I know what you're thinking of. Don't treat me as a fool who doesn't know anything. I can choose not to pursue the reason that you looked for me, but don't try your little tactics on me again. Be careful of outwitting yourself. It's not a must that I have to stay at your house. If you're not willing to see me, with one phone call, my dad will buy a house for me in Ping Cheng. At that time, your family has to think of how to explain to my grandpa and grandma."

The maternal granddaughter was, of course, different from the paternal one. Qiu Chenxi had better consider this carefully before deciding on what to do.

"How will that happen? Our house is so big and I was the one who invited you to Ping Cheng. How can I let you stay outside? Besides our family, you don't have any other relatives in Ping Cheng. Even if uncle buys you a house, I'm also fearful for your safety if you stay alone outside. Qing Qing, don't be angry. Aren't I just concerned about you? I'm not worried about other matters. In the past, Brother Zhai likes to stay in the army. He used to come home not more than three times per year, but it is different now. I'm just afraid that you'll feel sad if Brother Zhai comes back for the purpose of seeing the vixen."

"Sad?" Shi Qing put down her pen. "In the past, when I started liking Brother Zhai, you told me that he's your fiancé. You're not scared that I'd be sad at that time. Now, Brother Zhai is only having a relationship with someone, what should I be sad about? Cousin, you're thinking too much."

Qiu Chenxi could hardly laugh. This was a lie made by Qiu Chenxi to Shi Qing when they were young.

At that time, the Qiu family and Zhai Sheng had not agreed with each other, but Qi Minlan had been telling Qiu Chenxi that she would definitely marry Zhai Sheng when she grew up. Hence, when she knew that Shi Qing liked Zhai Sheng as well, out of boastfulness and fear, Qiu Chenxi simply told Shi Qing that Zhai Sheng was his fiancé, Shi Qing's future cousin-in-law.

"Cousin, be rest assured. You've lost. I'll win it back for you. I gave up Brother Zhai in the past because of you. Now, there's no reason for me to do so. You just have to wait to call Brother Zhai your cousin-in-law." These words, 'cousin-in-law', of Shi Qing were certainly targeted at the 'cousin-in-law' that Qiu Chenxi told her many years ago.

"Oh, really?" Qiu Chenxi almost lost her temper and quarreled with Shi Qing. "Then, read your book. I won't disturb you." If they continued, she was afraid that she would not be able to control herself.

"Mom, the thing that I'm most afraid of is probably going to happen." After coming out of Shi Qing's bedroom, Qiu Chenxi ran over to look for Qi Minlan. "My uncle is so capable. Mom, it's not that you don't know. I already knew that Brother Zhai is coming back and has ten days of leave. Could Shi Qing not know about it? She refused to go back to Mo Du or Beijing. This… What do you think we should do?"

"What's the hurry? It's easy to deal with Shi Qing. The outsider is the difficult one. Your uncle is capable. But because of this, Shi Qing was taught to be one kind. She's inflexible and doesn't know at all that she needs to fight for her own happiness. If your grandpa and uncle had used stronger tactics and made use of the relationship between the Shi family and the Zhai family, I would have married your Uncle Zhai in the past. After Shi Qing chases that woman away for you, you just have to be quicker than Shi Qing. She will definitely back out from the relationship on her own. If it's another woman, this may not be the case. It's fine that Shi Qing is not willing to leave now. Anyway, Zhai Sheng won't like her. What are you worried about?"

Qi Minlan was not anxious at all. She understood her niece's character very well.

If she was not sure of this, Qi Minlan would not allow her daughter to specially invite Shi Qing to Ping Cheng despite knowing that Shi Qing liked Zhai Sheng as well.

"It may be easier to invite someone to come rather than to ask her to leave." Qiu Chenxi could not feel at ease. Zhai Sheng was too outstanding. In the past, Zhai Sheng ignored everyone. She was quite assured and felt that no one would be her opponent.

Now, she found out that Zhai Sheng actually knew how to love someone. Furthermore, he already had someone he liked. She thus felt threatened by each and every woman. Qiu Chenxi began to miss the Zhai Sheng in the past and his tendency to ignore everyone.

"Rest assured." Qi Minlan laughed. "Right, Qing Qing has been here for about a month. Did she find out anything?"

"Forget it. She still bears a grudge against me. Most probably, she won't tell me even if she finds anything."

"That's even better." Qi Minlan was pleased. She extended her fingers, bright red polish painting her nails. "Since she didn't tell you, it means she's prepared to deal with that woman. That's great. You can just sit and enjoy the fruits of her labor without doing anything. After Qing Qing chases that woman away, you can steadily marry Zhai Sheng. You just have to wait comfortably to be the chief's wife."



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