Qiu Chenxi hesitated for a moment. "Will this matter be so easily resolved? Will Shi Qing be so good?" She did not need to do anything and just wait for Shi Qing to settle that woman. She would pick up the 'ready-made' success thereafter?

"Shi Qing aside, there's still your uncle. I don't know if Qing Qing is good, but we can work hard to create this outcome. That's enough." Qi Minlan patted Qiu Chenxi's head. "Chenxi, Mom did so much for you. You must not disappoint Mom in the future. When you encounter a problem, first, don't panic. Don't be like Mom in the past. Clearly, there're room and opportunity for me to work hard, but I gave up and lost everything just because I was stubborn and angry. There's no use being angry. There's nothing more important than your own future. Understand?"

Speaking of this matter, Qi Minlan felt regretful.

Many years ago, Old Master Zhai suddenly brought Miao Jing back and insisted Zhai Yaohui to marry her.

At that time, Miao Jing was staying in the Zhai family. Zhai Yaohui did not vent his anger on Miao Jing on the account of giving Old Master Zhai face. His attitude toward Miao Jing was considered quite good, like that of an elder brother.

Qi Minlan had a one-sided wish that Zhai Yaohui would take actions for her sake. She hoped that Zhai Yaohui would target and scold Miao Jing to chase her away in order to protect Qi Minlan's place in the Zhai family.

Who would have known Zhai Yaohui would say that Miao Jing was innocent and he was thus unwilling to bully Miao Jing? He only wanted to convince Old Master Zhai in a peaceful manner.

Qi Minlan was infuriated and felt that she was not important to Zhai Yaohui, that Zhai Yaohui did not love her enough. Otherwise, she would not have given him such suggestions. Zhai Yaohui himself should have been the one who came up with them and took action.

To anger Zhai Yaohui, Qi Minlan simply initiated a breakup with Zhai Yaohui. She told him that they needed not to see each other anymore and Zhai Yaohui could be an obedient son. He could listen to Old Master Zhai and marry Miao Jing. Wouldn't that be a happy ending for all?

Qi Minlan, who lost her temper, felt that Zhai Yaohui would definitely look for her thereafter and explain himself. He would then agree to take actions against and force Miao Jing to leave.

Unexpectedly, having not met for a month, the Zhai family simply sent wedding invitations to all their relatives and friends, stating that Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing would be getting married in two months' time.

Zhai Yaohui was a soldier. He had to file a marriage report before the official marriage.

Anyway, when Qi Minlan received the news, the wedding invitation of Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing had already been given out. Moreover, the marriage report had been filed and approved.

As such, the marriage between Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing was cast in stone.

Next, Qi Minlan did the second thing that she would regret for life.

Zhai Yaohui wanted to marry Miao Jing. It was easy for Zhai Yaohui to marry a woman, but similarly, it was not difficult for her to get married to a man. She simply requested Old Master Shi to find a partner for her, who turned out to be the Qiu Qin now.

Zhai Yaohui was quick to marry Miao Jing, but Qi Minlan took about half a year to be married to Qiu Qin.

It was only now, when she was much older and her temperament had changed, that Qi Minlan regretted her impulsiveness in the past.

If she did not initiate the breakup and persisted, if she cried out her grief to Zhai Yaohui instead of forcing him, Zhai Yaohui might not have married Miao Jing so quickly. They even gave birth to Zhai Hua.

Zhai Yaohui was so good to Zhai Hua. Similarly, she could also give birth to a daughter for Zhai Yaohui. On what grounds could Miao Jing, who came from the village, become the wife of the chief?!

"Mom, don't worry. I understand what you are saying. I definitely won't be willful. Zhai Sheng's character is aloof and tends to ignore others. It's been so many years. See, I didn't lose my temper and continue to be devoted to him, right? But Mom, if the matter is going to turn out this way, will grandpa and uncle…"

They invited Shi Qing here to deal with the woman that Zhai Sheng liked. After the matter was resolved, she would then snatch Zhai Sheng away.

Grandpa and uncle were both smart people. They might see through the ploy. At that time, would the two families' kinship be negatively affected because of this matter?

"I know what you're worried about. If it's not successful, then don't do it. Don't forget that my surname is Qi and not Shi. This society is like that. A daughter is not as worthy as a son. I've been adopted since young. Your grandpa owes it to me. I'll ask him to repay me using Shi Qing. What's wrong with that? Shi Qing's thinking is as inflexible as your grandpa and uncle. Such a good man like Zhai Sheng, she will not be able to keep him for a lifetime even if she manages to snatch him over temporarily."

Qi Minlan did not feel guilty at all to scheme against her biological niece.

Qi Minlan was initially a child of the Shi family. Her surname was Qi, and not Shi, because Old Master Shi let one of his former comrades cum sworn friends of life and death adopt her.

At that time, during a war, the former comrade not only saved Old Master Shi but also became seriously injured as a result. He became an abnormal man since.

Because of his injury, the former comrade's health had not been good. He was not a normal man anymore and was unwilling to be a burden to a woman. Even when there was peace in the country, he did not marry anyone and had been living alone.

Qi Minlan was very adorable when she was young. She was raised by the Shi family then and was fair and chubby.

There was no man who would not want a child in this world.

Seeing that Old Master Zhai had both son and daughter and he had nothing, the former comrade felt dejected and depressed.

When he saw his former comrade in such a state, Old Master Shi simply suggested him to adopt his son. His former comrade wished to have a child but was too embarrassed to take someone else's son. To fulfill his wish to be a father, he requested to adopt Qi Minlan as his daughter in the end.

Since Old Master Shi was even willing to give his son, of course, he would not decline this request. Hence, Shi Minlan became Qi Minlan.

After the former comrade had Qi Minlan, this daughter, he was happy for a period of time.

However, he had accumulated too many severe and lingering illnesses during the wartime. As such, he passed away just after a few years of peace.

Hence, it could be said that even though Qi Minlan's surname was Qi, and not Shi, she had grown up in the Shi family. She lived with the Old Master Shi couple and grew up with her brother, Shi Peng.

However, Qi Minlan was the only one who knew whether it felt the same.

"Mom, I'll listen to you. I'll certainly guard whatever is mine tightly in my hands and not let anyone snatch it away." Qiu Chenxi nodded. Now, she could not even take care of herself, let alone Shi Qing.

With the situation of the Shi family, and as Shi Qing was her uncle's only daughter, there was no worry that Shi Qing would not be able to find a good man in the future.

Even if the man that Shi Qing found did not have a good family background, as long as her uncle was willing to nurture him and pass over his connections and position in the Shi family entirely to him, Shi Qing's boyfriend would not have a low status in the future.

However, in her case, she only had Brother Zhai. Therefore, she must not lose Brother Zhai and could only make use of Shi Qing.

"Principal Meng, we've finished marking the papers and collating the scores for the first-year cohort. Would you like to take a look? This year, the results are really…"



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