The teacher passed the results of the first-year students to Principal Meng.

"Pssh…" At the sight of the ranking on the list, Principal Meng could not help but hold his breath. "Could you all have made a mistake?"

"No, we've checked a number of times." The teacher shook his head. This year, a mistake was possible for the results of any other cohort but definitely not for that of the first year.

"Teacher Liu must be elated," Principal Meng removed his glasses and said smilingly.

"They are students of Ping Cheng High School. Principal Meng, just wait to bask in glory in two years' time!" This year, first-year students were really excellent. They were better than what he had heard. Two years later, the high schools in and around Ping Cheng would have to see Ping Cheng High School take the lead and glory!

Within a short period of three days, Ping Cheng High School had completed collating the results of the first-year cohort.

Qiao Nan, who was completely unaware of this, continued to eat, drink, and sleep merrily at home.

"Xiao Qiao, you're still not prepared to go out and have fun? Do you intend to shut yourself at home for the entire summer vacation?" Zhu Baoguo had long regained his senses. He called Qiao Nan with a happy mood.

Qiao Nan picked up the phone as she was watching the television. "I'm not going out. I've been so tired for the whole semester. Can't I rest for a few days? Besides, don't forget that you're also someone who is not so free. I heard that Shi Qing did not intend to transfer out of our school. This summer vacation, you'll be very tied up."

The little bully, Zhu Baoguo, was actually beaten down by the young lady, Shi Qing.

If Zhu Baoguo did not train his body well and defeat Shi Qing, given Zhu Baoguo's character, he most likely would not have the heart to focus on his studies in the future.

"Xiao Qiao, can you not be such a spoilsport and anger me with those words of yours? Don't talk about that violent transformer lady. She's so fierce! Certainly, no man will dare to marry her in the future. Who dares to marry her will be beaten and sprawled below the bed!"

In terms of physical strength, most likely, not many men in this world could win against Shi Qing.

Shi Qing was clearly quite petite, but that strength of hers was horribly strong during a fight. Zhu Baoguo's face turned black instantly when he thought of it.

Xiao Qiao was right. As a man, he was beaten down by a woman. How was he going to face anyone in the future?!

"You're still dawdling? If you stay at home every day, when are you going to win against Shi Qing in a fight? Can I still walk with confidence in front of Shi Qing next time?" It was rare that Qiao Nan started to stir up trouble between Zhu Baoguo and Shi Qing.

There was no other choice. Zhu Baoguo was a stubborn child with an abundance of energy.

If he were not given some pressure and goals, this stubborn child could be very annoying.

Two years ago, the elders of the Zhu family and the Lee family would bring Zhu Baoguo overseas every winter vacation. They could not do so during the summer vacation this year. The elders in the two families were already old. How could they still accompany Zhu Baoguo to travel everywhere as he wished?

Zhu Baoguo was not that close with the relatives of the Lee family. As for the relatives in the Zhu family, he was vexed with them and was unwilling to be close to his auntie, Zhu Qin.

As such, Zhu Baoguo had so much spare time that he could only look for Qiao Nan to have fun.

"But we have not collected the results, have we? I intend to collect the results slip before going to my dad's camp for two months." He did not believe that he would not be Shi Qing's opponent after two months.

"Are you kidding me? We've already finished the exams and you're anxious to collect the results? We can't change the grades anyway. You can do whatever you wish. It's just collecting the results, not applying for something. You don't need to do so in person. Don't waste your time. What do you think Shi Qing is doing now?"

"Are you trying to say that Shi Qing is so perverted that she will go to the camp to train with a bunch of guys despite already being so strong?"

"Are there more guys or ladies in the camp? Given Shi Qing's ability, her opponents are most probably not ladies. Shi Qing's father is quite a formidable character, right? During the period of the Republic of China, Shi Qing was considered the daughter of a warlord. She's good. Do you think she's better in fighting or archery? Zhu Baoguo, it's not ugly to lose in your studies, but if you don't work harder and lose out to the young lady physically… Haha, Zhu Baoguo, what will your dad think if he finds out about this?"

"Don't tell my dad!" If he could not even win against a young lady, he would lose all of his face in front of his father.

"Whether I tell him is not important. Anyway, Shi Qing is too strong. Your dad will eventually hear about it from someone. Zhu Baoguo, you have to put in more effort. Don't let your father say that his son can't compete with other people's daughter."

"Xiao Qiao, which side or you on? Why are you helping Shi Qing in every word that you say? Don't forget that Shi Qing is at odds with you. I fought with her for your sake." Zhu Baoguo was not pleased. He had been dealt a blow by Qiao Nan's words.

Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips. What she heard was that Shi Qing looked for Zhu Baoguo and not the other way round.

"You're sure that you want to continue to bicker with me? I'm competing with Shi Qing on brainpower. You'll decide what to do yourself."

"…" Zhu Baoguo was silent for a while. "I'll go to my dad's camp in the afternoon."

"That's fine. There's not much time left. Quickly pack up. You have to leave after your meal. Cheers, cheers, cheers! I have confidence in you. You'll definitely be stronger than Shi Qing when you're back."

"That has to be!" Zhu Baoguo, who was cajoled into submission by Qiao Nan, hung up the phone in an energetic and high-spirited manner. Without a word, he went to his bedroom, packed a few clothing, and called Zhu Chengqi. "Dad, quickly send someone to pick me up."

"Not fetching you. Come yourself." Zhu Chengqi retorted without any reservation. "You're not a three-year-old child and you still need someone to lead the way?"

"It's fine if you're not fetching me. I'll go on my own!" Zhu Baoguo slammed the phone. After lunch, he said goodbye to Elder Zhu and ran off to the army with his small hand-carry luggage bag.

Within half an hour after Zhu Baoguo went out, Zhu Qin happily brought Wang Yang to the house of the Zhu family. "Baoguo, auntie is here. Hurry, pack some clothes and bring along your passport. Auntie decided to bring Yang Yang and you to Hong Kong to have fun."

Wang Yang clenched his fists excitedly. Although Hong Kong was returned to China, he heard that Hong Kong was prosperous but a little unsafe. There were cases of hooligan fights.

If they brought Zhu Baoguo to Hong Kong, then they were not to blame if Zhu Baoguo lost his way and met with an accident!

Elder Zhu was carrying his teapot as he curled his lips with least expressions. "Alright, stop shouting. Baoguo is not at home."

"Not at home? Did he go to the house of the Qiao family to look for Qiao Nan again?"



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