Shi Qing generally did not like to wear a skirt, but at the thought of Qiu Chenxi's usual way of dressing and that Zhai Sheng would be back today, she took a long time before she finally decided to wear this skirt.

Initially, Shi Qing was uncertain if she would be able to gain Zhai Sheng's affection with what she did, but when she entered the classroom and saw that Qiao Nan was dressed in almost the same way, Shi Qing felt relieved.

As expected, after spending so many years with him, Qiu Chenxi knew Brother Zhai's preferences and tastes.

"If it's useful, would she have to wait till today?" Qiao Nan smiled. Brother Zhai did not choose Qiu Chenxi, not because she did not try hard enough, but it was useless to follow him wherever he went. In fact, in the one year that she had known Brother Zhai, they seldom saw each other.

If following him around was useful, Brother Zhai would already have done according to Chief Zhai's wishes and married Qiu Chenxi.

"Good." Shi Qing nodded with satisfaction. "I hope that you are right. Otherwise, I will be very angry."

"You're unhappy at the Qiu family's residence?" Qiao Nan turned around and looked at Shi Qing curiously.

"Well, I have asked my dad to find a house for me. I will be able to move in two days' time." Shi Qing did not hide it from Qiao Nan and admitted it right away. "My auntie keeps a close watch on me. I feel as if I am in jail, especially yesterday."

Her auntie tried to prevent her from going to the army with Qiu Chenxi. As for today, she did not want her to run into Brother Zhai.

Shi Qing was clever. There was no way that Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi could hide their plans from her.

Shi Qing could not be bothered to be angry at Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi. She felt that it was beneath her dignity to do what the two of them did. She watched as Qiu Chenxi sneaked out of the house like a thief, and Qi Minlan acted like a clown to 'chat' with her so as to make sure that she did not go elsewhere.

"You have a tragic life." Shi Qing was unlucky to have such relatives. When they found her to be useful to them, they would drag her into what they did. When she was of no use, they would kick her aside. They were very ruthless. "But your surname is Shi. I remember that Qiu Chenxi's mom's surname is Qi."

"Adopted by a relative." Not only was her auntie adopted by a relative, but her heart was also no longer with them as well.

"Not telling your dad?"

"Do I need to do it myself?"

"***." Shi Qing had powerful backing. The Shi family must be a respected family as well. Otherwise, back then, Qi Minlan would not have almost married Chief Zhai. Since the Shi family was aware of Qi Minlan's situation, she would not have so much to worry about.

The only thing that Qiao Nan was worried about was that the Shi family would side with their relatives and refuse to see reason, and thus making life difficult for her.

"What are the both of you talking about? I don't understand a single word." Tang Mengran was confused. "Nan Nan, since when are you so close with Shi Qing? Moreover, what do you mean by what you said just now? What do you mean by adopted by a relative? What is it about telling your dad? What's there to say? Whose dad is it?"

The conversation between Qiao Nan and Shi Qing was so brief that Tang Mengran could not understand. She had thought that they were conversing in alien languages. She could understand each and every word they said, but when they were put together in sentences and used in conversations, she did not know what they were talking about.

"Teacher Liu is here." Qiao Nan turned back to her seat and pulled Tang Mengran back to her seat, hinting at Tang Mengran to take a look at Xu Tingting's expression.

There was a look of blankness on Tang Mengran's face. Xu Tingting had a similar look on her face as well. Tang Mengran was comforted that Xu Tingting was just as confused as her. "Nan Nan, you are the best. I feel much better now. It seems like Xu Tingting was hoping that Shi Qing and you would end up in a fight. She was waiting to watch a good show. She must be disappointed now!"

"Teacher Liu is really here." Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. It was not her actual intention to comfort Tang Mengran. She was truly telling her that the teacher was here.

When Teacher Liu entered the classroom, he gave Qiao Nan a glance.

In the past, whenever Teacher Liu looked at Qiao Nan out of habit, all the students in the class would know that Qiao Nan must have ranked first in the level. Since Shi Qing sat right behind Qiao Nan now, they could not know for sure which one of them was Teacher Liu looking at.

"I have a piece of good news to share with all of you. As usual, the first place in the level is from our class."


"Not bad."

"Hope this is not the last time." In the second half of the year after the streaming, the students would be allocated to different classes. One never knew if they could still stay in the class that always had the highest average score or not.

"There's another piece of good news. All of the top three students in the level are from our class."

"The top three in this level?"

"There's nothing to be surprised about."

Previously, the first and second place, or the first and third place in the level, were from their class. This time around, it was all of the top-three students. After all, it was just one more student in the top three coming from their class.

They were more curious about who ranked first, second, and third.

There might be some changes in the first and second places. As for the third place…

Everyone in the class looked toward Xu Tingting. There was no doubt that Xu Tingting ranked third. There would not be any uncertainty.

Xu Tingting's face turned red and hung her head. She was so embarrassed that she could not lift her head. To her, it was a shame that everyone had their attention focused on her. It was not a glorious moment. Why were they certain that she ranked third? Besides, even if she indeed ranked third, such a commendable achievement, why did she have the feeling that she ranked third-to-last in the level?

"The most gratifying thing is that there is only a tiny difference of half a point between the first place and second place. The competition is very fierce."

"Nan Nan, you are so brilliant. The difference is only half a point!" One was already qualified to advance to the third year in the next semester and was recommended admission to a first-tier university, whereas Nan Nan advanced level by level liked the rest and would only start her second year next semester.

Both of them only had a difference of half a point. Nan Nan was a genius!!

Qiao Nan raised her eyebrow. She was surprised that the difference was only half a point. She felt honored though defeated. She thought that she would be about five points behind Shi Qing.

Qiao Nan was not the only one who was surprised. Shi Qing was in a bigger shock. Since a young age, nobody came so close to beating her in exams. In other words, as long as she made a mistake in the punctuation for the Chinese exams, they would have the same score.

If she missed out punctuation in her mathematics problem sum, Qiao Nan would have beaten her in the exams.

The punctuation was ever so important!

"First, let's congratulate Qiao Nan…" Teacher Liu's eyes were sparkling. Among all the students that he taught, Qiao Nan was indeed the smartest and most hardworking student. It was a pity that she would not be his student next semester. "Congratulations to her for still being the first in the class and the level. Among all the subjects, only one mark was deducted from her Chinese papers. Let's give her a round of applause!"



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