The classroom turned silent at Teacher Liu's words. Many of the students widened their eyes and were stunned.

"Teacher Liu, who did you say came in the first place?" Tang Mengran dug her own ears and asked again in disbelief.

"Qiao Nan is the top student," Teacher Liu answered with a smile. He was particularly patient.

When Shi Qing transferred to their school, the semester was over. After sitting for the exams, the students would go for a summer break. No matter how good Shi Qing performed, it had nothing to do with him. Qiao Nan was different. He had taught Qiao Nan in the past one year.

This was not only a reflection of Qiao Nan's performance, but it was also an indication of his achievement as well!

"Oh my god! Nan Nan, you're so incredulous. First place! The first place in the level!!" Tang Mengran hugged Qiao Nan tightly. Her face was full of excitement, looking as if she was the one who ranked first. "Nan Nan, you are awesome! It's the first place in the level!"

"Teacher Liu, did you make a mistake? You must not confuse Qiao Nan's and Shi Qing's results." She admitted that she lost to Qiao Nan, but Shi Qing was the gifted student who was supposed to be recommended for admission to a first-tier key university. How could she lose to Qiao Nan by half a point?

Xu Tingting was shocked and displeased when she heard that the difference between the first and second place was only by half a point.

Finally, there was someone who could beat Qiao Nan. She could not wait for Shi Qing to widen the gap between Qiao Nan and her so that Qiao Nan would finally be able to understand her feelings when she lost to her.

She did not expect that it would be such a fierce competition. It was a difference of half a point only. It was such an important and significant half a point.

Xu Tingting's face darkened when it was confirmed that Qiao Nan really came in the first place while Shi Qing was the second place. "Teacher Liu, do you think that the exam papers might have been marked incorrectly? Is there a need to look at the papers again?" She did not believe that Shi Qing, who was so outstanding, would lose to Qiao Nan.

She did not believe that nobody in this world could defeat Qiao Nan.

"Xu Tingting, as a teacher, I can understand that you are very concerned about the results. However, there is no mistake about the results and the ranking. Because of the extremely good results, as teachers, we were worried that we might have made any mistakes, hence we have already gone through the exam papers thrice and confirmed that there is no mistake."

Of course, when Teacher Liu said that the results were extremely good, he was referring to Qiao Nan and Shi Qing.

It was now in high school. It was unlike the elementary school where one could easily score full marks.

The results of Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were unbelievable.

In high school, scoring ninety or even ninety-five marks and above for every subject was considered very good. Like Qiao Nan and Shi Qing, who scored full marks for most of the subjects except for a deduction of one or two marks, were exceptional.

To be honest, during his teaching career, this was the first time Teacher Liu encountered such exceptional students.

Back then, no matter how outstanding the students were, they were not as good as Qiao Nan and Shi Qing.

"Oh my god."

"There are two 'perverted' students in our class." In the past, there was Qiao Nan. Now, Shi Qing came along as well. The most upsetting thing was that under Shi Qing's influence, Qiao Nan had improved beyond imagination.

Qiao Nan gave a silly smile. "Did I really come in the first place?" Her score was higher than Shi Qing by half a point?

"Yes, Qiao Nan. You are really very outstanding. But remember that as a student, you must not be proud and have to keep up the good work." Teacher Liu sighed. Unfortunately, this was his last semester teaching such an excellent student. What a pity.

His specialty was not in humanities. Otherwise, for the sake of such good student like Qiao Nan, he would have the impulse of changing subjects to teach Chinese.

"Thank you, Teacher Liu. I will," Qiao Nan replied faintly. After knowing the background of Shi Qing, she never thought that she could continue to remain in the first place in the level and score her personal best score.

"I don't care. Nan Nan, since you are the top student, you have to treat us!" She felt happy telling everyone that the first place in the level was her roommate and close friend.

"Stop it." Qiao Nan gave Tang Mengran a gentle pat on her head and smiled. "Even if I am going to treat you, it will have to wait until we start school. Aren't you going home today? Besides, I have something very important to do today."

"How important can it be? It's the summer break. You must give yourself some time to rest. You shouldn't be reading every day." Tang Mengran did not agree with what Qiao Nan said. "If you tell me that you have a boyfriend and that you're going to see him, I may let you go."

Qiao Nan kicked Tang Mengran gently and looked at Teacher Liu.

The form teacher was still in the classroom. How could Tang Mengran spout nonsense!

Tang Mengran, who came to her senses, cowered and stuck out her tongue, begging Qiao Nan to forgive her. She did not do it on purpose. She was too happy that she forgot that Teacher Liu was still in the classroom.

Actually, Teacher Liu had overheard the conversation between the two girls, but he pretended not to hear it.

He had been Qiao Nan's teacher for a year. He had never seen her being distracted or was close to any of the boys.

Teacher Liu had heard too much of the rumors regarding Qiao Nan that he was already immune to it.

"Alright, when I call your name, come up to collect your report card. The duration of the summer break, the date that school reopens, and a few things to take note of were written on the report card. Please read them carefully. The summer break is two months' long. All of you had better not indulge in fun and forget to report back to school. After two months, I have no idea how many of you will still be in my class."

Teacher Liu called the students' names one by one and gave them their report cards.

The first name that Teacher Liu called was none other than Qiao Nan.

Some of the students were envious while some were jealous when they saw that Qiao Nan was the first student to collect the report card.

Shi Qing was the second student to collect the report card. She felt bitter to be walking behind Qiao Nan.

Anyone who was used to being the 'first' in everything would feel bitter at being in second place.

Before the exam, she still reprimanded Qiao Nan for not caring about the exams and giving up on herself. She was so arrogant to lend Qiao Nan her class notes. She felt embarrassed at the thought of this.

Qiao Nan did not give up on herself. In fact, she was confident and clear about her own abilities.

Their results were only half a point apart. Shi Qing felt suffocated. It was as if a rock was pressing down on her.

As for the third student to be called upon to go to the podium to collect the report card, Xu Tingting was so angry that she felt like vomiting blood.

Teacher Liu had made it very clear that among all the subjects, Qiao Nan only had one point deducted from her.

Xu Tingting looked at the total score on her report card and compared it to Qiao Nan's results. She slapped her report card close instantaneously.



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