Xu Tingting had no wish to take a second look at her report card as it was too upsetting. On the contrary, Qiao Nan's roommates were quite happy at receiving their report cards, satisfied with their results.

Before the exams, Qiao Nan had helped her roommates identify the topics that would be in the exams. Although their scores were lower than Xu Tingting's score, they were not too far apart.

Apart from Tang Mengran who scored an average score, the rest of Qiao Nan's roommates were ranked after Xu Tingting. They were in the top ten in the class.

"Enough is enough. I think I can enjoy myself in the next two months." Tang Mengran breathed a sigh of relief. "Nan Nan, I really can't live without you. It will not do for you to not be by my side, not even for a day!"

Without Nan Nan, nobody would tell her which were the important topics, and her results would definitely fall behind.

It was a real blessing to have a roommate who ranked first in the level and who was kind enough to help her identify the topics that would come out in the exams. Others would not be able to know the blessing of being roommates with Qiao Nan. "Nan Nan, we must stay in the same class in the next semester. We must stay in the same dormitory. Don't leave me behind."

Exams were always the joy of some, the sorrow of others.

Tang Mengran was extremely happy and she thought of buying fireworks to celebrate. On the other hand, those students who did not do well felt bitter inside.

It was indeed good if they had a roommate who ranked first in the level.

They would also love to have someone help them identify the topics that would be tested on in exams so as to improve their scores.

In the past year, those who did not seize the opportunity to be on close terms with Qiao Nan regretted it very much. Qiao Nan's standard was so high that they could never catch up with her. They should get along well with students like her and ask her for help when they came upon difficulties in their studies. She was their teacher who was available twenty-four hours a day and free of charge.

They were too foolish in the past to have believed in the rumors and in Xu Tingting who sowed discord. They did not make use of the opportunity of being Qiao Nan's classmates.

On the other hand, Xu Tingting, who was third in the level, never taught them when they met with any difficulties in their studies. When they asked her for help, she would refuse, let alone identify the topics that might be tested on.

Many students only realized now that not only was Qiao Nan good in her studies, but she was also a better person than Xu Tingting. In the past, they were too foolish and could not tell who was good to them. They had wasted a year's time to be on closer terms with Qiao Nan.

Just like what Teacher Liu said, it was fate that they could be classmates in the past one year.

They had no idea who would be their classmates in the next semester.

After Teacher Liu informed them of the things to take note of, Ping Cheng High School's first-year class one was officially on summer break.

Zheng Lingling put away her report card. Shi Qing was half a point apart from Nan Nan. She did fairly well and was only one point behind Xu Tingting. When she just entered high school, her results were fifteen points behind Xu Tingting's results. Zheng Lingling felt happy at her improvement. "Nan Nan, don't listen to Tang Mengran's nonsense. We will treat you to a meal next semester."

"Yes, we will treat you." He Yun nodded in agreement. Without Nan Nan, they would not be able to do so well.

Tang Mengran was too thick-skinned to ask Nan Nan for a meal. It was no wonder that Nan Nan would occasionally address Tang Mengran as a silly girl.

Fang Fang's face was flushed. She adjusted her glasses and there was a sparkle in her eyes. "I have a hunch that we will definitely be classmates and roommates in the next semester. In the next two years, we have to get along well."

"Really?" Tao Zhenqin said with amazement. "If this is the case, then it's great. Otherwise, I really can't bear to part with all of you, especially Nan Nan."

"I suppose only the last part of the sentence is your heartfelt words." Tang Mengran rolled her eyes. "Nan Nan, I will treat you to good food next semester. I am not stingy. I am just too happy for you for being the first in the level."

"Hahaha, I also hope that the six of us can continue to be roommates and classmates." Qiao Nan smiled happily. She did not like changes. She preferred sticking to the old and familiar. If she had new roommates, she had to get used to them again and it would take a while to adapt. "It's getting late. Your parents are still waiting for your results at home. See you next semester."

"See you next semester."

"Nan Nan, goodbye."

"Nan Nan, in the next two months, you must remember to think of me."

The six young ladies parted ways happily.

Qiao Nan carried her schoolbag on her back and walked home with light footsteps.

"Qiao Nan." Qiao Nan only walked a few steps before she was stopped by someone.

Qiao Nan turned and realized that it was none other than Shi Qing. "Is anything the matter?"

Shi Qing let out a long breath. "I apologize for what I said to you in the woods. You are a formidable opponent. However, you should not be too happy. I have always ranked first in the exams. You are the first person that made me lose the top spot and become second in place. We still have four semesters in the next two years to fight to be in the first place. I will make sure that I get the spot back!"

She would definitely get back her top spot as well as Brother Zhai, her missed chance at happiness!

"Is that so?" Qiao Nan grinned and gave a meaningful smile. "Then, see you next semester."

Would Shi Qing regain the position of first place in the level?

She believed she would!

But why?

Because she would be in humanities course whereas Shi Qing would be in science course starting next semester. Without Shi Qing, she would be able to rank first in the level. As for Shi Qing, without her, there was no doubt that the top spot would be hers.

In the future, she and Shi Qing would not be in the same class, and they would not study the same course. They would not need to compete for first place in the level.

It was easy for Shi Qing to regain the top spot, but to defeat her…

Hopefully, when Shi Qing found out the truth the next semester, she would be as cheerful and confident as she was now.

Looking at Qiao Nan's bright smile, Shi Qing stomped her foot in anger. She should have known that Brother Zhai was such an outstanding man. He would never like a wimp who gave up easily. Qiao Nan was only pretending to give up. She lulled her into a false sense of security, and she fell for her trap stupidly.

However, she was not in a hurry. Since she had come to Ping Cheng, she would not go back unless she gained Brother Zhai's affection.

One must climb up from where one was thrown down. As long as she could defeat Qiao Nan, she would become Brother Zhai's girlfriend sooner or later.

"Hello, Dad?" Back at the Qiu family, Shi Qing received a phone call from Qiu Peng not long after she reached. "The house is ready? Alright, I will move in today. No, I feel uncomfortable staying at someone else's house. Auntie… Dad, what do you say? I don't need any helpers. I only have a few pieces of clothes with me. I can move them by myself. Anyway, just get the keys ready. I will pack my clothes now and go to my own house. Dad… This time, I ranked second in the exam. The second place!!!"



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