"Happy? I've never felt happy being the top scorer. Now that I'm in second place, what am I happy about!"


"It's fine to be the second. But the first… Dad, you don't understand. Yesterday, Qiu Chenxi left. I guessed she must have gone to the army. I've already told you about the situation. You'll decide for yourself what you wish to do in the future. Anyway, I'm not interfering in the matter between you and your sister." As for her relationship with the Qiu family, it was not within her father's control as well.

After hanging up, Shi Qing returned to her own room without a word. She took out a few clothes and stuffed them into the luggage.

There was no elder present in the Qiu family when she left.

Shi Qing sneered. She just informed the auntie in the Qiu family and then took her own luggage and left.

When Qi Minlan received the news, Shi Qing had already unpacked and tidied up her clothes in the new place.

For the sake of his own daughter, Shi Peng would definitely not just find any place. That area was not only safe but also quiet. At the very least, it would not affect Shi Qing in her studies.

Qi Minlan did not wish to cut of kin ties with the Shi family. She thus quickly ran over to fetch Shi Qing back. As long as Shi Qing was staying at the house of the Qiu family, her brother would definitely agree to help when the Qiu family needed them.

Of course, Shi Qing, who was determined to move out, would not be persuaded to do otherwise by Qi Minlan.

Qi Minlan, who had tired herself out after trying for so long, went home empty-handed. She could not convince Shi Qing. Her face was pale with anger. "True enough, she's from the Shi family. She's as bad-tempered and has the same problem as them."

"Mom…" Qi Minlan's bottom had just landed on the real leather sofa, and before she could rest, she heard Qiu Chenxi's downhearted voice.

Qi Minlan quickly sat up. "You're back. Where's Zhai Sheng? Why didn't you invite him to our house? It's such a good opportunity! As for Shi Qing… You don't need to worry about her anymore. Whenever you have a chance, just ask Zhai Sheng to come to our house. Shi Qing has moved out. Zhai Sheng won't bump into Shi Qing when he's here."

Qiu Chenxi's face turned black. Her mother had really touched her soft spot. "Inviting him here… I need to have the opportunity to do so in the first place."

"What? Didn't he send you back? How can that be!"

"It can be!"

Qiu Chenxi ground her teeth.

When she knew that Zhai Sheng was coming back, Qiu Chenxi had been busy looking for excuses to return to the camp. Early this morning, Qiu Chenxi had been waiting at the entrance of the camp for his car. She finally saw the car coming. Without a word, Qiu Chenxi stood in the way of the car.

Zhai Sheng could only stop his car when he saw a person standing in front of it. Furthermore, Qiu Chenxi was not some special forces personnel.

Once Zhai Sheng stopped his car, Qiu Chenxi smiled and walked over. "Brother Zhai, it's such a coincidence. Where are you going?"

"Going back to the Zhai's residence." Zhai Sheng had to roll down his window when he saw Qiu Chenxi standing beside it and refusing to leave.

"Really, such a coincidence. I'm going home too!" Qiu Chenxi's eyes lit up and she smiled at Zhai Sheng happily. "Brother Zhai, I'm still worried about how I should go home. You know, not everyone can come to this place as they wish, so there are few vehicles on the road. Brother Zhai, can you do me a favor and send me home, please? If I depend on my two legs to walk home, they'll be broken by the time I arrive home."

First, she would request Zhai Sheng to send her home. When they arrived at the house of the Qiu family, even if she had to drag him along, she would definitely pull him into the house to linger for a while.

She did not believe that she would not be able to manage one Zhai Sheng after putting in so much effort.

In the past, Qiu Chenxi liked Zhai Sheng and wished to be married to him. Nevertheless, she felt that Zhai Sheng was definitely hers and could not run away. Therefore, although she liked him, she was not willing to spend too much time and effort. She was waiting for the day Zhai Sheng would be enlightened about romantic relationships and woo her on his own initiative.

The situation was different now. She knew that Zhai Sheng had someone he liked. If she did not put in any effort, she would let slip the duck that she was about to consume. If Qiu Chenxi did not act up and woo Zhai Sheng directly, she would be following her mother's past footsteps.

Qiu Chenxi was willing to try all ways and means as long as it could bring her closer to Zhai Sheng.

"You can't go home?" Zhai Sheng glanced at the many pairs of eyes surrounding him and asked coldly.

"Yes. So, Brother Zhai, can I trouble you to give me a lift?" Qiu Chenxi nodded continuously.

There came a sound from the car, the door seemingly opened.

When she heard this, Qiu Chenxi was overjoyed. They had known each other for so many tears. How could Brother Zhai not have any positive feelings for her? It was definitely that shameless vixen who seduced Brother Zhai behind her back.

Brother Zhai was already of this age. He could not endure the vixen's temptation and gave her up as he was temporarily bewitched.

As long as she persisted, the happiness that belonged to her would prevail. No one could take that away from her.

She had known Brother Zhai for more than a decade. It would not be that easy for that vixen to destroy everything with just a little beauty and charm.

Qiu Chenxi carried her luggage. She wanted to open the car door and sit on the passenger seat beside the driver, the seat that was nearest to Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng stopped Qiu Chenxi with a shout. "You wait for a while. Don't rush to go into the car. Come here and sit for a while."

Qiu Chenxi's face turned red and she smiled sweetly.

It's the end of the June summer period. The weather at eight or nine o'clock in the morning of June was particularly scorching. To Qiu Chenxi, who always liked to look pretty, it was, in fact, a very painful matter to stand under the hot sun to wait for Zhai Sheng without even carrying an umbrella.

It was fine for her whole body to perspire and to have her dress plastered to her body. Qiu Chenxi was only afraid that she would become tanned.

She listened to Zhai Sheng and entered the guardhouse and sat down.

At that time, air conditioner was not as prevalent. Although there was no air conditioner, there was a fan. Additionally, she did not need to be under the sun anymore. At the thought that such a cold and aloof man like Zhai Sheng also had such a gentle and considerate side, Qiu Chenxi's heart simply melted with sweetness. In particular, Zhai Sheng presented this side of him to her.

Perhaps that woman was not that great a threat as she believed her to be.

Perhaps Brother Zhai felt that she had ignored and neglected him too much in the past. Hence, he got together with that woman to spite her. If Brother Zhai did not like her and she did not have any place in his heart, why would he be so considerate and thoughtful toward her?

If she had long known that Brother Zhai had such a gentle side to him, she would have taken the initiative long ago. In that case, not only would they have been married, but they also might have already had a child by now.

Just as Qiu Chenxi was deeply immersed in her beautiful imagination and could not break out of it, Zhai Sheng came out.

Qiu Chenxi's face was flustered and red. Her pair of bright and watery eyes were looking emotionally at Zhai Sheng, waiting for him to come and help her with the luggage.

Qiu Chenxi told herself that she was much more fortunate than her mother in the past.



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