At the very least, she had a place in Zhai Sheng's heart. Moreover, he was more decisive and determined than the Uncle Zhai in the past. She had decided. She would temporarily forgo her dignity as a woman and let Brother Zhai understand her love for him thoroughly. She would not let any other woman take advantage of the available opportunity and come in between them.

Qiu Chenxi was as shy as a newly married wife. She bowed her head coyly as she waited for Zhai Sheng to approach her.

Contrary to her wish, Zhai Sheng looked like he had forgotten about Qiu Chenxi's existence. When he came out from the guardhouse, he headed toward his car directly.

Zhai Sheng's legs were long, his strides wide. Moreover, with the style of a military man, his walking speed was fast.

Just as Qiu Chenxi was blinking his eyes and trying to figure out how Zhai Sheng had walked past her without even a greeting, Zhai Sheng had already got into his car and locked the doors. He also started the engine.

Seeing that Zhai Sheng's car was leaving soon, Qiu Chenxi was anxious. She gave it a chase, leaving her luggage behind. "Brother Zhai, aren't you going to send me home?"

Why did Brother Zhai lock the car doors before she could even get into it?

Zhai Sheng scrolled down the car windows. "Don't worry. I have helped you make a call. There will be a car coming to send you back soon. I've something on and have to leave first."

After leaving these words, Zhai Sheng did not have any more reservation this time. He stepped on the accelerator and left without giving Qiu Chenxi any further chance to say anything.

"Brother Zhai, Brother Zhai…" Of course, Qiu Chenxi's two legs could not catch up with that four-wheeled vehicle of Zhai Sheng. She could only watch as Zhai Sheng left in a wink, helplessly taking in a mouthful of exhaust gas.

When Qiu Chenxi saw that the car Zhai Sheng mentioned would send her home was actually a vehicle for material procurement, her entire face turned pale.

Throughout the whole journey back home, Qiu Chenxi did not utter a single sound.

When she alighted, she did not greet the driver as well. Her face was black as she slammed and closed the vehicle's door. She then stomped home in fury.

Qiu Chenxi did not feel good. Moreover, Qi Minlan posed a question that made her feel very embarrassed and furious.

"How could Zhai Sheng do that?!" Qi Minlan sat up properly. "He just left like that?" And left Chen Xi in the lurch?

"Otherwise?" Tears welled up in Qiu Chenxi's eyes. "Mom, initially, I thought Brother Zhai asked me to wait at the guardhouse so that I wouldn't be under the sun and had the fan cool me down, letting me rest for a while. On hindsight, Brother Zhai was clearly afraid that I would sneak into his car and refused to come down. So, he was actually guarding against me!"

She actually deluded herself by taking Zhai Sheng's coldness and guarding toward her as his gentleness and thoughtfulness. When she dawned upon this realization, Qiu Chenxi did not cry and endured the pain in her heart.

Now that she had arrived home and was facing her mother, Qi Minlan, Qiu Chenxi simply cried out loudly. "Mom, how could Brother Zhai do that? No matter what, I'm his childhood friend. We've known each other for such a long time. Were all those times we spent unreal? Just because that woman appeared, Brother Zhai distanced himself from me. He even completely denied the relationship between us over all these years? Mom, is it because Brother Zhai doesn't like me at all?"

Otherwise, why would Brother Zhai behave to this extent today?

He was too much!

"Don't cry." Qi Minlan was full of heartache. "How could that be? How could Zhai Sheng not like you at all? It's been so many years. Did he object to being with you in the past? It must be because of that woman. Zhai Sheng is having a very fresh and close relationship with that woman. That's why he behaved in this way. The problem doesn't lie with you or Zhai Sheng. It's all that woman's fault. Think about it. In the past, Uncle Zhai liked Mom so much. In the end, not only Zhai Hua, even Zhai Sheng is older than you."

She only got married to Qiu Qin one year after Zhai Yaohui married Miao Jing.

When Zhai Sheng was born, she was not even pregnant with Chen Xi.

To put it bluntly, all men were the same. They favored the new over the old.

So what if Zhai Yaohui liked her? Old Master Zhai did not allow that. Zhai Yaohui not only married Miao Jing but also had two children with her in three years.

"Mom, you were so close with Uncle Zhai in the past, yet the two of you did not end up together. I've been putting on airs in front of Brother Zhai. Now, that woman has appeared. I'm not even clear who she is. What should I do? What if Brother Zhai does the same as Uncle Zhai? Then, I… Oh, yes, where's Shi Qing!!"

Qiao Nan was her only path to find out who that woman was.

She had considered it carefully. Qiao Nan did not only gain Miao Jing's favor but also the two siblings in the Zhai family.

Others might not know who the girlfriend Zhai Sheng was hiding was. Qiao Nan definitely had some clues, but she held back and refused to tell her.

"It's already been five days, right? Shi Qing has not gone back. She's waiting in Ping Cheng. How're her results? How many marks did she exceed Qiao Nan by? Qiao Nan has always been the top scorer in the first-year cohort of Ping Cheng High School. I don't believe she won't be sad or angry when someone else takes this away from her."

As long as Qiao Nan was willing to tell her about that woman, she would think of ways to make Shi Qing leave.

No matter how proud Qiao Nan was in the past, she could ensure that Qiao Nan could continue to bask in glory.

Otherwise, Qiao Nan should prepare to say goodbye to her fate with the top scorer position in the cohort for her entire life.

"Qing Qing, Qing Qing, you're back. Quickly come out." Qiu Chenxi, who was full of anxiety, could not wait for Qi Minlan's reply. She started raising her voice to shout for Shi Qing.

The auntie quickly ran out. "Miss, I've already told Madam that Shi Qing has moved out. She has another place to stay at in Ping Cheng. She left this morning."

"What, she left? And it's this morning!" Qiu Chenxi glared. "Then, what about her results? Did she mention to you about her grades at Ping Cheng High School?"

The auntie was innocent. "Why would Shi Qing tell me, an auntie, about that?" Even if Shi Qing mentioned it, neither could she understand nor remember anyway.

"Mom, Shi Qing left. Did you go and take a look? What if Uncle asks about this?" In a sour mood, Qiu Chenxi barked at the auntie, ordering her to go to the kitchen impolitely. The auntie's face turned sullen and went back to the kitchen, enduring her anger.

Qi Minlan knitted her brows unhappily. "Don't bring it up anymore. She left so readily and didn't even inform me. She doesn't even treat me as her auntie. Shi Qing has been overly indulged by your uncle. She stayed at our house for a month, and we fed her with the best things. She's clearly a white-eyed wolf. Right, don't accidentally say this in front of Shi Qing."

"Mom, do you think I'm stupid?" How could she let out the words spoken behind the back of someone? "Mom, did you ask Shi Qing about her results?"


"Then, where is she staying? I'll look for her to ask about it myself." She had to deal with Qiao Nan.



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