"Fine, I'm not going. You go ahead. Get the chauffeur to send you. He knows where Shi Qing lives."

"Okay." She did what she said. After Qiu Chenxi finished a cup of tea, she requested the family chauffeur to send her to Shi Qing's place.

Unfortunately, when Qiu Chenxi arrived, there was no one in the house. The thing that infuriated Qiu Chenxi most was that she knocked on the door for at least ten minutes. It was only when her hands turned all red that Shi Qing's neighbor told her that the young lady who had just moved in this morning had gone out about thirty minutes ago.

Qiu Chenxi, who met with so many setbacks in a day, lost her temper and nearly kicked the door of Shi Qing's place. "It's fine that another woman fights with me over Brother Zhai. Shi Qing, you…"

After thinking carefully, Qiu Chenxi felt that the reason Shi Qing was not at home must be that she had gone to look for Zhai Sheng as she knew that he was back.

She had not found out who that woman was and Shi Qing had to create trouble. Could she have brought disaster upon herself and found herself another rival-in-love? If that was really the case, she would be certainly driven mad by anger!

At the house of the Zhai family.

"You've seen it yourself. Zhai Sheng may come back today, but even as his mom, I'm not sure when he'll be back. If you have any matter, leave a message for him." Miao Jing sat at home and looked at Shi Qing uneasily.

Initially, given Shi Qing's personal qualities, she indeed fit Miao Jing's conditions as the latter's daughter-in-law. However, she was from the Shi family, Qi Minlan's relatives.

Miao Jing had already sorted her thoughts and would not make things difficult for herself. She had already stroke off Qiu Chenxi from her list of daughter-in-law nominees. Given that Shi Qing was from the Shi family, Miao Jing was certainly unable to accept her as well.

When she first came to the Zhai family, Qi Minlan bullied her with the fact that Qi Minlan was from the Shi family.

"Auntie Miao, actually, I'm just here to see Uncle Zhai and you. I'd like to say hello on behalf of my dad. I've been here for a month and couldn't spare the time to visit you because I have been busy preparing for my exams previously. I hope Auntie Miao will not be angry." Shi Qing would not leave before seeing Zhai Sheng.

Today, she had to see Brother Zhai before Qiao Nan could.

"You really came to Ping Cheng to study? Are you studying at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China?" Miao Jing looked at Shi Qing in puzzlement. "What happened to you in Mo Du?"

Shi Qing nearly spat out the tea in her mouth. The way Auntie Miao put this across was as if she had done something wrong in Mo Du.

It was not because she had encountered any matter. She simply came because of Auntie Miao's son!

"Auntie Miao, you've misunderstood. I just feel that Ping Cheng is quite good. Furthermore, my dad stayed in Ping Cheng quite often in the past. I only wish to have a change of environment and be close to my dad."

"Isn't your dad resting in Mo Du due to his illness?" If she would like to be closer to him, shouldn't she stay in Mo Du?

"In a month's time, my dad will be back in Ping Cheng." Shi Qing heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she had a counter excuse for this.

Shi Qing was brought up in Mo Du by her grandpa, grandma, and mother. Occasionally, she would come to Ping Cheng to visit Shi Peng and also the house of her relative, Qi Minlan.

Miao Jing then understood. "I see."

Miao Jing did not know what else to say to Shi Qing. She could only hold her cup of tea and keep drinking from it.

Miao Jing did not mutter a word. All of a sudden, Shi Qing could not think of an appropriate topic to chat with Miao Jing. Nonetheless, she refused to leave and could only stay put. Similar to Miao Jing, she continued to drink her tea. She then looked at the clock frequently, estimating when Zhai Sheng would be back.

Hence, Miao Jing and Shi Qing filled themselves with two pots of tea. They were so full.

As a young lady, particularly in front of the mother of someone she liked, there were matters that Shi Qing was embarrassed to do or ask about. However, her bloated tummy had already reached its limit.

Shi Qing took a deep breath. "Auntie Miao, I'm sorry to have disturbed you. I'll be going back first. I'll visit you again next time."

"Okay, sure. I'll send you off."

"It's okay. You're the elder and I'm the junior. I'll go back on my own." Then, she walked out of the Zhai family's residence, her pace seemingly normal. However, once she left the place, she anxiously looked for a restroom.

It was not only Shi Qing. When she had left, the first thing Miao Jing did was to run to the toilet in her house. These two people had been enduring too much.

Zhai Sheng, the person Shi Qing had been waiting for such a long time, had obviously left the camp long ago. Where could he be at this point in time?

There was only one answer: the house of the Qiao family.

"Dad, don't be so exaggerated. It's just the final term examination, not the college entrance examination." In the house of the Qiao family, Qiao Nan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

When Qiao Dongliang heard that Qiao Nan remained top in the cohort and had received half a point mark more than Shi Qing, although it was only half a point mark, it was enough to make Qiao Dongliang overjoyed.

Nan Nan had surpassed a gifted student who was guaranteed a place in a top-tier university.

In other words, since that young lady could attend prominent universities such as Qing Hua University and Bei Jing University, at the very least, his family's Nan Nan could also get into the same universities with her own ability. Those were the best universities in the country! How could he not feel happy!

"No issue, I just did some marketing. Dad bought what you like and will prepare your favorite spicy food. Dad has also ordered a cage-free chicken. When the weather turns cold, I'll brew some soup to supplement your health."

At the thought that her own daughter would become a student of the best university in the capital in two years' time, Qiao Dongliang was high-spirited and full of energy. It was as if he had been injected with twelve tubes of chicken blood. "Nan Nan, you rest well at home. If you feel tired, there are ice pops in the refrigerator. Take them out to eat if you want. Also, which flavor do you like? Dad will buy some for you from the place that sells frozen stuff next time."

"There is no such need, Dad. I don't really like to eat them. I prefer plain water." Qiao Nan shook her head. Her father was now in a heated and excited mode. He could not wait to bring her all the good stuff.

"Plain water is not nice. There's not much taste. Forget it. Dad will buy something for you. I heard that there's a new milk flavor recently and it's very delicious. I'll buy a carton back for you." After saying this, Qiao Dongliang left to do marketing without waiting for Qiao Nan's reaction.

During the past six months, the neighbors all knew that Qiao Nan was a student of Ping Cheng High School and her results were excellent.

Due to this situation, many people had been trying to get to know Qiao Dongliang as they hoped that Qiao Nan could help their children with their studies.

Regarding the matter about Qiu Chenxi coming to create a fuss, everyone did not take it to heart after a few days. After all, the members of the Zhai family had already clarified this matter. There was no doubt that Qiao Nan was dragged into this. At most, she was just unlucky.

The top student of Ping Cheng High School tutoring their child for free… Where else could they get such a good deal from?

Fortunately, Qiao Dongliang was not muddle-headed. He declined all the requests on Qiao Nan's behalf with the reason that Qiao Nan did not have any spare time as she was busy with her studies.

When Qiao Nan was attempting past year exam papers, she heard a voice in the courtyard. She lifted her head. "Dad, you're back so soon after marketing? Why didn't I hear you opening the door?"

"You addressed me wrongly. You left out three words. It's the dad 'of your child'."



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