Qiao Nan could hear Zhai Sheng's voice coming from behind. She had a fright and turned her head with a jolt. "Brother Zhai, you… How did you come in? I remember that my dad closed the door when he left. Wait, Brother Zhai, you did it again…"

Qiao Nan held her head in agony. "Brother Zhai, with your current behavior, I feel that if my house has a courtyard in the future, I'll definitely ask my dad to fix a wall with those tiny and sharp pieces of glass. Otherwise, I don't feel quite safe."

Zhai Sheng sat down in a thick-skinned manner. His face was even full of consensus. "Yes, it should be built that way. The wall in the courtyard should not be too low, and you can't put too few pieces of shattered glass there."

"Brother Zhai, I'm asking my dad to do this to guard against a 'wolf'." To prevent Brother Zhai, this big wild wolf who wore a green army uniform, from climbing over the walls of her house!

"It's a must to guard against wolves." Zhai Sheng took over Qiao Nan's cup of water and finished what was left in it. One would perspire a lot in the summer and had to replenish their water intake. "If you need any help, tell me and I will get someone to send the things needed over."

"If I really do this, how are you going to come inside next time?" Qiao Nan looked at Zhai Sheng strangely. Was Brother Zhai so confident of his skills that he felt that he would not be hurt by the pieces of shattered glass?

"My silly lady." Zhai Sheng held Qiao Nan's waist and let Qiao Nan's body lean against his.

Qiao Nan was unwilling. She patted Zhai Sheng and wanted to push him away. "You're the silly one, not me. This is the summer period. The fan is blowing at me and I'm perspiring. Don't you feel hot when two of us stick together? If you don't, I do. Quickly let go of your hands. Your body feels so warm!"

With two layers of clothing as a barrier, Qiao Nan could clearly feel that Zhai Sheng's body temperature was much higher than that of hers.

She was not sure if the saying of the elders was true, that young man had a strong aura of 'Yang energy' [1.Yang is one of the complementary principles of Chinese philosophy. Yang is synonymous with positive, bright, and masculine]. Qiao Nan could not withstand being hugged by Zhai Sheng in this way, perspiring even more.

"I'm warm, but your body is cool. It's quite good to have a hug." Zhai Sheng did not mind. He felt that it was not hot enough. In the future, when the two of them did something that they liked, they would perspire even more and it would be even hotter. Nan Nan had to get used to this first.

"You still don't want to admit that you're silly. When that time comes, you should already be studying in college, and I should have received approval for my marriage request. As such, you will have become my wife, the wife of a soldier. At that time, will I still need to climb over the wall? I'll openly enter through the main door. "So, we have to place as many pieces of sharp glass on the wall as possible."

"…" Qiao Nan curled her lips. She was so embarrassed by this reason of Zhai Sheng. "Brother Zhai, talk to you about something serious."

"What's the matter?"

"When you sent me to school that day, most probably, Chen Jun saw us. Chen Jun saw you pulling me into a small alley and he guessed what we did. He came to look for me thereafter. You should know what he told me." Qiao Nan did not forget that matter of Chen Jun.

"This happened one to two months ago. You could really endure this. You only tell me about it now?" Qiao Nan kept him from a matter regarding another man. Zhai Sheng felt a little uncomfortable about this. Moreover, that man even had some ulterior designs on Qiao Nan.

"I'm only left with a few days based on the deadline he set. Before the time is up, he will not come and harass me. Furthermore, you're busier than me. Why should I be anxious? It's not that you're not coming back. Besides, you seem a little jealous, Brother Zhai. It's unnecessary. Is the situation between him and me something that you should be jealous about?"

Brother Zhai clearly seemed quite dauntless and rational usually. Why did he like to feel jealous?

If she had something for Chen Jun, Brother Zhai would not have a chance to express his love for her.

"Brother Zhai, you have to remember that Chen Jun and Qiu Chenxi are of the same kind. Qiu Chenxi has been finding excuses to go to your house. If I were like you, wouldn't I die of jealousy?"

"You have quite a glib tongue. You used that little knowledge of what you've learned in the school on me?" Zhai Sheng gently squeezed the soft part of Qiao Nan's waist. "Of course I know the situation between you and him. Otherwise, without a word, I will simply file a marriage report to stamp the 'military personnel's wife' on you. One has to know that it's illegal to break up an army marriage."

Logic was logic and feelings were feelings.

Nevertheless, when Qiao Nan mentioned Qiu Chenxi, it struck the guilty string in Zhai Sheng's heart. He finally did not need to be troubled by this. "Alright, I will settle his matter. Perhaps, before I settle your sister's issue, I will have gotten rid of him. I have been too merciful on him."

"What do you intend to do?" Qiao Nan knitted her brows. "Don't go overboard. You're a soldier. Everyone has enemies. Don't let others catch a handle on you because of Chen Jun. It's not worth it. Chen Jun's matter is not worth you using your future as a stake. If your future is affected, most likely, Auntie Miao will really hate me."

Zhai Sheng smiled. He held Qiao Nan's waist with one hand and her neck with another. He lowered his head and simply kissed her on the lips with a loud smack. He then looked at Qiao Nan's lip line and made his next move.

Compared to their first kiss that was amateur and forceful, this time, Zhai Sheng's kiss had improved tremendously. He already knew that a kiss did not have to be just the contact between lips. They could be closer with more intimate contact.

Perhaps men were congenitally gifted in this aspect. Compared to Zhai Sheng's adept skills, Qiao Nan continued to be as green as a newbie. She was paralyzed in Zhai Sheng's arms and was completely under Zhai Sheng's mischievous control.

The sound of the two kissing in the bedroom was extremely towering. Even the sound of the conversation from the television could not mask the noise. Qiao Nan was so flustered and shy that she turned all red. Even the tips of her toes curled up.

When Qiao Nan nearly fainted in Zhai Sheng's arms, the life-threatening kiss finally ended.

Zhai Sheng hugged Qiao Nan tightly in his arms. That speed and strength nearly crushed Qiao Nan. I was as if he was embedding her into his body. "Nan Nan, quickly grow up. You should know that I'm at an age full of vigor and vitality. I can't take too much stimulation. Next time, I can't be sure if I'll be able to control myself."

As a soldier, the self-control that he was proudest of became so vulnerable in front of Nan Nan.

When he felt that his own 'brother' had stood straight and was in high spirits, Zhai Sheng felt extremely unwell, his face turning red with all the endurance.

"Let go, let go." Qiao Nan stopped herself from screaming at the pitch of her voice. She struggled to get out of Zhai Sheng's arms.

Zhai Sheng was also afraid that his 'gun' would go off by accident if he continued to hug Qiao Nan so tightly. He could only let go of Qiao Nan and watch her jump away, escaping like a frightened little rabbit. Otherwise, given that little strength of Qiao Nan, she was no match for Zhai Sheng at all.



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