Qiao Nan took a deep breath as she gave her mouth a wipe with her hands. She then tidied up her hair. "Brother Zhai, you, you're a soldier. You must not let your military attire down. You… How could you be so rogue? You've gone overboard today!"

In two lifetimes, this was the first time that Qiao Nan had been kissed so deeply by a man.

When she thought about the tongue that did not belong to her inside her mouth earlier, Qiao Nan felt strange and uneasy all over, particularly her heart. It was on fire. She had the urge to strip and take a cold shower to extinguish all the fire in her body.

"A relationship that is not on the pretext of marriage is playing rogue. I didn't. If you nod, even if you're underage, do you believe that I have a way to make you become Mrs. Zhai instantly? At that time…" He would not be afraid of his 'gun' accidentally going off. He could directly 'punish' Nan Nan, who had seduced and set him on fire, on the spot!

With Zhai Sheng's burning eyes staring at her, that stubborn ball of fire in Qiao Nan's heart could not be extinguished.

Qiao Nan swallowed, grabbed the cup, and turned her back. With her back facing Zhai Sheng, she started to drink from the cup. She dared not look at Zhai Sheng in the eye.

Zhai Sheng's searing hot palms simply followed and landed on Qiao Nan Nan's waist. "Nan Nan, I drank all the water in the cup earlier. What are you drinking?"

Upon hearing Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan removed the cup from her mouth and looked at it. Yes, it was empty. After swallowing for so long, she did not drink a single drop of water. "I, I'm thirsty. I'm going to get some water."

Having said that, Qiao Nan ran to get some water for herself. After downing half a cup of it, the fire in her faded a little.

Having experienced it once, when Qiao Nan returned, she was cautious about the distance between her and Zhai Sheng. "Brother Zhai, you… Don't do anything rash. M-my dad is coming back soon. If you dare to do anything and Dad sees what you do, we'll not only be troubled about Auntie Miao next time. Most likely, my dad will punch you each time he sees you."

"Nan Nan, you're scared of me?" Zhai Sheng smiled softly. He was trying to find out Qiao Nan's attitude toward him.

"Yes, a little." When Brother Zhai kissed her just now, she really felt that she was going to be devoured alive by him. "Brother Zhai, y-you… You don't eat human meat, right?"

"No." After he knew that it was because they had been too intimate, Zhai Sheng then let down his worries. He was most concerned about Qiao Nan disliked being intimate with him. If that was the case, how could they have children in the future? "Don't worry. Uncle Qiao will be coming back soon. I won't let him have the chance to chase me out."

"Nan Nan…"

Speak of the devil.

Qiao Dongliang opened the door with his keys. "Nan Nan, the watermelon looks very good today. I've tasted it. It's sweet and crispy. You'll definitely love it. Eat half of it and leave the other half in the fridge so that you can eat it whenever you want to… Zhai Sheng, you're here?"

"Uncle Qiao." Zhai Sheng maintained about one person's distance from Qiao Nan. In front of Qiao Dongliang, Zhai Sheng was aware of his boundaries.

"When did you come?" Qiao Dongliang's smile was obviously not as natural as before. Nan Nan was always studying in the school and did not have much time to be at home. He had not even spent quality time with Nan Nan alone and Zhai Sheng had to come? What did he mean?

There was another man that was fighting with him for his daughter. This was truly the most annoying thing in the world.

"I just arrived." Zhai Sheng's face did not turn red. His reply was bare of any anxiety. Qiao Nan was stunned and speechless when she heard his words.

Did Brother Zhai have a strong heart or was he simply thick-skinned?

"Did Nan Nan open the door for you?" This would not do. Next time, he had to find an opportunity to educate Nan Nan not to open the door casually to anyone. In particular, someone of Zhai Sheng's age and gender should not be casually let into the house.

"Right," Zhai Sheng replied on behalf of Qiao Nan.

"Nan Nan, I'm asking you."

"Uncle Qiao, Nan Nan was the one who opened the door for me."

The father and son-in-law seemed to be at odds regarding this issue. Qiao Dongliang insisted on asking Qiao Nan, but Zhai Sheng kept replying on her behalf. He was not afraid of offending his in-law too. In the future, it would not be so easy to marry his wife.

At the sight of the exchanges and atmosphere between Qiao Dongliang and Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan simply stood up quietly and brought over two cups of water for them respectively. "The weather is hot. We perspire a lot. Drink water, drink water."

Zhai Sheng took a glance at his new cup. When he knew that the cup he had used a few minutes ago was used by Qiao Nan now, he felt great. It was as if he was having an ice pops. "Right, drink more water. It's good for health."

"Yes, drink more. You soldiers perspire a lot. Nan Nan, get another cup of water for your Brother Zhai again later. Right, add some salt into the water to replenish some salt for him." Although Qiao Dongliang was angry, he was truly concerned about Zhai Sheng.

Although he was reluctant and displeased that someone was fighting with him for his daughter, Nan Nan liked Zhai Sheng. Could he stop them?

"No need, this one cup is enough. I've drunk some earlier." Add some salt?

No, he was not going to drink anything salty. He was only going to drink something sweet.

"You've drunk some?" Qiao Dongliang looked down. "But there are only three cups?" Then, which cup did Zhai Sheng use to drink his water from just now?

Qiao Nan gritted her teeth and secretly gave Zhai Sheng a kick. She warned him not to go overboard. If he provoked her father, Brother Zhai would certainly be the one at the losing end eventually.

Hence, one shouldn't be too arrogant in normal times.

Seeing that the wife was angry, Zhai Sheng had to immediately restrain himself. "Uncle Qiao, did anything good happen to you today as well? You look so happy."

"Right, you don't know yet. Nan Nan clinched the top place in the cohort. Her scores were half a point higher than that of second place. Isn't she capable!" In the past, when Qiao Nan was the top scorer, Qiao Dongliang was also happy. He was already quite used to it. However, he was especially elated about Qiao Nan's results this time. Without Shi Qing as a comparison, Qiao Dongliang did not know that his daughter's top place had such a good standing according to the national standards.

Zhai Sheng had the option to not ask, but when he did, he hit the nail on the spot. The worries Qiao Dongliang had earlier vanished instantly. He was grinning from ear to ear now. "Right, you just said 'as well'. Why? Did something good happen to you as well? Do you wish to share?"

Qiao Dongliang posed this question as he also wanted to find out more about Zhai Sheng's situation.

If Zhai Sheng was a good man, then he would allow Nan Nan to continue to be in contact with him. If there was an issue with Zhai Sheng, no matter how good the Zhai family was, they would not be worthy of Nan Nan if Zhai Sheng was not good enough.

"Recently, it has been quite smooth at work for me. There's great progress, so I can't help feeling happy." Working hard for his family was also a type of work. He did not lie to his 'father-in-law'.

"Good. Everyone's doing well." It was certainly a good thing that work was smooth for Zhai Sheng.

At the sight of the clock on the wall, Qiao Dongliang smiled. "Zhai Sheng, it's almost eleven o'clock, and I have to prepare lunch for Nan Nan. You see…" Zhai Sheng had just returned from the army. He should go back to his home for lunch, shouldn't he?



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