"Unknowingly, it's already this time. I can't decline an elder's request. I'll stay here for lunch then. Uncle Qiao, I'll help you. You bought all the things that Nan Nan like, right? I still remember what you've taught me previously. Let's prepare the food together for Nan Nan to eat?"

Afterward, Zhai Sheng grabbed hold of the bags of groceries purchased by Qiao Dongliang and pulled the latter into the kitchen. Qiao Dongliang did not have any time to react.

It was only when Qiao Dongliang started preparing the meal that he exclaimed that he had fallen into Zhai Sheng's trap.

When did he invite Zhai Sheng to stay for lunch?

In normal circumstances, he certainly had to be more polite. However, toward Zhai Sheng, this wolf that wholeheartedly wanted to snatch Nan Nan away, he was not willing to feign politeness. He nearly chased Zhai Sheng away directly.

From the family member who once had the lowest status in the Qiao family to today, where two men in the house were preparing meals for her, Qiao Nan's thoughts were elsewhere although she was sitting on the sofa, holding the remote controller and staring at the television.

Life was truly unbelievable.

Zhai Sheng dawdled in the house of the Qiao family until half-past three in the afternoon before he was willing to leave.

During this period, Qiao Dongliang 'impolitely' stayed at home and even deliberately sat in between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan to eliminate all the opportunities for Zhai Sheng to come into physical contact with his daughter.

The situation of the trio made Qiao Nan seem like a precious egg. As the hen, Qiao Dongliang was on his greatest guard to protect the egg beneath his wings. He used all his might and effort to prevent Zhai Sheng, the weasel, from having any slightest opportunity to steal away his egg.

Qiao Dongliang, who had been uptight the whole morning, nearly heaved out a loud and big sigh of relief when he heard that Zhai Sheng was finally going to leave. He was cheering in his heart when he sent Zhai Sheng to the door.

At the sight of Qiao Dongliang's behavior, Zhai Sheng laughed. "Uncle Qiao, sorry to have disturbed you today. I'll visit again tomorrow. Thank you."

"No need…" Qiao Dongliang was about to decline, but Zhai Sheng had already got into his car. Zhai Sheng then stepped on the accelerator and left. He nearly made Qiao Dongliang take in a mouthful of exhaust gas.

Qiao Dongliang snorted like a cow and quickly ran back into the house. "Nan Nan, before I came back, nothing happened between Zhai Sheng and you, right?"

"Brother Zhai was chatting with me."

"Just chatting?"


"What did you chat about?"

"My studies."

"Then, before I came back, how long had Zhai Sheng been here?"

"Brother Zhai was here about five to seven minutes before you came back."

Zhai Sheng left so swiftly and quickly. Qiao Nan was left to fend for them and had to continue to lie according to what Zhai Sheng said earlier.

Qiao Nan had to face many questions from Qiao Dongliang. The situation of Zhai Sheng, who arrived home at the Zhai family's residence, was not any better.

"You really came back? It looks like Shi Qing received information about it and already knew that you're coming home. She visited us. Zhai Sheng, let me warn you. It's not just Qiu Chenxi, but also Shi Qing. I won't force you to marry other women if you really don't want to, but these two are definitely out of the question." Miao Jing was enduring a tummy of resentment.

Her stomach had been full of tea because of Shi Qing, and she had visited the restroom numerous times. Even the auntie thought that Miao Jing's tummy was upset because there was something wrong with the food she had prepared.

Zhai Sheng sat down. "Shi Qing came to our house?"

There was a flash in Zhai Sheng's eyes as he secretly assessed Miao Jing. He discovered that besides a little resentment, Miao Jing did not seem to have other feelings when she talked about Shi Qing. Zhai Sheng was assured then.

At the very least, this proved that Shi Qing did not tell his mother about Nan Nan's matter behind his back for the sake of getting his mother's favor.

"Wasn't that so? In normal times, you're such a stoic lad, never mixing around with other ladies. You've been like that since young. Forget about Qiu Chenxi. I don't understand why Shi Qing kept coming to our house. You, you've gained love interests from women even with that attitude of yours. I'm really worried for your future wife." Miao Jing sized up her son. Besides being good-looking, tall, and masculine, the expression on his face 'stank'. He always carried that nonchalant look.

The children nowadays were excessively pampered.

Hence, she could not understand why everyone liked his son. She never thought that Zhai Sheng would be so popular among the ladies.

She only needed one daughter-in-law. Hence, it was not necessary for many ladies to take a liking to her son. She just needed one.

"Don't worry. I'm fully devoted to my wife," Zhai Sheng said without reservation.

Miao Jing was pleased. "Look at you. You said it as if you already have someone in mind to marry. Wait, Zhai Sheng, did you do anything behind my back? Have you filed a marriage report?!" After some thoughts, Miao Jing was simply frightened by this thought that appeared in her mind.

"The household register of family members has always been at home. Mom, are you kidding me?" Zhai Sheng replied calmly. If he could pretend in front of Qiao Dongliang, he could do so even more in front of Miao Jing. "Mom, don't worry. I won't promise you anything else, but I will not get married before getting your approval."

Anyway, Nan Nan had already said this.

The husband and wife had to sing the same tune. Since Nan Nan said that, of course, he had to keep the words.

Miao Jing was both happy and surprised when she exclaimed, "Really? Don't sweet-talk me. I will definitely take it for real!" Would Zhai Sheng really be so obedient and concerned about her opinion? She had thought that both Hua Hua and Zhai Sheng did not like her as their mother.

"I won't joke about such matters." Anyway, his mother could not stop him from marrying Nan Nan in secret. There was no point in asking whether it was real or not.

Miao Jing did not know the real thoughts of Zhai Sheng. Nevertheless, she felt so sweet at heart with this promise of Zhai Sheng. "Fine, this will do. Right, did Qiu Chenxi look for you?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"She's Qi Minlan's daughter. They have similar characters. They don't seem like the sort that will give up easily." Miao Jing snorted.

Zhai Sheng paused and looked at Miao Jing carefully. "Mom, is there something that you did not tell us?"

He and Zhai Hua never knew fully about the things that happened in his father's generation. In the past, he and Zhai Hua thought that their mother's behavior was due to her character. Judging from this, there might be more to the past happenings than met the eye.

"What matter could there be? Nothing, nothing." Miao Jing was stubborn and refused to reveal further. "I'm hungry. Auntie, is dinner ready?"

"It's ready. You can eat now," the auntie in the kitchen replied sullenly.

Miao Jing stood up. "Dinner is ready. You go and inform your dad. I can't be bothered about it."

"You're still angry with Dad? You've not reconciled?" Zhai Sheng looked in the direction of the study room as if he was implying something.

Miao Jing turned away unhappily. She sat on the dining table and did not respond.

Zhai Sheng knitted his brows. He already knew the answer in his heart.



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