When the auntie was serving the food, she said as she walked by Zhai Sheng, "It's already been a month. Chief has been sleeping in the guest room. Madam is still angry."


The auntie let out a sigh of relief. At the very least, Zhai Sheng was willing to respond.

Fortunately, both the chief and madam were kind people. Even if they had arguments, they would never vent their frustration on the employees. They would continue to treat them in a polite manner. The better they treated her, the more the auntie did not wish to see the couple at odds with each other. The auntie was also worried about them.

As a salaried employee in the Zhai family, it was really not appropriate for the auntie to say certain things. Zhai Sheng was different as he was the couple's son. It was certainly more appropriate for him to persuade them.

The auntie hoped that Zhai Sheng could think of a way to make the couple reconcile when he knew about the situation.

The auntie did not know that her effort would be in vain this time.

It was just a little argument. Since it was a matter between the couple, Zhai Sheng was not willing to interfere.

During mealtime, Zhai Yaohui, who had been sleeping alone for many nights, was in quite a bad temper. "You've been coming back so often recently. Aren't there any matters in the army? If a soldier has so much spare time, then who's protecting the country? It looks like I have to go back and request to increase all of your workloads!"

For the sake of a young lady, Zhai Sheng was so hardworking. Why wasn't he spending more time and effort on the matter regarding his own parents?

Facing the nagging of an old man who was never satisfied with anything, holding the belief of respect and love for both the elder and the young, Zhai Sheng did not lose his temper. Furthermore, although he still felt angry, the relationship between Nan Nan and him was sweet and good. Hence, he did not take issue with his father.

Zhai Sheng's temper was good, but not Miao Jing.

Miao Jing endured the impulse to throw her chopsticks on her table. Her face turned black. "My son has been coming back often? Since the Lunar New Year, my son only came back twice or thrice. Each time, he would leave only after a few days. Clearly, I have a son and a daughter, but eventually, both of them are not by my side. It's rare that my son came home to see me and accompany me. Did he get in your way again?"

When Miao Jing flared up, Zhai Yaohui's voice became softer. "Weren't you doing fine just now? Why did you flare up again? I didn't chide Zhai Sheng much. I was just reminding him that he is young and should focus on his career and future. He should not put aside the country and his future because of a 'small matter'."

"Yes, coming back to see me and keeping me company is a small matter. It's not as important as the major affairs of the country. To you, you can certainly put aside all these unimportant matters." At the end of her speech, Miao Jing was saddened.

When she was at a young age, such was the situation. Miao Jing was always secondary in Zhai Yaohui's eyes.

Now that she was older, she did not hope that Zhai Yaohui's heart would be with her. She just wished that her children would spend more time with her. But why were her children being chided by Zhai Yaohui?

Having finished her words, Miao Jing placed her chopsticks aside. "I'm full. Auntie, help me clear the table."

"Madam, you've not eaten much." The auntie looked a little worried when she saw the bowl that was still full of rice.

Once Miao Jing left, Zhai Yaohui's tone to Zhai Sheng worsened. "Brat, look at what you've done! Is your own mother or other family's daughter more important? See, your mom is so angry that she's not eating anymore. This is my order. No matter what way you use, quickly make your mom finish her food. Your mom is not young anymore. Her health is not good and can't afford to go hungry."

Zhai Sheng put down his chopsticks. "Dad, you're good at putting the blame on others when it's your own fault." Thereafter, Zhai Sheng carried the rice and dishes and served it to Miao Jing.

"Not eating!" Miao Jing was still angry. She was not happy even when she saw her son.

Zhai Sheng placed the food down. "Mom, clearly, you're not eating because you're worried about Zhai Hua and me… If other people know that you're too angry to have your meals, won't they be so happy that they'll consume three bowls of rice?"

"I…" Miao Jing was at a loss of words. "I won't be so foolish to see my enemies happy! Happily consuming three bowls of rice? That's wishful thinking on her part!"

At the thought of Qi Minlan, Miao Jing's tummy was like a bottomless pit. She finished whatever Zhai Sheng brought to her in a few mouthfuls.

She had to eat well and eat her fill to ensure that she was in good health.

As long as she was alive, Qi Minlan's daughter would not be able to harm her son. If she was no longer around, Zhai Yaohui would agree to whatever Qi Minlan asked for. Her son's happiness would eventually be destroyed in these people's hands.

For the sake of her son and daughter, she had to live well!

"Is one bowl of rice enough? If you're still hungry, get auntie to cook some dessert for supper three hours later." Zhai Sheng did not encourage Miao Jing to get into the habit of eating and drinking too much. "Right, I passed by the Qiao family's residence today when I was on my way back. I heard good news."

"What's the good news?"

"Nan Nan ranked first again in this round of examination, scoring half a point mark higher than Shi Qing."

"Really?!" Miao Jing's eyes lit up. "I heard that Shi Qing is excellent in her studies. She has always ranked first in her school, never in second place. Initially, when I heard that Shi Qing would be transferred to Ping Cheng High School, I was worried about Nan Nan. Nan Nan, this child, is very determined. She has never been careless or lazy in her studies. She could score better than Shi Qing. She's really capable!"

"Nan Nan said that you're very concerned about her. Initially, she wanted to tell you this piece of good news herself as soon as possible. Coincidentally, she met me, so she asked me to send you this news to make you happy."

"Happy! I'm so happy!" Miao Jing's eyes were smiling. "Since a young age, your results have been good. Zhai Hua's was not that good. Actually, Nan Nan resembles you when you're young. Her results are excellent."

"Ah," Zhai Yaohui, who 'coincidentally' passed by the master bedroom, heard the entire conversation between Miao Jing and Zhai Sheng. He sneered and snorted. For the sake of the woman that he liked, Zhai Sheng had a lot of tricks up his sleeves. He indirectly helped Qiao Nan coax Miao Miao.

As if he had expected it, when Zhai Sheng opened the door, he used his body to shield Miao Jing's view in case she saw Zhai Yaohui eavesdropping on them. "Dad, what a 'coincidence'."

"What coincidence? This is my house. Is there anywhere I shouldn't be at?" Zhai Yaohui's old face stiffened. He straightened his back and maintained his authority as a father in front of his son. "Qiao Nan ranked first and scored half a point mark higher than Shi Qing?"


"That's really not too bad." Zhai Yaohui paused in silence. "It's rare that she has something redeemable."

"Is there any other matter?"

"There's still one more thing. Is other people's daughter or your own mother more important? You think about this carefully. Your mom has a very stubborn character. There are certain things that she will never be able to accept. The deeper you're into this relationship, the more difficult it will be to resolve this when the time comes. You will be hurt more deeply. Zhai Sheng, I hope you can make a decision between Qiao Nan and your mom. If you have to hurt someone, who will that be?"



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