"If you don't want any of them to be hurt, give up when there's still time."

Having been married for more than twenty years, nobody else understood Miao Miao's temperament better than him.

It was true that Miao Miao liked Qiao Nan, but it was also true that she could not accept Qiao Nan as her daughter-in-law.

If Miao Miao found out about the relationship between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan one day, the blow and hurt that she would receive would be doubled.

"Why does it have to be harm and not protection?" Zhai Sheng was unconvinced. He looked sullenly at Zhai Yaohui. "Be it Nan Nan or Mom, I will protect them well. I won't let either of them receive any sort of harm. Nan Nan has the same thought as me. Similarly, she's not willing to see Mom getting hurt. Regardless of the psychological barrier in Mom's heart, I don't believe that Nan Nan and I won't be able to remove it if we work hard. Dad, you should know better than anyone about Nan Nan's influence on Mom. What you owe Mom, Nan Nan and I are helping you to repay her. Do you understand?"

All the knots in his mother's heart were caused by his father.

Despite being understanding, his father was cracking wise with his words. Sorry, he would not accept that.

As a soldier, he did not believe that there was anything impossible in this world!

"Also, this kind of words, I only wish to hear it once. Don't let me hear it again next time. If you really don't want Mom to be hurt, even if you're my dad, I have to remind you that you have to reflect on yourself first."

Leaving those words behind, Zhai Sheng returned to his bedroom.

As his biological father, Zhai Yaohui not only did not fulfill his responsibility to Miao Jing but also his pair of children.

Nevertheless, after Zhai Hua and Zhai Sheng became military personnel, they were aware of the difficulties and responsibilities that Zhai Yaohui had in the past. Although they knew, it did not mean that Zhai Yaohui's lack of fulfillment in his duties toward them was correct. It also did not mean that they understood and accepted his doings.

Zhai Sheng could choose not to take issue with what happened in the past. However, his future lay in his own hands. He was not willing to be denied a good future just because his father said it was 'impossible'.

In the face of his son's blame, Zhai Yaohui's face turned sullen. He did not refute him because it was the truth. He had no means to retaliate.

When he was at a young age, he did not let down his father, his country, or the citizens. The only three people that he felt guilty toward were his spouse and children.

His wife had knots in her heart due to him, and his son had resentment toward him.

Zhai Yaohui, who typically had a clear conscience, felt lost and helpless at that moment. Throughout the many years, was there anything that he did correctly?

In the end, all his questions turned into a sigh. When he thought of his son's words, Zhai Yaohui smiled bitterly. Fine, he fell into that little sly fox's trap again. What could he do? The little fox held on to his tender spot and targeted his Achilles' heel. He had to continue to keep the matter between the little fox and Qiao Nan from Miao Miao until the latter could accept Qiao Nan.

When he returned to his bedroom, Zhai Sheng changed his gloomy expression. He happily bathed as he hummed military songs.

That old sly fox. He could deceive others but not him. He was very satisfied with Nan Nan's resilience and continuous strive for excellence.

When Nan Nan completed her apprenticeship with Lin Yuankang, even his mother would not have a reason not to accept Nan Nan.

At this time, Zhai Sheng could not help feeling glad that he had made such a sudden decision back then. He had been so resolute and determined when he brought Qiao Nan to Lin Yuankang. He had even built a foundation for Qiao Nan when she was young by accepting private assignments from Lin Yuankang on behalf of Nan Nan, gaining Lin Yuankang's favor and affirmation of Nan Nan's capability.

The situation of Zhai Yaohui and Zhai Sheng might seem bitterly disappointing in other families.

Nevertheless, Zhai Yaohui brought Zhai Sheng up in this way since the latter was at a young age. The father and son were already used to this. This had become a special way in which they got along with each other.

"Hello?" Qiao Nan, who had a little walk after her meal, received a call when she was preparing to bathe and go to bed.

"Sleepy? Going to bed soon?"

"…" Qiao Nan knitted her brows. "You are… Shi Qing? How did you know my phone number?" She had not told her before.

"Don't need to bother about how I knew about it. Qiao Nan, this afternoon, I loitered at the entrance of your door for more than an hour."

"…" Qiao Nan fell silent for a while. "Then?"

"Isn't there a saying that when you fail in love, you will win at a gamble? Why is it that I had to suffer another setback in love when I already suffered one in my examinations? All the good things befell you. Isn't that too unfair?" Shi Qing's sullen voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

Qiao Nan sighed as she sat on the sofa. "If it's true that all the good things happen to me only, then I'll be so mad with happiness. Shi Qing, you just came here for a month. Most probably, you had been focusing on your studies in order to compete with me for the top place in the first-year cohort. My life is not as good as you think. Also, Shi Qing, when you talk about first-come-first-serve, it's not feasible in this situation. In comparison to Qiu Chenxi and you, I got to know Brother Zhai last. But for love-related matters, it's not just about how long you've known each other, and it's not about first-come-first-serve either. It's because the person appears at the right timing. Understand?"

"So, are you telling me that you're the right one that Brother Zhai met at the right time?"

"Shi Qing, I'm telling you this because you did not tell Auntie Miao about Brother Zhai and me. I'm not sure if I'm the right person in Brother Zhai's life, but before the outcome is known, I'm working hard for it because both Brother Zhai and I feel that we are the right one for each other."

"Brother Zhai said that he will marry you?!!!" Shi Qing's heart nearly suffocated.

"Yes, I rejected him. I'm still too young and have not reached the legal age for marriage. Furthermore, there are a lot of issues between Brother Zhai and me. We need to settle the problem about Auntie Miao first before we can consider marriage. So, I've told Brother Zhai clearly that we will talk about it two years later."

"You're telling me this. Aren't you afraid that I'll be jealous to death and play some cheap tricks on you?!" Shi Qing gritted her teeth. The pain in her heart made her cry.

So, she was still too late?

She had thought that since it was impossible between Brother Zhai and Qiu Chenxi now, her opportunity finally came. Even if there was already Qiao Nan, she was prepared to give it a try for the sake of her own happiness.

She never would have imagined that that opportunity of hers was actually created due to Qiao Nan's appearance.

"If you wanted to, you would have already done it. Moreover, I believe you. You won't."

"Don't be overconfident!" On what grounds should Qiao Nan believe in her? She was also a woman. She, too, could be scheming. She would also feel jealous. She was jealous that Qiao Nan snatched away the Brother Zhai that she had liked for ten years!

Qiao Nan laughed. "Are you crying?"

"Bullshit!" Shi Qing nearly spurted out vulgarities.

"I wonder how happy Zhu Baoguo will be if he knows that you cried."

Shi Qing was stunned for a while before wiping away her tears. "I didn't cry. I'm warning you. Don't talk about my matter in front of that moron. That Zhu Baoguo is an idiot who's well-developed physically. None but the Zhu family treats him like a treasure!"



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