When she heard the beeping tone coming from the other end of the phone, Qiao Nan was stunned and confused. Wasn't she fine just now? Why did she flare up all of a sudden?

After being classmates for over a month, Qiao Nan, in fact, had quite a good impression of Shi Qing.

Shi Qing was clearly physically strong. However, unlike Zhu Baoguo's style, she did not use this to threaten Qiao Nan or bully Qiao Nan physically just because she was unhappy. If Zhu Baoguo did not tell Qiao Nan, she really did not know that a seemingly skinny and frail Shi Qing was actually a pretty lady who's physically strong.

In particular, when she thought of the notebook that Shi Qing gave her before the examination, she really saw Shi Qing in the same light as Qiu Chenxi.

After clarifying everything today, Qiao Nan felt much better.

Qiao Nan had been relieved, but not Shi Qing.

To prevent the neighbors from hearing her cries, she turned the volume of the television to the highest. She even turned on the showerhead in her bathroom and cried loudly under the sound of the water splashing.

Before Shi Qing could vent out all her frustration, the phone in the house rang nonstop. It was so noisy that Shi Qing could not continue to cry.

The phone rang and stopped, and rang again thereafter. It continued for about half an hour.

Shi Qing turned off the tap and changed into a set of clean clothes. She held her hair which was dripping with water continuously and walked into the living room. She then turned down the volume of the television. "Who's that?"

"Qing Qing, it's me."

"What's the matter?"

"I just came back from the army today. You should have collected your results slip, right? How's it?"

"What has it got to do with you?!" When Shi Qing, who was already in a sour mood, heard Qiu Chenxi's words, she nearly exploded in anger.

Could she stop talking about how unlucky she was today? She initially thought that there was a chance that her first love would blossom. Never did she expect that it had not even budded and Qiao Nan had nipped it with just one move. Forget it. Qiao Nan even surpassed her by half a point mark in the studies that she excelled in.

She could not withstand a life like this!

"Qing Qing, why did you say that? I'm your sister. Aren't I just being concerned about you? That's why I came to ask you. What kind of tone is that?" Qiu Chenxi's face turned black. Zhai Sheng shunned her and did not allow her to get onto his car. Now, Shi Qing was also shunning her too?

"I'll use whatever tone I like. This is not the first day that we're sisters. It's been more than ten years. I didn't realize that you're so concerned about me. Don't you think that it's too late to pretend to be the good guy now? Qiu Chenxi, don't always treat others as fools. Do you think that I don't know what you have been thinking of? I'm very sorry to tell you that your plan is going to fail. Qiao Nan is so capable. In this examination, she's still the top in the first-year cohort. She scored half a point mark more than me. Are you satisfied with this answer?!"

Having finished with her words, Shi Qing slammed the phone, hanging up.

What kind of relative was that? She definitely had to tell her father one day. No auntie or cousin would behave in this way.

Qiu Chenxi's eyes turned stiff. She stared at the phone in her hand, looking foolish and stunned.

"Chen Xi, didn't the phone go through? What did Qing Qing say? Did she rank first in the cohort? It looks like you can ask Qiao Nan out and have a good talk with her tomorrow. There are only a few things that a man will wish for in his life. Furthermore, Qiao Nan is still young and materialistic. The top place in the cohort must be very important to her. Look for her tomorrow and have a chat with her. You will definitely succeed."

Qi Minlan did not hear the conversation between the duo. She was only guessing and having her own monolog.

"So what if the top place in the cohort is important to Qiao Nan? Our efforts were all in vain. I really did not expect that Shi Qing was so useless. The ever-victorious general who had never come in second failed when she met Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan scored half a point mark more than her. Shi Qing ranked second in the cohort. Even if the top place is important to Qiao Nan, it has nothing to do with us. Qiao Nan has it in her hands!"

In the end, Qiu Chenxi was so angry that she smashed the phone. "This useless thing! Other than giving me trouble, she did not help me at all. If I knew that Shi Qing was so useless, would I let her come to Ping Cheng? She's even so rude to me. She seemed to have forgotten where she had stayed at previously!"

Qi Minlan was shocked too. "Qiao Nan's results were better than that of Qing Qing? Impossible!"

She usually did not care about the situation at her maternal home. Nevertheless, she had long heard about Shi Qing's excellent results.

As such, Qi Minlan was confidently waiting for Shi Qing to defeat Qiao Nan after they made Shi Qing come to Ping Cheng. They were waiting for the day that Qiu Chenxi could be the third party that benefited from the conflict of the two.

She would never have expected such an 'accident'!

"Did you hear incorrectly? Qiao Nan won by half a point mark? How's it possible that Qiao Nan scored half a point mark higher than Qing Qing? You must have made a mistake."

"I've made a mistake? If there's really a mistake, then Qing Qing would be the one who made it. The whole Ping Cheng High School would have made a mistake! Do I have the capability to 'make this mistake'? If I did, I'd definitely make Qing Qing score higher than Qiao Nan by more than ten or even twenty marks!"

Qiu Chenxi was so furious that she wanted to cry. "Mom, what should we do now? Qiao Nan is still the top of the cohort. Then, what handle of her do I have that I can use to negotiate with and get her to help me? If we keep dawdling like this, most likely, Brother Zhai will file a marriage report with that vixen soon! By then, this matter will really have nothing to do with us."

"Don't cry. It's not so urgent." Qiu Chenxi quickly helped Qiu Chenxi wipe her tears. "Why don't we do this? Tomorrow, I'll ask your Uncle Zhai out. I can't deal with Miao Jing, but your Uncle Zhai is quite good to Mom. He still owes it to Mom."

"Will it work? Even when Miao Jing did not object to the matter between Brother Zhai and me, Brother Zhai did not marry me. Even if Uncle Zhai promises you, will it work just with his words alone?"

"Even if it can't make Zhai Sheng marry you directly, at the very least, Zhai Sheng can't marry that vixen without letting anyone know. Chenxi, you know about the situation. If you really don't want Zhai Sheng to be taken away, it's not enough with Mom's help. You have to work harder and settle Zhai Sheng. He's the crux of this matter." As long as Zhai Sheng nodded, Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing were merely fake ornaments and vases.

Qi Minlan sighed. If Zhai Yaohui could be as persistent as Zhai Sheng many years ago, that would be great. She would not have to marry Qiu Qin and lead such an ordinary and annoying life.

"Brother Zhai is not willing to bother about me. He wouldn't even let me sit in his car. What can I do? You can't expect me to strip naked in front of Brother Zhai to seduce him and create a done deal?" She was truly at her wits' end.

She could not catch that vixen. Brother Zhai had changed his mind the moment he saw the other woman and gave her cold shoulders. She was afraid that she would lack the will to persist even if she wanted to.



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