Qi Minlan's expression changed. "As long as you can succeed, there's nothing that you cannot do."

"Mom, what do you mean by this?"

"What do I mean?" Qi Minlan sneered. "Don't you know? When Miao Jing married your Uncle Zhai, she gave birth to Zhai Hua just after nine months. Otherwise, how do you think they could give birth to two children in three years?"

"Nine, nine months? Didn't it mean that they had done it before they were married? That meant Miao Jing was already pregnant when she married Uncle Zhai." Qiu Chenxi widened her eyes. This was the first time she heard about this. Her mother had never mentioned this before.

"It's too shameless. I don't even wish to talk about it. I didn't expect that the many years of relationship I had with your Uncle Zhai were lost to despicable and underhand methods of Miao Jing. She was shameless enough to do it, but I was too embarrassed to say it. Moreover, it takes two to tango. Could Miao Jing give birth to Zhai Hua alone?" It was because of this that Qi Minlan still bore a grudge against Zhai Yaohui, and hated Miao Jing even more.

"If Miao Jing could do that last time, why can't you?"

This time, Chenxi could use the same tactic to snatch Miao Jing's son away from Miao Jing, just as what Miao Jing did in the past, snatching Zhai Yaohui away from her.

"No, won't it be too embarrassing?" She dared not believe that she would go into the church and the wedding banquet with a big tummy. That would definitely be ugly.

"What kind of era is it now? Miao Jing dared to do that many years ago. What are you afraid of? There's one thing that you can be assured of. If you are married into the Zhai family because of that piece of meat in your womb, and if Miao Jing dares to use this matter against you, you can just tell her that she's the one who did not set a decent example in the first place. She's the one who gave the juniors such ideas."

Qi Minlan said everything that she could, regardless of whether they were appropriate. But Qiu Chenxi still looked hesitant. Qi Minlan simply gave Qiu Chenxi some hard advice. "You think about it carefully yourself. After all, it's your happiness. Even if you're not willing to fight for it or treasure it, I will still hope that you don't follow in my footsteps. However, the truth is that you need to be thick-skinned when you fight for a man. That vixen is already seducing Zhai Sheng when you're still in good terms with him, how will she give up this great opportunity to become Cinderella? I'm saying this for the last time. Don't wait for that woman to go to the Zhai family with a big tummy. You will surely regret it, just like Mom did many years ago."

Chenxi was not willing to do that, but there were many shameless women who were willing to.

"Mom, don't talk about it anymore. Let me calm down and consider it myself." Qi Minlan's words caused Qiu Chenxi to feel confused and nervous.

"Fine, think about it yourself." Qi Minlan knew that she would only be wasting her breath if she continued with the persuasion.

To have both dignity and happiness. There was no such thing as having the best of both worlds.

Qi Minlan immediately left Qiu Chenxi alone in the bedroom so that she could ponder over the situation.

Qi Minlan did not know Qiu Chenxi's final thoughts. On the other hand, Qiao Nan, who was unaware of what happened, encountered something ridiculous the next day.

Seeing the stack of bulging yellow envelopes in front of her, Qiao Nan gave a sigh as she looked at Qiu Chenxi. "What do you mean by this?"

"I'd like to buy some information from you." Qiu Chenxi wore a pair of sunglasses. She pursed her lips as she looked at Qiao Nan arrogantly. "I heard that you ranked first in the cohort again. Congratulations."

"Thank you." Qiao Nan brushed her fringe. "Most likely, there's nothing that I can help you with."

"No, as long as you're willing to, you'll definitely be able to help me. You know who that woman is, don't you?"

"…" In the face of this abrupt and clueless question from Qiu Chenxi, Qiao Nan actually understood what she was inquiring about. "I don't know."

"You know!"

"Why is it that I must know?" Was something written on her face?

Qiu Chenxi took a deep breath. "You're a woman too. You should know how I feel. Brother Zhai and I are childhood sweethearts. Our relationship of more than ten years is now broken by a third party. In the future, if you encounter the same situation, you will know my difficulties now. I only wish to safeguard my relationship. Am I wrong in doing that? That woman came between Brother Zhai and me. Is it right for her to do that? Both of us are women. Qiao Nan, I hope you can help me with this. As long as you're willing to tell me who that woman is or give me some clues, all this money will be yours. You need them very much, don't you?"

Qiao Nan sneered. "A gentleman who desires wealth makes it in good ways. Regarding the situation between Brother Zhai and you, it seems that opinions differ. After all, your account of the story is different from that of Brother Zhai and Auntie Miao. Also, Miss Qiu, don't forget one thing. That day, when you slammed at my door and scolded me vixen, didn't you already know who Brother Zhai liked? Today, you're spending this sum of money to buy information from me? What do you mean by this?"

Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth while enduring the humiliation. "I apologize to you about what happened that day. I'll say sorry. Will that do? It's my fault. I clearly knew that you're not that woman, and… But you have to be more understanding. I've been driven mad. I was so close to Brother Zhai. When I found out suddenly that he had betrayed and deserted me, I was looking for that woman crazily. You're an innocent party that had been implicated. It's my mistake. Sorry, I'm really sorry."

Those few words of apologies made Qiu Chenxi tear up uncontrollably as if she was in a state of suffering.

That love-struck and forlorn performance, as if she was attacked by the vixen and abandoned by her lover, was portrayed very vividly and depicted in a detailed manner.

If Qiao Nan did not know the truth from the beginning until the end, from Qiu Chenxi's one-sided narration alone, Qiao Nan would begin to suspect if she was the third party that stood in Qiu Chenxi's way.

It was only until this moment that Qiao Nan began to believe that Qiu Chenxi not only graduated from college but also a top-tier one. This type of speech and expression was not something that an ordinary person could manage.

If not because it was inappropriate, Qiao Nan would ask Qiu Chenxi if she majored in acting or performance when she was in college.

Qiao Nan let out a breath and straightened the thoughts that had almost been led astray by Qiu Chenxi. She pushed the money back to Qiu Chenxi. "I won't take the money. Initially, I have nothing to say to you, but instead of letting you continue to pester me, I can only tell you that the woman you've been looking for is me. It's me. It's me. Will that do? If not, you can come to my house to argue and create a fuss next time. You'll see if the outcome is what you wish for. How about it?"



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