Qiu Chenxi clenched her fists. There were flashes of hate and mockery in her eyes.

Qiu Chenxi's eyes were seemingly telling Qiao Nan that the latter must be a fool talking in her dreams. Given Qiao Nan's qualities, it was wishful thinking on her part that she could be together with Zhai Sheng.

Qiao Nan told such an unbelievable lie. Unless her brain was sandwiched by the door, she would never believe it.

Qiu Chenxi pursed her lips and took back her money. "Since you're really not going to tell me, then forget it. Sure, you're not willing to tell me about that woman's situation, but can you not mention to anyone that I came to look for you today? Not breathe a single word to anyone?"


"Thank you. Sorry to disturb you. I'm leaving." After confirming that Qiao Nan could not give her an answer, Qiu Chenxi did not waste her time further. She immediately took her money back and left. Her behavior now was in stark contrast to that pitiful and sincere look that she portrayed earlier. She was like an entirely different person.

"She finally left." Qiao Nan slumped backward. After this occasion, she hoped that when Qiu Chenxi wished to investigate about that woman in the future, she would stop suspecting that she was the one. It would be better if she stopped bothering her for clues altogether.

With Qiu Chenxi's constant stirring of trouble, Qiao Nan was very worried that Miao Jing would discover the truth when things got out of hand.

"Don't you think that you're feeling relieved too early?" Shi Qing crossed her arms and kicked Qiao Nan.

"Damn, when did you come in? Why wasn't there any noise?" Qiao Nan jumped in shock. "Something is wrong. When Qiu Chenxi came in, I clearly closed the door. When she left, I also heard her close the main door. How did you get in?"

"The wall in your house is not tall. Isn't it easy for me to get in?" Shi Qing said daringly. She then picked a comfortable spot and sat down, as if she was at home. "I'm a guest. Get me a cup of tea."

Another one who came in by climbing the wall?

Oh, man!

Did these people pick up the skills of flipping over the walls of other people's houses while they were in the army? What kind of army was that?!

Qiao Nan was unwilling to do so. She had spent much energy in her conversation with Qiu Chenxi earlier. "My house is just this big. You'll be able to see everything with a glance. If you want water, go and get it yourself. Otherwise, don't drink."

Everyone was coming to her house to pretend to be the boss?

Sorry, she was not entertaining them!

"It's fine if you don't." Shi Qing snorted. She did not get herself a cup of water. Instead, she opened the refrigerator and took out the milk ice pops that Qiao Dongliang specially bought for Qiao Nan and started chewing it. "Were you out of your mind just now? You actually told Qiu Chenxi that you're that woman. What if she took it for real?"

"When did you get in?" Qiao Nan narrowed her eyes at Shi Qing.

"When she was here, I was here."

"You have a spy at the Qiu family?"

Shi Qing swung her legs. "Did you think I stayed for one month at the house of the Qiu family for nothing?"

Qiao Nan gave Shi Qing a thumbs-up. She took her hat off to Shi Qing. She certainly believed that Shi Qing, this young lady, had been trained in the army before. Otherwise, it was impossible for her to play this game of spy so well. It was unlike the family of four in the Qiu family that did not take any preventive measures at all. "Rest assured. I don't know why Qiu Chenxi subscribed to this thinking, but she's very sure that I'm not involved in any love affair because of my good grades. In particular, she thought it's impossible for me to have a relationship with Brother Zhai. I was not afraid of telling the truth because she would not believe it. The more I admit to it, the more she won't believe it."

Shi Qing had devoured the ice pops in no time. "She may be too clever for her own good. Fine. It looks like I have been worried about you for nothing. Your physical ability is weaker than Zhu Baoguo but your brainpower deserves praise. It seems like Qiu Chenxi is not your match."

"Are you praising or deriding me?" Qiao Nan tugged the corners of her lips. She kicked the dustbin to the side of Shi Qing's legs. Shi Qing then swiftly threw the stick from the consumed ice pops into it.

"Of course I'm deriding you," Shi Qing said as a matter of fact. "You're a weakling with good brains but poor physique. I look down on you."

If Zhu Baoguo was not so weak, and Qiao Nan did not seem any stronger than him, she would not have rushed over in a panic after receiving the news that Qiu Chenxi was coming to look for trouble. "Right, please don't misunderstand that I'm concerned about you. Although Qiu Chenxi's mother bears the surname Qi instead of Shi, she's also a family member of my Shi family. As long as Qiu Chenxi has something to do with the Shi family, I have to keep a watch on them for the sake of the Shi family's reputation."

Her father told her that many years ago, when Zhai Yaohui had already filed a marriage report to marry Miao Jing and even sent out wedding invitations, and everyone was just waiting to attend their wedding banquet, that 'good' auntie of hers actually pressurized the men in the Shi family to force Zhai Yaohui to marry her instead. Shi Qing felt so ashamed when she thought of it.

Although the Zhai family at that time was not as formidable as today, they could not be underestimated too.

If they really provoked the Zhai family, the Shi family would be in deep trouble. She really did not know what her auntie was thinking about to be able to come up with such a bad idea.

Given Qi Minlan's poor behavior, to prevent the situation of like mother, like daughter, Shi Qing could only keep a tighter watch on them on behalf of the Shi family.

"Alright, Qiu Chenxi left. Even if she wants to mess around and lose the face of your Shi family, she'll definitely not do so at my house. Shouldn't you run out and watch her like a hawk? Don't let her bring shame to the Qiu family and the Shi family."

"Can I possibly watch her for twenty-four hours a day? No way! If there's really a problem, the face of the Qiu family will be lost first. The Shi family will then be implicated," Shi Qing said, seemingly very annoyed. "Alright, you don't need to shun my presence. It's not like I'm willing to remain in this lousy house of yours any longer."

If she remained here, she would think of how sincere Brother Zhai's laughter was that day. She would feel so sad that she could not be at ease.

"Before I leave, I'll say one more thing. Now that Qiu Chenxi and my auntie are watching Brother Zhai closely, it's better if Brother Zhai and you do not interact too closely with each other these few days. Otherwise, they will have to believe it even if they initially don't. You and Brother Zhai should decide for yourself what needs to be done."

Leaving these words behind, Shi Qing really left.

Of course, she did not leave through the main door, again. She flipped over the wall.

Qiao Nan held her forehead which had imaginary black lines on it. Shi Qing was good. She could climb over the wall in broad daylight.

Fortunately, Shi Qing was a woman. Otherwise, she did not believe that no one would notice her climbing in and out of the house in broad daylight. If the person who climbed over was a man, her reputation would be gone. She would immediately be seen as a bad kid in the area.

Nevertheless, Shi Qing's words reminded her. Clearly, Qiu Chenxi came to look for her today because she had not given up. Qiu Chenxi's attitude was representative of that of the Qiu family.

Fortunately, Brother Zhai only came back for ten days this time. If they really could not see each other in person like they did in the past, they could call each other.



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