Qiao Nan felt a little disappointed. That day, she stared at the wall of her house for a long time, as if she was waiting for Zhai Sheng to climb over it.

Qiao Nan was finally able to manage her feelings and was prepared to focus on her studies again. She wanted to prepare the study plan for the next semester, but a phone call from her master, Lin Yuankang, completely disrupted her plan.

In the beginning, Qiao Nan thought that her master was joking with her.

This morning, the car from her master's house stopped at the main entrance of the Qiao's house. She heard her master continuously urging her to place her luggage in the car. It was only until then that she realized what her master said in his previous phone call was real.

Qiao Dongliang had always known that his daughter had formally acknowledged a master and was learning English from him.

However, as the situation of the Qiao family was not good, Qiao Dongliang had been busy working to earn money. Aside from reminding Qiao Nan to give a call to this master to send her respect and greetings during the Lunar New Year and festive occasions, he did not have any other contact with Lin Yuankang. This was the first time he saw his daughter with her English teacher.

Qiao Dongliang was aware of his own family situation. In addition, all this while, Lin Yuankang had been helping Qiao Nan a lot. When he found out that Lin Yuankang was Qiao Nan's master, his heart was generous enough. Without any suspicion, he immediately let Qiao Nan pack a few pieces of clothing and leave with Lin Yuankang.

When Qiao Nan alighted and stepped onto the grounds within the territory of the army, she still felt that this was unreal.

She actually came to the army to look at the place first without relying on Brother Zhai. That being said, Brother Zhai was also here?

At the sight of the orderly place with strict regulations, Qiao Nan stood straight with respect.

"Nan Nan, how long have you been here?" Miao Jing, who was previously unwilling to come as she was angry with Zhai Yaohui, was happy now. She had previously planned to look for Qiao Nan after Zhai Yaohui left for the army. Anyway, it was Qiao Nan's summer break from school and she would have a lot of time to keep her company.

It was great now that she could see Nan Nan in the army camp.

In other words, if she had not come today, it would have been more boring to stay at the house of the Zhai family.

"I was here about half an hour earlier than you."

"Do you have a place to stay?"

"Yes. I've already unpacked my clothes."

"Really? Then, did you bring any mosquito-repellent coil? There's nothing but mosquitoes and insects here. They bite people."

"I didn't bring any." When her master arrived at her house, she had to leave with him in a hurry. Even the clothes that she brought were stuffed into the car by her father. She was totally unprepared.

Fortunately, there were material resources in the army. She could collect some basic daily necessities in the camp. Otherwise, it would truly be haphazard.

"No issue. I have some. I'll send you some later. There are also mosquito nets. I have ready-made ones too. Initially, I bought these for your Sister Hua Hua, but she usually doesn't stay long in the army camp. She still has some leftover from those that I gave her previously. Come. Bring auntie to take a look at where you're staying."

With Qiao Nan, Miao Jing simply forgot about Zhai Yaohui. She totally ignored him.

Three imaginary vertical lines appeared on Zhai Yaohui's forehead. "Elder Lin, is Qiao Nan really your disciple? Why did you accept her?"

Given the situation of the Qiao family, Qiao Nan would not have any chance to meet someone like Elder Lin. It was thus impossible for Qiao Nan to be Elder Lin's disciple.

"You want to know?" Elder Lin laughed. "Go home and ask your son. It's all thanks to him. Otherwise, I would not have found such an intelligent and diligent little disciple that I'm extremely pleased with at my old age."

In the beginning, it was by accident.

After more interactions, he then discovered that Nan Nan was truly the one that he was most pleased with among all of his disciples. It was fate that Zhai Sheng sent her to him.

"Zhai Sheng?" Zhai Yaohui's heart flipped. He thought of that smile on Zhai Sheng's face when he left the house for the army.

"Isn't that so?" Lin Yuankang was happy. "I won't take issue with you for the matter just now. If it happens again, don't blame me for being unruly. Nan Nan is still so young. She's someone that can call you uncle. You're already of an age that can become someone's grandfather, yet you bullied a young lady who has not grown up. Zhai Yaohui, you're a chief that's moving backward in time."

Bullying the young and small, wasn't that deterioration?

"Ha, hahaha…" Zhai Yaohui clenched his fists. If not for the fact that Zhai Sheng had grown up and that he could not instill discipline in him with physical punishment, he would definitely bash the young brat up until his buttocks were in pain.

If memory served him right, Zhai Sheng had only known Qiao Nan for a short time when Elder Lin accepted her as his disciple. Qiao Nan was only a fifteen-year-old child who had just completed her second year of junior high school then!

Initially, Zhai Yaohui was a little unhappy about Qiao Nan's age. When he knew that Zhai Sheng had been harboring such thoughts ever since Qiao Nan was at an even younger age, Zhai Yaohui was not pleased.

Qiao Nan, who was a fifteen-year-old second-year student then, was really only a child. How did Zhai Sheng get that idea!

At first, Zhai Yaohui blamed Qiao Nan a little for not knowing her limits and be together with Zhai Sheng. Now, Zhai Yaohui's blame in his heart was all targeted at Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng was a very intelligent man. Furthermore, he was already an adult who knew what he wanted. Judging from his attitude toward Qiu Chenxi, he was someone who understood romantic feelings.

Zhai Sheng knew, but what did the Qiao Nan then know?

As it turned out, as a father, Zhai Yaohui was too ashamed to point the finger at Qiao Nan for harboring ill intentions toward the status and reputation of the Zhai family. No matter how he looked at it, it was Zhai Sheng, this big bad wolf, who made use of the fact that Qiao Nan was just a little ignorant sheep back then and did his utmost to bring her back to his wolf's den and put a stamp of his family on her.

Zhai Yaohui was at a loss for words when he reflected on this. Zhai Sheng, this young brat who was often silent, was so resolute, decisive, and shameless when he acted.

"Elder Lin, don't worry. This won't happen again. Also, thank you for supporting our army's event this time. You've already retired, yet we still made you come back this time to teach the young lads in the army. We're really sorry. However, there's no other alternative. Although our country is developing, our foundation at this early stage is not that strong. Regarding the technology and skills in other countries, we definitely have to learn and examine them. However, all those are in a tadpole-like language. It doesn't serve the learning purpose for our soldiers well. The soldiers in our army must have some basic understanding of this. As for the elite ones, of course they have to be adept at it. Some terminologies and jargons are too complex. We really can't do without your help."

Zhai Yaohui was also in a fix regarding this.

If Elder Zhai's culture was not considered good, then Zhai Yaohui was a little worse than Elder Zhai. It was because Zhai Yaohui was born in a special era where an environment conducive to learning was absent. Thereafter, when there was peace in the country, Zhai Yaohui continued to learn and thus achieved his success today.



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