In terms of some languages and cultures, such as English, Zhai Yaohui was definitely out of touch.

It was not just Zhai Yaohui but also the soldiers that were currently in the army. Some were worse than Zhai Yaohui in terms of culture.

In the face of such a situation, the army had to think of a way to elevate the cultural standards of everyone.

Moreover, if the soldiers in the army intended to continue with this as their future path, they had to undergo various types of training and self-improvement courses in the army.

"Alright, stop your favor-currying. I understand all these. Didn't I bring my own disciple here? A bunch of grown-up men are not even comparable to a young lady who is still studying in senior high school. And you were not embarrassed to chase Nan Nan away. Don't you feel ashamed?" Lin Yuankang lifted his chin. He looked so proud.

See, this was the disciple of Lin Yuankang.

So what if she was young? Amongst so many grown-up men here, who was older than his disciple? But now, all these tall and big figures had to address his little disciple as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao' respectfully when they saw her.

Zhai Yaohui pursed his lips helplessly. Teacher Xiao Qiao, so be it. Anyway, he would not address her as such, and neither would Zhai Sheng.

At the thought that both father and son did not have to bow to Qiao Nan, Zhai Yaohui felt more at ease.

No matter what, although this matter was not planned by Zhai Sheng…

Prior to this, Zhai Sheng must have known about this. This young brat…

"Elder Lin, would you like to take a seat at my office?" He could not understand how Zhai Sheng, that young brat, could set his eyes on Qiao Nan that early. Who did he resemble? He did not resemble either Miao Miao or him.

"Of course, why not? Most likely, your office is the most comfortable place in the entire camp. It's rare that my old bones came to this place. Surely you would let me rest at the most comfortable place, wouldn't you?" Lin Yuankang would not let his old physique suffer. Even if Zhai Yaohui did not suggest it, he would also do so.

"Then, Elder Lin, this way please." Zhai Yaohui let out a sigh of relief. He finally stopped chiding him because of Qiao Nan's matter.

After all the VIPs (Very Important People) left, the two soldiers standing on guard looked at each other pitifully. "Then, do we still have to face disciplinary actions?" When Chief Zhai left, he did not make himself clear.

"I don't think so… After all, Teacher Xiao Qiao was invited here by the political commissar. She's not any Tom, Dick, and Harry. If we didn't let her pass, then we should be criticized. Furthermore, Teacher Xiao Qiao seems to be on good terms with Chief Zhai's family, doesn't she?" the other soldier said with some reservation.

"That'll be the best. Alright, don't chat anymore. Let's continue with our duties. If someone sees us chatting, we will really be disciplined."

"Good day. Please alight from the car for security checks." At this juncture, a car drove in.

Qiu Chenxi, who looked haggard, alighted. "Fine, you can stop here and go home. When I want to go back to the Qiu family, I'll give you a call to ask you to come and fetch me."

"Yes, Miss." After sending the person, the chauffeur of the Qiu family drove off.

"It's Comrade Qiu." The soldiers on duty were especially familiar with Qiu Chenxi. Besides the people who had to leave the army to purchase necessities, Qiu Chenxi was the next 'busiest' person who came in and out of the camp.

"Yes." Qiu Chenxi rolled her eyes coldly at the two soldiers before walking in arrogantly in an aloof manner.

How could the two soldiers not know that they had been looked down upon?

One of them simply sighed. "Fine, it's not the first day we know what kind of temperament this person has. It'll be fine once we're used to it."

"I don't feel justified. Such an arrogant and snobbish woman, yet so many brothers in the army treat her like a fairy. Damn, all of them are blind." When he told everyone the facts, those bewitched brothers who were blind at heart even said that it was normal and understandable for Comrade Qiu to have some temper as she was a beautiful woman that came from a good family.


They did not mind as they were not the ones who were being rolled eyes at.

"Putting aside Comrade Qiu's family background, no matter how I see it, she can't be compared to Teacher Xiao Qiao who came this time. She's so polite. The way she looked at us was obviously different. In Qiu Chenxi's eyes, soldiers are useless. In Teacher Xiao Qiao's eyes, I realized how proud a soldier can be. Do you think all the outsiders now look at us in the same light as Teacher Xiao Qiao?"

When they thought of the bow that Teacher Xiao Qiao gave to them when she arrived at the army, the soldiers felt so sweet at heart. It was as if they had taken some soft drinks.

"How could that be the same?" The other soldier laughed. "If all the outsiders are like Teacher Xiao Qiao, then why are there so many bachelors in the army?" Hence, people like Teacher Xiao Qiao who liked soldiers so much were few and far between, particularly women.

His family wanted to introduce ladies to him, but when the lady heard that he was a soldier, oftentimes, she would reject even the opportunity to meet up.

Qiu Chenxi, who stepped away with her little leather shoes, did not know she had been the topic of criticism of the soldiers whom she looked down upon. They even compared her with Qiao Nan, and in the end, the outcome was that she lost to Qiao Nan.

When she returned to the army where mosquitoes would not stop buzzing, Qiu Chenxi sat in the dormitory and kicked her feet in fury continuously.

The bed in the dormitory was so hard and small. It was, of course, not as comfortable as the one at home. Furthermore, the fan in the army was so weak. They were also not allowed to turn it on at times. There were so many mosquitoes, life was tough, she could not wear any pretty clothes and the food was poor.

It was such a dilapidated place without any merits. For the sake of wooing Zhai Sheng, she had to come and stay here frequently. She was going crazy!

In the Qiu family, it could be said that Qiu Chenxi lived her days without doing any work.

However, in the army, although the food was not good, she did not need to cook them herself. The problem was that no one helped her do the laundry. Qiu Chenxi only learned how to wash her own clothes after she came to the army because of Zhai Sheng.

It was a place that she hated. Qiu Chenxi could not understand why Zhai Sheng liked it so much. He could stay here for at least 300 days out of the 365 days in a year.

After venting some of her frustration in the dormitory, Qiu Chenxi gathered herself. She went out and summoned someone. "Has Regiment Commander Zhai come back? Where is he?"

"In his office. There is an event in the army recently. Most likely, Regiment Commander Zhai needed to be involved in this matter." The person who replied Qiu Chenxi was a female soldier, a military performer.

"I see." After thinking, Qiu Chenxi went back to her dormitory and took out a bottle of perfume which only had half left.



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