"This smell is quite good. It's an imported product. You can't get it in China. I feel that this smell suits you. If you don't mind, I'll give it to you." After saying that, Qiu Chenxi simply passed the perfume to the female soldier. She knew that the female soldier would not be angry about or mind taking the half-filled bottle of perfume.

"I don't mind, I don't mind. Why should I?" It was an imported and high-end product. This perfume would most likely cost her a few months of her salary!

At the thought that she could use a high-end imported perfume, the female soldier was overjoyed.

"It's great that you don't mind. Right, did any woman look for Regiment Commander Zhai when I was away these few days?" Unlike Qiu Chenxi who came to the army for ulterior motives and could not tolerate staying in the camp for a long time as it was too tough for her, the female soldier was always in the camp. She hardly left the place. Hence, there was some information that she would know more than Qiu Chenxi.

"Don't worry. I've been keeping a watch for you. Although that female doctor seemed to like regiment commander, when you were away these few days, regiment commander was also on leave for ten days. He went back to the Zhai family. After he came back, he has not fallen sick. Hence, even if that female doctor wishes to see Regiment Commander Zhai, she can't find a reason to do so. I say, Qiu Chenxi, you're so pretty and your family background is so good. You've also known regiment commander since you're at a young age. Given the situation of your two families, most likely, you will be together in two years' time. Regiment commander is very good. Before you came, I've never seen him giving special treatment to any female soldiers. Qiu Chenxi, you're so blessed to be able to meet such a good man like Regiment Commander Zhai."

The female soldier's tone was full of envy.

Before Qiu Chenxi appeared, she thought that Regiment Commander Zhai was extinct. In the male-dominated army, he actually did not seem interested in the female soldiers. Was he considered a normal man?

Since Qiu Chenxi appeared, the female soldier then knew that she was childhood sweethearts with Zhai Sheng. Moreover, the Zhai family and the Qiu family were on very good terms. She was not stupid. When she heard the situation, the female soldier understood what was happening.

Hence, the female soldier believed that Regiment Commander Zhai was uninterested in another woman because he already had Qiu Chenxi in his heart and not because he did not like women. He was devoted to Qiu Chenxi.

"Don't mention it." Qiu Chenxi was both guilty and proud.

"Regiment Commander Zhai is so devoted to you. What do you have to worry about?"

"You don't know," Qiu Chenxi replied weakly. "Zhai Sheng… No, Regiment Commander Zhai is too outstanding. Who doesn't like such an outstanding man? Even if Regiment Commander Zhai treats me… I have to watch him more. I can't possibly let others have a chance to come in between us because I didn't guard my own relationship. There's wisdom in the saying that prevention is better than cure."

Most of Zhai Sheng's time was spent in the army. Hence, perhaps that vixen could be someone from the army. It was just that she did not discover it.

"That's true too." The female soldier nodded. "Regiment Commander Zhai is so good looking. It's only right to keep a tighter watch on him. Right, there's an event in the camp. It will start officially this evening. The activity time will be from seven to eight o'clock daily. You've been here for some time. You should know where the event will be held. Remember to be there on time, because Regiment Commander Zhai will definitely be there."

"Are you sure?" Qiu Chenxi frowned. "He doesn't like the crowd. When there's an event in the past, at the very most, he would leave after attending for a while."

Would the activities in the army be more exciting than those outside?

Zhai Sheng often left after a short time, but she would attend from the beginning till the end like a fool for the sake of him.

"It's different this time. I can't talk anymore. I have to go to training and don't have time to explain to you. You make a decision on whether to attend." Qiu Chenxi was paranoid. If she did not wish to go, then so be it. Anyway, that was not her lover. Why would she feel anxious if Qiu Chenxi was not? Anyway, she had already received the perfume.

Qiu Chenxi was affected by what the female soldier said. She eventually went to the location where the event would be held.

When Qiu Chenxi arrived, the activity hall was actually filled with people.

Qiu Chenxi found a place and sat down. She looked puzzled. "What is the event today? Everyone is here?"

"You don't know?" The female soldier who sat beside Qiu Chenxi frowned in surprise. "We're learning English. Now that China is progressing, many foreigners are coming. The army hopes to raise our standards. At the very least, we won't be so nervous when we meet foreigners and embarrass the army."

"Learn English?" Qiu Chenxi laughed. Did she still need to learn English? If she had known that this was the event, she might as well stay in the dormitory and sleep. "Do you know who's coming to teach us?" She wanted to know who was qualified and dared to teach her English. Don't teach grandmother how to suck eggs and make a fool of themselves.

Qiu Chenxi was very confident of her English proficiency.

At the thought that Zhai Sheng would most likely come today, and to let him see how outstanding she was, an odd idea suddenly came to Qiu Chenxi's mind. "Sorry, excuse me. I'm going to the restroom."

In order to calm herself down and plan the next steps, Qiu Chenxi went directly to the restroom and started practicing in front of the mirror.

Coincidentally, at this juncture, the door in the other cubicle opened, Qiao Nan was constantly assuring herself not to be nervous. If she could not do it, there was still her master, right?

"Why is it you? Why are you here?!" Qiu Chenxi, who was facing the mirror and practicing halfway, looked at the other person in the mirror, Qiao Nan, in surprise.

Qiao Nan tilted her head slightly and looked at Qiu Chenxi. "You are also here, so why can't I?"

"Do you know what this place is? How could you come here too? Don't tell me you purposely sought Brother Zhai's help and hid in the army to avoid me. Qiao Nan, don't think too highly of yourself!" That woman was not Qiao Nan, but Qiao Nan was not willing to tell her. In that case, she was also not willing to continue wasting her time on Qiao Nan.

As long as she could keep a tight watch on Brother Zhai, no matter what kind of vixen he was hiding, she did not believe that she could not find her. At that time, Qiao Nan would be useless to her.

"Hahaha, I'll return the exact same words to you. Also, excuse me." Qiao Nan curled her lips. Qiu Chenxi was so confident.

"You!" Qiu Chenxi's face turned red. She wished very much that she could grab Qiao Nan and give her a beating. Qiao Nan refused to tell her the truth previously. Qiu Chenxi had already 'remembered' her for that. 'Forget it. I'm not going to take issue with her. Brother Zhai's matter is more important.'

Qiu Chenxi looked at the time and quickly went back to the activity hall. She then continued to prepare the drafts in her mind.

"Regiment Commander Zhai is here."

"What do you know? Not only Regiment Commander Zhai, but Chief Zhai and his wife are also here."

"Wow, isn't it just learning English? Is there a need to make it such a big issue? But I'm curious about who will be teaching us."

Qiu Chenxi gave a mocking smile. She was curious too. Who would dare to come and teach her!



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