"Why did you all organize this activity suddenly? I see. Okay. It's not that it can't be done. The country always has a high level of expectations of our soldiers. Of course, we have to give more support to events like this. Who did you all invite? Lin Yuankang? Being able to invite Elder Lin, you're very capable. Okay, so Elder Lin will be bringing his little disciple. He can. Elder Lin is very capable and has done the country proud. He has done a lot for the country. Of course, it's best that you can invite him. Most likely, his little disciple should be very capable as well."


"I see. Okay. I express my support. At that time, I will be there. Okay. Just tell me the date and time… It's that day. Fine, I know. Bye."

After hanging up, Zhai Yaohui's mood turned a little better.

Instead of staying at home to face Miao Miao's hostility, it would be better to make a trip to the army and see what help was needed.

"Miao Miao, the army is organizing a small event. They asked me to attend. Are you going?" After thinking, Zhai Yaohui went to ask Miao Jing.

"Not going!" Why should she go? To wait for Qi Minlan to come knocking on the door and showing off to her again?

In the house of the Zhai family, she was the lady owner at the very least. She had a say in whether Qi Minlan could come in and out of the house. However, at the army camp, this would not be within her control.

She would rather not go to the army and see those scenes that would prick her eyes.

Zhai Yaohui knitted his brows. "You're really not going? When you're there, you'll be able to see your son and daughter."

"Even if I go, I may not be able to see them as both of them are busier than me. Forget it. They are so busy. If I go, won't I be disturbing them while they're at work? Not going. You can go by yourself this time. I'll stay at home to rest. After running around for more than twenty years, I'm old and tired. I'm not prepared to join in this fun anymore. I can't control all the three of you. Since I can't, then I won't," Miao Jing said angrily.

"Look at you. It's fine that you won't go. What are you talking about again? It's just a misunderstanding and you remember it until today," Zhai Yaohui said annoyingly. He did not understand. He had already clarified the matter. Why did Miao Miao have to keep coming at him?

Miao Jing sneered. "I'll not only remember this until today. Unless I'm dead, I'll always remember this. Both of us know if it's really a misunderstanding. You hope that I'll forget everything just with your words. What about me? I don't have any misunderstanding at my end, but you didn't even allow me to return to my hometown. Zhai Yaohui, to tell you the truth, when I saw the way you handled this, I realized that I was too foolish in the past."

So, in the whole world, only those who bore the surname Zhai had a temper? She, who bore the surname Miao, did not have any?

"You!" Zhai Yaohui could not find a reason to refute. "Fine, fine. Let's talk nicely. You're angry again. I won't disturb you anymore. You think about it carefully whether you wish to attend."

After Zhai Yaohui left the master bedroom, he sat in the study room in a daze.

After a while, Zhai Yaohui secretly called the auntie over.

The auntie was full of curiosity. "Chief, you asked for me? Do you have any instructions for me? Are you hungry? Do you want me to prepare supper for you?"

"I'm not hungry." Zhai Yaohui waved his hands. "After two days, I'll be going out with Miao Miao. Miao Miao's mood is not very good recently. If there's any matter, it's not convenient for me to tell her, in case she feels troubled. You… When Miao Miao is unaware, help her pack some clothes. When the day comes, put the clothes in the car before we leave. Understand?"

"Oh." The auntie nodded honestly despite feeling puzzled.

Madam was never a lazy person. In the past, whenever she left the house with Chief Zhai, she would always pack her own luggage and never requested her help.

Moreover, what had the packing of luggage got to do with her mood?

Although the auntie did not understand, she followed Zhai Yaohui's instructions and packed a few clothes for Miao Jing behind her back. After packing, she placed them in the car that Zhai Yaohui wanted to use. Throughout the whole process, the auntie did it in a hush, as if she was a thief.

When the day came, Miao Jing intended to stay at home comfortably and let Zhai Yaohui go to the army alone.

She never expected that before getting into the car, Zhai Yaohui would wordlessly carry her into the car against her will. He did not give Miao Jing any chance to reject him.

The auntie, who was standing at the entrance of the house, heard Miao Jing's screams. Miao Jing was gone with the car that sped away.

The auntie tilted her head, her expression full of doubt. "What's wrong with Chief and Madam Zhai? What Chief Zhai did just now was no different from a brigand chief snatching his wife. What's happening?"

"Zhai Yaohui, don't be too much!" In the car, Miao Jing's face turned red. "Didn't I tell you that I'm not going? I'm not going! Do you understand human language?"

Zhai Yaohui's face was calm. "Fine. Can I not know how much you miss your son and daughter? You don't need to feel embarrassed about it. Aren't I bringing you along? Stop making noises and embarrass yourself in front of Xiao Liu. You'll make things difficult for your son and daughter in the army if you behave in this way. Don't forget that you're the wife of a chief. Be more serious. We can tease each other as a couple when we're back."

Miao Jing gave a stare. She had never seen this thick-skinned side of Zhai Yaohui before. He spoke as if the black was white. She was stunned, dazed.

When he saw Miao Jing raise her hands up, Zhai Yaohui quickly grabbed her hands. "I've already told you to be serious. Don't kick up a fuss anymore."

Xiao Liu, the chauffeur who was driving the car for the couple, adjusted the rearview mirror in case he became implicated. Nevertheless, Chief Zhai and his wife were already a long-time couple, yet they're still so close with each other. They're closer than when they were young. He was so envious of them.

They were outside. Even if Miao Jing did not wish to give Zhai Yaohui any face, she had to consider her son's and daughter's faces. Furthermore, there was also her own face to save.

Miao Jing withdrew her hands from that of Zhai Yaohui. She even stepped hard on Zhai Yaohui's shoe without any reservation. She then distanced herself from Zhai Yaohui by sitting further away from him.

This time, Zhai Yaohui did not force her. It was fine as long as Miao Miao was by his side and followed him to the army camp.

He could accept that Miao Miao was kicking up a fuss with him.

When they arrived at the army camp, which had a completely different atmosphere, Zhai Yaohui looked like he was a fish returning to the waters. He looked not only more relaxed but also glowing. "We have arrived. Come down."

Miao Jing ignored Zhai Yaohui who tried to help her down the car and alighted on her own.

She was not a seventy- or eighty-year-old woman that needed the help of others. When she could not walk anymore one day, the person who would be by her side and help her would be either her daughter or son. But it would never be Zhai Yaohui.



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