"Don't talk anymore. The teacher is coming. It's rare that we have this kind of opportunity. We should pick up the knowledge properly so as not to waste this chance. I heard that Chief Zhai also came to support this event."

"Learn properly."

"…" Qiu Chenxi's eyes lit up, gleaming with cunningness. Uncle Zhai and Miao Jing were here too. This might really be a good opportunity for her.

All this while, she was only lacking an opportunity to perform and impress Brother Zhai and Uncle Zhai. The Zhai family was aware that she was outstanding, but they did not see it with their own eyes. If she was able to perform well this time or even take over that anonymous person who sprang out from some corner as the English teacher in the army, would this change Brother Zhai's opinion of her? Would Uncle Zhai accept her as his daughter-in-law again?

As for Miao Jing, she was completely not in Qiu Chenxi's consideration.

Qiu Chenxi, who was immersed in her own thoughts, did not realize that the activity hall had become silent. At this moment, a pair of old and young was standing on the stage. The event had begun.

"Master, do you really want me to do this?" Standing at the podium on stage, Qiao Nan's hands were sweating with anxiety. Her master only told her that she had to participate in this event but did not say that she would be the English teacher for so many people, or did he? She was used to taking lessons in the class. However, this was really the first time in her life that she was going to give a class.

"Of course. Didn't I ask you to prepare previously? Don't tell me you didn't take my words seriously. It's just a bunch of soldiers. Given your standards, it shouldn't be a problem even if you teach spontaneously without any preparations. Hurry." Lin Yuankang was very composed and did not feel nervous at all.

Anyway, he had delegated everything to Qiao Nan. What was there to be anxious about?

"Ah, why is there an old one and a young one? Which one is our teacher?"

"Nonsense. That young one is even younger than my sister. Most probably, she's just here to listen to the class. But I didn't receive any news about a new female soldier in the army. This young lady is quite pretty. She looks gentle and quiet and doesn't seem to be one of us." There were only a handful of female soldiers in the army. Once they became soldiers, they were as fierce as tigresses, totally not as gentle and soft as a little sheep.

"So, that old man is our English teacher." What a pity. He had been wondering if they could have a pretty lady as their teacher this time.

"Old and young ones?" Qiu Chenxi, who regained her senses, inevitably heard the conversation. She looked up and saw the other party whom she was going to challenge today. When she saw that familiar face, she sulked badly. "How can it be her!!"

In particular, when Qiu Chenxi saw Lin Yuankang standing beside Qiao Nan, she felt suffocated, as if her heart was pinned under a piece of rock.

Lin Yuankang was a veteran translation officer in China. Most of the current diplomats in China were his disciples. They were indebted to Lin Yuankang.

Lin Yuankang was the one who accepted these disciples, applied to the country, and even linked up with international schools to send them abroad for studies. Without Lin Yuankang, even if China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs would develop steadily in time, it would not be with such rapid progress.

For this matter, even the leaders in the country looked up to Lin Yuankang.

The most commendable thing was that although Lin Yuankang clearly had such capability and connection, he did not yearn for power and status. He willingly gave up his position and power to the young and promising generation.

It could be said that very few people with position and status equivalent to him could be so carefree and without greed. There was a Confucius saying, 'You're old and yet not dead. You're a bandit.' This did not apply to Lin Yuankang at all.

The more carefree Lin Yuankang was willing to hand over the baton to the younger generation, the more the country and the new diplomats respected him.

Not everyone could understand Lin Yuankang's 'value'. Only people in the political circle could.

It was precisely because of this that someone joked with Lin Yuankang when he retired two years ago. It was suggested that he took in another disciple so that he would not be bored after retirement. At that time, Lin Yuankang did not decline or agree.

The next day, many people crowded at the entrance of the Lin family's residence, pleading Lin Yuankang to accept their child as his disciple. Even the proud Qiu Chenxi followed like a flock of ducks and anxiously recommended herself to gain Lin Yuankang's affirmation so that she could cast another layer of gold on herself.

Lin Yuankang was definitely a powerful and formidable figure.

Qiu Chenxi was entirely devoted to marrying Zhai Sheng and hoped that the latter could follow in his father's footsteps to become the chief when he reached the appropriate age. She would then finally become the wife of the chief.

As long as she became the closed-door disciple of Lin Yuankang, given her identity, she could help Zhai Sheng pull the strings with many people.

In this way, her self-worth would increase. She could also help Zhai Sheng and herself for their future. She would let Zhai Sheng remember the good things about her and feel indebted to her for life. After they were married, Zhai Sheng would then dote on, be more forgiving to, and respect her more.

In Qiu Chenxi's original plan, Lin Yuankang was the first and most important stepping stone in her grand path to happiness and success in life.

However, although Qiu Chenxi had it all planned, she did not expect someone would throw a wrench in the works. Qiao Nan, an unknown girl with no reputation and status from a common family, was a step ahead of her and chosen by Lin Yuankang to be his disciple.

Was it not just giving English classes to the junior soldiers in the army? It was not something of great importance.

Professional knowledge and usage of English that were truly useful would certainly not be taught in such a setting.

Since that was the case, why did a person of great status such as Zhai Yaohui appear? To put it bluntly, he was giving Lin Yuankang's face.

In these two years, Qiu Chenxi had already tried her best not to forget about her missed opportunity with Lin Yuankang.

However, today, when Qiu Chenxi saw that Qiao Nan, a nobody, could come to the army by making use of her identity as Lin Yuankang's disciple, she felt so jealous.

If Qiao Nan had not appeared out of nowhere back then, she would have become Lin Yuankang's disciple.

Once she became Lin Yuankang's disciple, she would be the one accompanying Lin Yuankang to teach the soldiers in the army English today. She would be the one that received the attention and gained the notice of everyone. Qiao Nan was just a nobody. By right, Qiao Nan would never have the opportunity to be in such a major and important event or receive such an honor in her entire lifetime.



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