"This, this is also true." The political commissar felt that what the young lady said was fairly reasonable.

He had fallen into the usual teaching routine that he had almost forgotten his original intention of getting his soldiers to learn English.

Only those military experts who were specially trained in the army needed to meet the strict requirements that Qiao Nan mentioned. The army would only have high requirements for these people.

As for the rest of the soldiers, it was sufficient for them to know some basic English.

"Besides, there's another point that the political commissar might have neglected. These people are not young students. It is easy to get young students to memorize and copy the words they learned multiple times, but the people in the army are adults. All of them are older than me and they want to maintain their dignity. It is tiring enough to go through the training in the army. It will be unrealistic to get them to memorize English vocabulary and grammar during their hard-to-come-by free time just like students would."

Once this happened, all male and female soldiers would no longer be interested in learning English.

Everyone was interested and curious about English, but it was just for the sake of leisure. They were unlike students who had to follow strict rules and requirements.

Therefore, the teaching method used in the school would not work in the army.

"Do you understand?" Lin Yuankang touched the goatee that he had kept for two years. "Have you heard of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude? This is exactly what we are doing. My disciple may be young, but she has learned well from me and has picked up almost all of the skills that I imparted to her."

Lin Yuankang was shameless. Previously, he had the same doubts, but he knew to grab the limelight at times like this.

"I understood." The political commissar was without any temper in front of Elder Lin. Besides, after Qiao Nan's explanation, the political commissar felt that Qiao Nan was right and had made careful considerations.

If Qiao Nan was to teach according to what he had originally envisaged, then his good intentions for arranging the event would be ruined. All the efforts would be wasted.

A one-time failure at English would be a blow to their confidence and would affect their English learning in the future. This was definitely not what he wanted.

"Comrade Xiao Qiao, you have worked hard. This is very thoughtful of you and what you said is very reasonable. I am very glad that Elder Lin brought you here with him. Otherwise, we might waste a lot of time and use the wrong method to teach the soldiers. Moreover, it would take a lot of effort to correct the wrong." The political commissar was very polite to Qiao Nan on account of Lin Yuankang. "I will have to trouble Comrade Xiao Qiao for this period of time. If there is anything that you need, please feel free to talk to us. I will definitely arrange it for you right away."

"The political commissar is being too polite. This is what I should do. I always feel that soldiers are the loveliest people in the world. It is my pleasure to sacrifice some of my time for them. In fact, my dad used to be a soldier. It is just that I am not fit enough to join the army. Otherwise, I would like to be a soldier." Her weight to height ratio failed to meet the standard requirements, so she could not enlist as a female soldier.

"I see. It's no wonder that Comrade Xiao Qiao is so approachable and spent so much time before the class to do the lesson plan. We are all one big family." The political commissar was more than happy. The descendants of soldiers had to be a good choice.

Looking at how Qiao Nan shone among the crowd, Qiu Chenxi was so angry that she bit down hard on her molar tooth.

Elder Lin had to take all the credit for Qiao Nan's good performance and recognition by the political commissar. It was Elder Lin who taught her well.

In other words, if Elder Lin took her in as his disciple two years ago, Qiao Nan would not be in the limelight today. The one who was popular and won the favor of everyone would be her instead of Qiao Nan! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qiu Chenxi took a few deep breaths. There were countless advantages of becoming the disciple of Elder Lin. Given Qiao Nan's family background, if not for Elder Lin who taught her well, Qiao Nan would not be able to speak her mind in front of the political commissar.

Qiao Nan had such a weak foundation and yet she could have such fabulous performance. If she was Elder Lin's disciple, her performance would be much better than Qiao Nan!

Even if she was late by two years, she still wanted to give it a try to know if she really had no chance at all. "Elder Lin, do you still remember me?"

"You…" Elder Lin frowned and thought for a while. "I can't remember. I'm sorry. Now that I am old, my memory is not as good, and I can't remember faces."

"Elder Lin, my name is Qiu Chenxi. Two years ago, I went to meet you."

"Oh, the lady from the Qiu family. I have some impression. What's wrong? Why are you here?" Qiu Chenxi turned black with anger at the forgetful expression on Lin Yuankang's face.

Qiu Chenxi forced a smile on her face. "Elder Lin, you should know that I have always liked English. It's just that I didn't have the chance to get your advice. I have graduated from college and the results were pretty good. This is a rare opportunity. I also want to do something for the army. Elder Lin, political commissar, is it possible if I teach the lesson tomorrow?"

She would definitely teach better than Qiao Nan. By that time, Brother Zhai, Uncle Zhai, and Elder Lin would be in awe of her outstanding performance. Qiao Nan would be nothing to them.

She wanted to prove to everyone that she was the best choice!

"Comrade Qiu…" The political commissar knitted his eyebrows and was in a difficult position. "Comrade Qiu, it's good that you want to teach the soldiers, but can we do this at a later time?" Elder Lin and Comrade Xiao Qiao did not have all the time to spend in the army. They were only allocated a certain amount of time.

In the short amount of time that Elder Lin had promised to give lessons to the army, he certainly hoped that Comrade Xiao Qiao could utilize all the time to teach the soldiers as much as possible so that they could master some basic English and build up their foundation.

When Comrade Xiao Qiao had finished her lessons, and if Qiu Chenxi still wanted to conduct her own lessons by then, he would be very glad to have her do that.

"Political commissar, do you not believe in me? Do you think that I don't have the ability?" Qiu Chenxi's face turned red. "Political commissar, I know Qiao Nan as well. Come September, she will be a second-year student at Ping Cheng High School." She was a college student, while Qiao Nan was only a high school student. Did the political commissar felt that she, who was a college student, could not compare to a high school student?

The political commissar was in a difficult position. He had to take into account the Qiu family's position as well.

If not for the Qiu family's sake, Qiu Chenxi would not have the chance to go to the army.

The political commissar sighed and looked at Lin Yuankang. "Elder Lin, what do you think of this?"

Lin Yuankang lifted his chin and said nicely, "They are teenagers after all. In fact, they can discuss and come to a conclusion by themselves. She may be my disciple, but she is still very young and doesn't have enough life experiences. It's certainly a good idea for them to exchange ideas with each other. That's a good thing."

"Elder Lin, do you mean that you agree to it?"

"Why not?" Someone was stupid and willing to volunteer to act as a contrast to his disciple. Through comparison, everyone would know how outstanding his disciple was. He was more than willing to agree to it.



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