"In what way am I looking at you?" Zhai Sheng asked her when he already knew the answer.

"It's just the way that you looked at me. I, I feel uneasy. I am slightly scared," Qiao Nan whispered.

Zhai Sheng closed the gap between him and Qiao Nan quietly. "I just took a few looks at you. I won't eat you, so you have nothing to fear." She was scared by a few looks from him. What was she going to do when they were married in the future?

Zhai Sheng did not understand what was going on with him. The army camp was a serious place. He should be more aware of his behavior.

But to Zhai Sheng, the army camp was his territory. Now that the girl he liked was in his own territory, he had the impulse to take Qiao Nan into his arms. He almost could not control his own actions and emotions.

Qiao Nan looked at her arms and calf. "Brother Zhai, you should forget it. I am so frail and thin. There isn't much flesh on my body. It is not enough for you."

Even though Qiao Nan was no longer malnourished, she was still on the thin side.

Zhai Sheng sneaked a glance at Qiao Nan's high chest and said with satisfaction, "You're not particularly thin. You still meet the mark. But it would be good if you are fleshier."

He had no special requirements for Nan Nan's figure, but it would be his blessings if Nan Nan had a good figure.

"Brother Zhai, do you really intend to eat me? Are you checking which part of my body is fleshier?" Qiao Nan glared at Zhai Sheng. "Should I take this opportunity to do more exercise so that I will be lean and slender, without any flesh? By then, will you abandon the thought of eating me?"

Zhai Sheng laughed in a mixture of helplessness and adoration. "Foolish girl, forget it. It doesn't matter if you don't understand now. I will teach you later."

"Brother Zhai, I have reached my dormitory. This is the female dormitory. Male soldiers are not allowed to enter. I can go in by myself. Goodbye." Without giving a chance for Zhai Sheng to respond, Qiao Nan fled right away.

She knew what Brother Zhai was talking about and that his eyes were staring at her chest. She had thought that Brother Zhai was serious and upright. She never knew that he would have this side to him. In particular, they were in the army camp, yet Brother Zhai acted like a lady-killer.

Qiao Nan suspected that if she did not act foolishly in front of Zhai Sheng just now, she might not be able to go back to her dormitory in one piece.

"Smart little bunny." Zhai Sheng did not stop Qiao Nan. Otherwise, there was no way that Qiao Nan could slip from his grip. Of course, a few years later, Qiao Nan fully understood this and was shocked at Zhai Sheng's gentlemanly behavior now.

Zhai Sheng chuckled to himself before returning to his separate room.

Since Qiao Nan came to the army camp with Lin Yuankang, even though she did not receive any special treatment, she was still treated better than the rest.

Unlike the female soldiers who had to share a room with others and sleep in bunk beds, Qiao Nan's room was smaller than the rest. There were two double bunk beds in the room that could accommodate four people. However, apart from Qiao Nan, there was only another female soldier in the same room and she seemed to be a counselor.

Besides, if not for the fact that the political commissar was worried that as Qiao Nan was young, she might be scared of staying by herself, the female counselor would not share a room with Qiao Nan.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, are you ready to sleep?" The female counselor had a good impression of Qiao Nan. Her tone was affectionate and friendly. "I have a daughter who is twelve years old this year. Though she is a girl, she is as wild as a boy. I often wonder whether I have given birth to a daughter or a son. If she could be like Teacher Xiao Qiao and quiet down for half a day, I will be thankful."

"Counselor, you must be kidding. Each has its own good. My dad hopes I can be a little livelier. Since a young age, my body is weak, and I can't jump about. If I am as healthy as your daughter, I will definitely jump and run about. I won't be sitting here quietly," Qiao Nan said with compliments.

Sure enough, the female counselor was all smiles.

"She loves to run and exercise. I'm not against it, but her grades are not particularly good and I'm worried."

"Since you said that it's not particularly good, then it's not particularly bad as well. There will always be people who are better than you. As long as you have tried your best, you don't have to worry too much about the final results. The reason why you hope that she can do well in her studies is that she can have a good future. But to be honest, even for those who have good grades, there are those who lead a good life and those who lead a bad life. The most important thing is whether one is willing to work hard. The results do not mean everything. It's one's attitude that determines one's future." She was good in her studies, but she had a miserable life in the previous lifetime. On the contrary, Qiao Zijin was not good in her studies, but she led a good life.

She married Chen Jun and became the daughter-in-law of the police commissioner of Ping Cheng's police headquarters. After the divorce, even though she had uremia, her mother came up with ways to get her a kidney.

Of course, these examples were indeed special cases, and Qiao Nan could not bring them up here. However, at times, it was indeed the case.

"You're right. Aside from being bubbly, my daughter has a good personality and a lot of friends in school. I don't expect her to rank first in every exam. As long as she put in her utmost effort, the results are secondary. It is more important to learn to get along with others." The female counselor was not someone who would go down the dead end.

The reason why she mentioned her daughter today was that she knew that Qiao Nan had good performance in school, and in comparison, she could not help but sigh at her daughter's performance.

She felt much better after talking to Qiao Nan. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, I am amazed by you. You are very young, but you are good at conducting lessons and giving advice. I really can't compare my daughter to you. Otherwise, no matter how open-minded I am, I will be dissatisfied with my own children."

"You're too flattering."

"I heard that Qiu Chenxi will give us lesson tomorrow? Teacher Xiao Qiao, though you're young, you must take care of yourself. It's too late today. You should take a break and prepare the lessons tomorrow. You can do it during the day." The female counselor knew that Qiu Chenxi would be standing in for Qiao Nan for a day to give lessons to the soldiers.

In this way, Qiao Nan's lesson was the day after tomorrow. Since she still had a day to prepare for it, there was no hurry to do it now.

"You're right." Qiao Nan nodded with a smile. She kept her notebook inside her schoolbag. "Counselor, I will go to sleep now."

"Have a good night's sleep. I will switch off the lights."



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