With that, the lights went out.

Qiao Nan had a good night's sleep. Qiao Dongliang, who received a call from Qiao Nan, was sleepless. To him, the army camp was a place that was familiar yet distant to him.

He thought that he would not have any dealings with the army ever again in his life.

Qiao Dongliang knew very well that given how much Ding Jiayi doted on Qiao Zijin, even if she was physically fit to join the army, Ding Jiayi would never agree to let Qiao Zijin join the army and endure the hardships.

As for Qiao Nan, even if Qiao Dongliang, who was once a soldier, could not tell that Qiao Nan suffered from malnutrition, he knew that his younger daughter was too light and was not physically fit to join the army.

But Qiao Dongliang never thought that his younger daughter would have the chance to go to the army and for such special reasons.

In any case, as long as Qiao Nan could stay in the army for a while, there was nothing more that he could ask for.

Qiao Dongliang thought about it all through the night. How was the army camp right now? Were his old comrades still there? They should be training new recruits now. What positions were they in now? How should Qiao Nan address them when she saw them?

Qiao Dongliang was nervous and excited just at the thought of it. He did not sleep a wink.

On the next morning, Qiao Dongliang received a call from Qiao Nan. He heard that Qiao Nan was doing fine in the army camp. The people there called her 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'. Qiao Dongliang was so happy that he was all smiles.

After updating Qiao Dongliang on her situation at the army, Qiao Nan focused all her attention on preparing for her lessons.

There were only a few English lessons and the duration was short. Qiao Nan did not need to spend all of her summer break in the army camp. However, Qiao Nan still wanted to teach the soldiers as many of the frequently used daily conversations as possible within the stipulated time.

As a result, the lesson plans for the class were very crucial as it allowed her to control the rhythm, allocate the time reasonably, and set the learning pace.

She had finished filling up one notebook with the lesson plans.

Qiao Nan stayed in the dormitory for the whole day, working on the lesson plans.

After writing down most of the lesson plans, Qiao Nan stood up and stretched herself.

The female counselor came in and saw the scene. On one hand, she was appreciative of her effort. On the other hand, she shook her head at Qiao Nan's diligence. "You're so young but you are very conscientious. Those who do not know that you are preparing for the lessons may think that you are doing your summer homework. The book is full of your lesson plans. What's the hurry? You can take your time to do it."

"I don't have to participate in any training. I am here only for this sole purpose. Hence, I must make full use of my time to prepare for the lessons, lest I waste everyone's time. It's alright. I am almost done."

The female counselor stepped forward curiously and flipped through the book that was covered with handwritten notes. She was amazed at the handwriting that seemed as if it was being printed onto the book. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, your handwriting is very pretty. It looks exactly like the texts printed on my daughter's textbook. It is beautiful. Alright, since you have finished writing, you should relax and have dinner. Besides, you are so frail. Since you are here in the army camp, you can also take part in our training to train your stamina. After all, without a healthy body, you cannot sit for all the exams."

Qiao Nan waved her hand. "Forget it. My physical ability is worse than that of the new recruits. If I train with all of you, I will definitely not be able to keep up. By then, should the instructor discipline me or not? I will be a bad influence on the new recruits. It's better that I do not create trouble for all of you." Qiao Nan knew her own limits. She was not able to keep up with the tough training.

"Counselor, you don't have to worry. I will get up early tomorrow morning to run. I won't join all of you for training, but I will do my own exercise."

"That's fine as well. Alright, let's hurry to have dinner." The female counselor pulled Qiao Nan to the canteen in the army. If they were too late, there might not be any food left.

After the female counselor and Qiao Nan left, a person sneaked into Qiao Nan's room. The person looked around Qiao Nan's desk and found the lesson plans that Qiao Nan had prepared.

The content in the book was what the person was looking for. The person hid the book inside the clothes and rushed back to the dormitory at the fastest speed.

"Have you got the book?" Qiu Chenxi paced around in the dormitory for a long time. She was biting her nails anxiously when she heard footsteps nearing. She turned quickly to the sound.

"You can rest assured that I will do the task well." Qian Yanyan patted her chest. "Look, what is this?"

Qiu Chenxi quickly grabbed the notebook from Qian Yanyan and flipped it open. "It is indeed what I am looking for." She could not underestimate Qiao Nan. Since Lin Yuankang took her in as his disciple, she must have had her abilities as well. She did not get to this stage purely with her luck.

She was different from Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan was still in school, while she was used to these lesson plans.

But she had graduated for more than a year, and she did not major in teaching. Hence, she was unfamiliar with preparing lesson plans.

Qiu Chenxi had already made a promise in front of the political commissar and had to teach English tonight. She could not take back the words that she said. But it was only when she started working on the lesson plans did she realize that it was not easy to prepare for a lesson.

"I didn't expect that Qiao Nan will be so serious." She would only be teaching for a short period of time, yet Qiao Nan wrote very detailed lesson plans. Who was she trying to show off to? She was too pretentious!

However, Qiao Nan's pretentious behavior had been a great help to her.

"Qiu Chenxi, take a quick look. Did she write down the lesson plan for the class that you're going to teach today?" Qian Yanyan looked at the notes curiously. It was all written in English. She could barely understand them.

"Her lesson plans do not go according to a fixed schedule or timetable. It is very flexible." Qiu Chenxi flipped through the notes page by page and had finished reading through all of the lesson plans.

"What do you mean? So, can it be used or not?" If the lesson plans could not be used, she would have wasted her effort.

"Of course it can be used." Qiu Chenxi shot Qian Yanyan a disdainful look. She had made it simple and easy to understand, but Qian Yanyan still could not understand her. "I mean, she has a certain flow in each lesson. I only need to make slight changes. No matter which lesson I use, after adjusting the sequence, the lessons will be more coherent."



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