"Well, then you go ahead to prepare for the lessons. I will go out for a while." The female counselor took a deep breath. She knew that Qiao Nan did not want to blow up the matter as she had the best interests of the army at heart. However, there was no way that she could just let this matter rest.

"Hmph." Qiao Nan took out a new notebook and planned to use the fastest speed to prepare the contents for the first three lessons.

In the evening, there was not much time to do the lesson plans.

Qiao Nan, who was rewriting the lesson plans, did not notice that the female counselor was upset.

The female counselor had a grim expression when she went to look for the political commissar. "Report."

"Come in."

"Political commissar… Chief Zhai, Officer Shi, you are back?" The female counselor entered the office and to her surprise, she saw Shi Peng at the office. "Officer Shi, how is your health?"

"Thank you, comrade, for your concern. I am much better now. Hence, I can return to the army." Shi Peng smiled and said, "Is everyone in the army doing well recently?"

"Reporting to Officer Shi, everyone is fine," the female counselor said happily.

"By the way, what are you here for?" The political commissar looked at the female counselor.

The female counselor had a stern expression on her face. She looked to be in a difficult position. Initially, she only wanted to report the matter to the political commissar, but the leaders in the army were all present and the female counselors found it difficult to bring herself to say it. After all, what happened was not something that was worth telling everyone about.

"What's wrong?" The political commissar could feel that the female counselor seemed to be in a difficult position. "Would you like me to come out with you?"

"There is nothing that can't be said here." There was a sharp look in Zhai Sheng's eyes. "Is there any problem with Comrade Xiao Qiao?" The army had assigned the female counselor to Nan Nan to help her along with the life in the camp. Her only task was to take care of Nan Nan while she was in the army.

Therefore, if the female counselor came looking for them at this time, it must be regarding Nan Nan.

The political commissar paused on his way out and smiled awkwardly. "That's right. There's nothing that cannot be said to the others. Tell me, what is it?"

The female counselor had no choice but to stand in attention. "Reporting to the political commissar, Teacher Xiao Qiao spent a day to prepare for the lesson plans, but her notebook that was placed in the dormitory was missing. Teacher Xiao Qiao felt that it was only a small matter and that someone must be pulling a prank on her, but I think it is necessary for me to report this to the political commissar."

"So interesting?" Shi Peng said with a deep smile, "In the past, not to mention notebooks, one would not even lose a needle in the army camp. What is the time now that a notebook will go missing in the dormitory?"

If Qiao Nan lost a new notebook, the people in the army might feel upset but would understand the situation.

However, since Qiao Nan lost the notebook that she had written her lesson plans in, it was a different story. There was no way that they could brush it off by saying that it was an act of mischief.

"Have you searched through thoroughly?" The political commissar was anxious. He was unlucky to have encountered such problems.

Comrade Xiao Qiao was the disciple of Elder Lin and the army specially invited Elder Lin here. He could not offend Elder Lin and he could not let Comrade Xiao Qiao be wronged or suffer grievances in the army. How could all these happen all at once?

"We have searched for it," the female counselor said with certainty. "Tonight, I led Teacher Xiao Qiao to the canteen for dinner. When I first entered the dormitory, Teacher Xiao Qiao was writing the lesson plans and had filled up all the pages in the notebook with her lesson plans before placing it on the table. After we returned to the dormitory from our dinner, we realized that the notebook was missing. We searched through the whole of the dormitory but could not find the notebook."

If the things that were placed on the table could not be found on the table, it would be meaningless to rummage through the whole room.

"I understand. Please extend my apology to Comrade Xiao Qiao. I am sorry that such a thing happened to her. What does Teacher Xiao Qiao intend to do with the rest of the classes?" The political commissar sighed in frustration.

At first, the political commissar was quite angry. Not only was he upset that someone took away the notebook, but he was also upset at Qiao Nan as well. All his superiors were around and yet this happened to Qiao Nan. It made him lose his face in front of his superiors. Nobody would be happy with such things.

But when he heard from the female counselor that Qiao Nan spent a whole day preparing the lesson plans and had filled up the notebook with detailed lesson plans, the political commissar had to admit that Qiao Nan was very responsible toward her work.

Qiao Nan spent a day preparing the lesson plans. Now that the notebook was missing, given that Qiao Nan was young, she would most likely explode in anger that her painstaking effort had gone down the drain. It was rare that Qiao Nan could suppress her temper and take the big picture into consideration. She did not blow things up. Instead, she said that it was just mischief and tried to maintain the dignity of the army.

"Political commissar, I will do that." Teacher Xiao Qiao's temper was good. She did not flare-up. It was just that she was slightly upset.

"It's alright. You should go back and help Comrade Xiao Qiao. Luckily, that there is no lesson for Comrade Xiao Qiao tonight and she can have some time to prepare the lesson plans." The political commissar took a deep breath. It was truly fortunate that what happened was not too serious. Otherwise, it would be really shameful for the army.

"Okay." The female counselor was about to leave when she was stopped by the political commissar.

The political commissar pursed his mouth and his eyes flickered. He hinted at the female counselor, as if to say, 'It's good that Comrade Xiao Qiao is sensible. We will put this matter aside first, but I will give Comrade Xiao Qiao an explanation later. Before that, Comrade Xiao Qiao has said to make concessions to avoid trouble, so we will keep it within ourselves. Do you understand?'

If Elder Lin knew that his disciple was being bullied in the army, the political commissar would not be able to answer to him.

It took the female counselor a while before she understood what the political commissar meant. "I understood. Political commissar, rest assured. Teacher Xiao Qiao is not such a person." Teacher Xiao Qiao would not complain to Elder Lin about what happened.

"You can leave now." The political commissar dismissed the female counselor. He was weary from the turn of events.

After the female counselor left, the political commissar said reluctantly, "I am sorry that all of you had to witness such a scene. Rest assured that we will definitely get to the bottom of this."

"We have to get to the bottom of this. Comrade Xiao Qiao is invited by the army to teach the soldiers. If we do not give her an explanation, nobody will be willing to support us in the activities that we organize in the future." Though Shi Peng said in a mild tone, his words were very clear. "The most important thing is that we can't explain to Elder Lin."

Zhai Yaohui lowered his eyes and his tone. "Yes, there is a need for us to investigate. Comrade Xiao Qiao may be sensible, but that does not mean that the army can bully her."

Since Shi Peng had already voiced out and supported Qiao Nan, it made no sense for him to keep quiet.

He might be undecided as to whether to accept Qiao Nan or not, but before he came to a decision, nobody could bully someone who might become a family member of the Zhai family.

With that in mind, Zhai Yaohui sneaked a glance at Zhai Sheng. 'Your woman is being bullied on your territory, are you not going to do anything about it?'

Zhai Sheng's face turned black in anger. If he was not his father, he would have picked a fight with him!



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