"This shows that you are better than Qiao Nan!" Qian Yanyan smiled. That was right. How could a high school student be better than a college student?

Qiu Chenxi was too unsure of herself that she insisted Qian Yanyan to get Qiao Nan's lesson plans for her. If Qian Yanyan was her, she would not be afraid of Qiao Nan at all.

Qiu Chenxi bit her lip, feeling insulted. "What do you know?"

The reason why the lesson plans did not flow smoothly was a deliberate act by Qiao Nan. It was not that she did not think it through. In fact, she left gaps so that she could be flexible and make changes according to the circumstances. Like her, Qiao Nan was capable of improving the flow and making it coherent.

That was why she said that the lesson plans that Qiao Nan prepared had a lot of flexibility.

It could be said that although Qiao Nan had prepared the lesson plans, she could make changes based on that day's circumstances right on the spot. For instance, she could teach the content that was meant for several days later today.

Others might have thought that Qiao Nan did not plan in advance, but in fact, this was brilliant of her to be able to make flexible changes and adjustments on the spot.

Qiu Chenxi began to doubt whether Qiao Nan was studying as a student or working as a teacher at Ping Cheng High School. Her lesson plans were very detailed and well-thought-out.

Qiu Chenxi would never say all these to Qian Yanyan. She had to maintain her dignity. "Alright, no matter what, thank you for this. You can have that skirt. It's my way to express my gratitude." Qiu Chenxi knew that Qian Yanyan had long been eyeing her new skirt. She was not stingy with her.

Actually, Qiu Chenxi did not like the new skirt. Otherwise, she would not have brought it to the army camp.

Qiu Chenxi's original plan was to bring it to the army camp and wear it for a few days. If it could not be cleaned thoroughly, she would throw it away.

She never expected that Qian Yanyan would like the skirt and would be eyeing it for such a long time.

Anyway, if she would throw the skirt in a few days, she might as well use it to buy over Qian Yanyan.

"Qiu Chenxi, you are so good to me. I won't reject your good intention. We are so close with each other." Qian Yanyan was so exhilarated that she did not realize Qiu Chenxi was looking at her with disdain and distaste.

Qian Yanyan took the skirt and looked into the mirror to see if it fitted her. "Qiu Chenxi, do you think that I look particularly beautiful in this skirt? Isn't it very suitable for me?"

"Of course. If it is not suitable for you, I will not give it to you. By the way, Qian Yanyan, the clothes that I changed out of yesterday…"

"I understand. Just leave them there. I will wash them for you. Anyway, you will not stay for long in the army camp and this is not the first time that I washed them for you. You can count on me for these few days."

"Qian Yanyan, you are indeed my good friend."

"Of course."

"Qian Yanyan, I have to prepare for the class tonight. Why don't you go back first?" Qiu Chenxi looked at the door. "Also, regarding what happened today?"

"What happened today?" Qian Yanyan arched her eyebrows and laughed, cracking herself up.

"Very good, you can make a move back first." There were times when Qian Yanyan was smart, but there were also times when she knew how to act foolishly when needed to. It was very interesting to make friends with such people.

After dinner, Qiao Nan went back to the dormitory to look for her lesson plans, but no matter where she looked, she could not find it. "Hmm, where did it go? I remember I placed it on the table." Could she have lost her memory that she did not remember where she had placed it?

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, what's wrong?" The female counselor came back and saw that Qiao Nan seemed to be looking for something. "What is missing? Can I help you to look for it?"

"It's my lesson plans. Before I went for dinner, I remembered placing it here, but I can't find it now."

"How can that be? You have worked on that for the whole day. You can't afford to lose it. I will help you look for it." The female counselor was anxious. She knew how much effort Qiao Nan had put in while preparing the lesson plans. "It's impossible. Although we are in the mountains and there are mosquitoes and a few mice, I have never seen such a big mouse that likes books."

When the female counselor brought Qiao Nan to have dinner with her, she remembered seeing Qiao Nan leave the book on the table. She did not place it elsewhere.

After a while, the female counselor stopped searching for the book. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, this won't do. I feel that you have not misplaced the book. Could it be that…" Was it taken away by others?

Anyway, it was definitely not taken away by the mouse!

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, why not I inform my superiors and ask around to find out who took your book and get the person to hand it back? It's strange. The book is only useful to you alone, and nobody else has any use for it. Not many people in the army can understand English. Who will take your book? It is…"

Qiao Nan grabbed the female counselor. "Forget it."

"Forget it? How can we do that?" The lesson plans were gone. Teacher Xiao Qiao had worked hard for a day. That was a waste of her effort. "If the lesson plans are gone, how are you going to conduct your class?"

"It's easy. Since the lesson plans were written by me, I know them inside out. It's all in here." Qiao Nan pointed at her head. "Besides, that's just an ordinary notebook. It will only cost fifty cents to buy another new notebook. Is it suitable to mobilize everyone just for this book?"

If Chief Zhai knew about it, he would think that she was being unreasonable.

She wanted to search for it, but the solution that the female counselor came up with was unsuitable.

Was it necessary for her to create a fuss in the army camp and for the leading cadres to interrogate every soldier as if they were prisoners just for the sake of a notebook that only cost fifty cents?

"Then, that's it?" The female counselor was upset. She was unhappy that what was missing was as common as a notebook.

The people in the army should be the best of the best. How could there be any petty thief among them?

What about the fifty cents? As what Chairman Mao had said in the Three Main Rules of Discipline and the Eight Points for Attention, one should never take a single needle or thread from the public, let alone a book that cost fifty cents!

The most important thing was not how much this book was worth, but what was written inside. It was all knowledge and wisdom!

When she was reminded that someone in her army was light-fingered, the female counselor felt very upset.

"Let's just let it be. Maybe someone pulled a prank on me. It doesn't matter. I will just write it again. This time, I will not be in a hurry. I will only prepare for the upcoming lesson. I was in a hurry earlier today as I wanted to come up with an overall teaching outline. Now that I have come up with the outline, everything will be alright." Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. There was nothing else that she could do.

She did not expect that this would happen in the sacred and disciplined army camp.

She could not possibly say that when she was studying at Ping Cheng High School, she did not even lose her eraser, let alone her notebook.



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