When it was nighttime, it was Qiu Chenxi's turn to take the stage to give everyone their English lesson.

Even though it was not their turn, Qiao Nan and Lin Yuankang were present for Qiu Chenxi's lesson.

Compared to Qiao Nan's casual manner, Qiu Chenxi, as a teacher of the class, seemed to pay more attention to it. She wore a long white skirt that came all the way to her ankles. Her long hair was kept in place with a diamond chips headband. She had a smart casual look.

When everyone saw Qiao Nan yesterday, her image was that of their younger sister. When they looked at Qiu Chenxi today, they had to admit that there were indeed some differences between the two of them. At least, from the looks of it, Qiu Chenxi looked much more like a teacher than Teacher Xiao Qiao.

Qiu Chenxi sensed that everyone approved of her as a teacher. She lifted her chin proudly and looked at Qiao Nan provocatively. "I believe everyone knows me by now. All of us are of the same age, so you can call me Comrade Qiu. There's no need to address me as the teacher. Everyone is equal and we should be more carefree in the form of address."

Most of them nodded at Qiu Chenxi's words, obviously liking her arrangement.

In fact, when they had to address Qiao Nan as Teacher Xiao Qiao, even though they called her Xiao Qiao, everyone still felt awkward.

They felt more at ease when Qiu Chenxi suggested that since everyone was equal, they should address each other as comrades.

Qian Yanyan gave Qiu Chenxi a thumbs-up. Qiu Chenxi's expression was much better than Qiao Nan's performance yesterday. The people sitting next to her were all praises for Qiu Chenxi.

Knowing that she was welcomed by the others, Qiu Chenxi felt more at ease. She relaxed slightly and was not as tensed up. "Everyone's time is precious. In order not to waste everyone's time, let's start the topic directly. Yesterday, Comrade Xiao Qiao has already taught you how to say greetings to each other. Does anyone remember how to say the greetings? Would anyone come up here with your partner to demonstrate to us?"


There was total silence.

Qiao Nan covered her smile with her hand before continuing to take notes of the lessons.

Qiu Chenxi's countenance changed. Qiao Nan had to be blamed for this. She did not specify how she should conduct the lesson. If Qiao Nan had written down the details, she would not be so embarrassed.

Qiu Chenxi only knew to blame Qiao Nan, but it never occurred to her that Qiao Nan only took a day to finish preparing for the lessons. If she was to write in details for each and every part of the lessons, she could only finish the preparations for a few lessons and could not have written down the outline for all of the lessons.

"Alright, since everyone doesn't wish to come up to demonstrate, we can do so at your seat. Don't be shy. Yesterday, all of you did very well. For those of you who want to give it a try, please raise your hand." Qiu Chenxi took a deep breath, quickly adjusted her pace, and changed the instructions.

Since everyone was embarrassed to stand on the stage to demonstrate, they could simply stay in their seats to do the demonstration.

Although everyone felt more comfortable staying in their seats, nobody was willing to do the demonstration.

Qiu Chenxi's face turned red. Yesterday, everyone was very cooperative and listened to Qiao Nan's instructions. Why did it turn out to be this way when it was her turn to teach them?

Could it be that everyone felt that since Qiao Nan was still very young, they should give in to her, and since she was older than Qiao Nan, they were not as cooperative?

Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth, her gaze falling on Qian Yanyan. She wanted her to be the first volunteer.

Qian Yanyan opened her mouth, but she had no confidence to speak in English in front of everyone.

When she met Qiu Chenxi's gaze, Qian Yanyan quickly pulled at the person next to her. "Shall we demonstrate to everyone?"

"If you want to do so, you can go ahead. I'm not going to do it." The person that was pulled along by Qian Yanyan shrugged her sleeves unwillingly. Qian Yanyan was close to Qiu Chenxi and so she agreed to help her. But the other person was not as close with Qiu Chenxi, and she did not receive any perfume or skirt from Qiu Chenxi. Why should she help her?

Whenever Qian Yanyan received any clothing from Qiu Chenxi, she would brag about it in front of her comrades.

Everyone liked to doll themselves up, though not everyone was willing to take whatever others discarded like Qian Yanyan. However, seeing that Qian Yanyan had new clothes and perfume while they did not have any, they could not help but be upset.

"It is a dialogue. There have to be two people to do it. I can't do it by myself. Yesterday, in the dormitory, you did a good job practicing the greetings. Why can't you demonstrate it with me?" Qian Yanyan refused to give up. If she performed well today, she might be able to get some benefits from Qiu Chenxi.

"Is that so? Did you think that I did a good job? I don't think so. You'd better look for someone else. No matter what, don't come looking for me." The person turned sideways, back facing Qian Yanyan and having no wish to cooperate.

Qian Yanyan could not do the demonstration by herself.

The situation was awkward.

Qiu Chenxi's class had already started, but all the 'students' refused to cooperate with her. Just like what Qiu Chenxi said just now, everyone regarded her as a comrade and their peers. Unlike teachers, whom they had to obey, especially during lessons, they did not have to obey what comrades said.

Since Qiu Chenxi was just their comrade, they found nothing wrong or unsuitable with not cooperating or participating in her lessons.

Although Miao Jing was not as interested in the lesson today, she still came to sit in for the class.

When Qiu Chenxi stood on the stage, she had the demeanor of a teacher and was better than Qiao Nan. However, when the lesson started, it fell below her expectations. Miao Jing was puzzled. "Old Zhai, what is this situation? Why does everyone behave like this?"

She might have liked Nan Nan and disliked Qiu Chenxi, but she swore to God that she definitely did not have the ability to get everyone to help Nan Nan and look down on Qiu Chenxi.

Qiu Chenxi could not possibly fail so terribly as a person, could she?

Zhai Yaohui said with disappointment, "Qiu Chenxi wants to defeat Qiao Nan and intends to create a better atmosphere than what Qiao Nan did yesterday. She introduced herself as their comrade to bring her closer to the soldiers. Unfortunately, it is a self-defeating move."

She was too clever for her own good.

"In comparison, Qiao Nan is much clearer. Different identities have different statuses and different treatment. The teacher is the teacher, whereas the student is just a student. In front of the teacher, the student must obey and listen, just like what one would in front of the officer. One has to obey the superior. Have you heard of comrades who obey and listen to each other's commands?"

Whatever Qiao Nan said in the classroom, the soldiers in the class had to obey as they had no other choice.

It was not the case for Qiu Chenxi. Hence, one could not blame them for not obeying.

The Chinese people were relatively shy and reserved when using English.



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