Either Qiao Nan deliberated spoke to Elder Lin during the lesson to distract the latter so that he could not see her perform or Qiao Nan was badmouthing her to Elder Lin about that earlier blunder of hers.

Qiao Nan's behavior was really ungracious and petty.

This would not do. She must not be influenced by Qiao Nan. She had to not only continue with this lesson but also create a perfect ending.

When Qiu Chenxi was in college, she was also considered a prominent figure. She had presided over the student union meetings before. However, this was different from giving a class.

After Qiu Chenxi calmed down, she kept going and taught based on the contents of Qiao Nan's lesson plan. She became less tensed up and gradually gained her momentum. As a result, Qiu Chenxi managed to cope with the class that lasted for more than one hour.

When she saw the audience gradually being led on by her, Qiu Chenxi felt increasingly confident.

"Alright, we'll stop here today. Class is over. I hope that I'll have the chance to stand here again." Qiu Chenxi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She would definitely not let Qiao Nan watch the fun.

"Unexpectedly, Comrade Qiu is quite good at teaching us too. She's not too far off from Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Yes, it's quite good. At the very least, I picked up all that she has taught. It's actually not that difficult to learn English. Next time, we don't need to worry or be afraid of embarrassing ourselves when we meet foreigners."

"Hahaha. You said it yourself that she's not that far off from Teacher Xiao Qiao. Although not much, there's also a difference. Moreover, how old is Teacher Xiao Qiao and how old is Comrade Qiu? It's as if you're saying a special force officer completed a mission and didn't perform too differently from a new recruit. Don't you think it's a joke?"

"Ah, do you feel that Comrade Qiu's teaching style bears some resemblance to that of Teacher Xiao Qiao? Both seem quite relaxed. Are the kids nowadays so fortunate? All the teachers are so good? Why did I remember that when I was schooling, if I didn't do my homework or was unable to pick up what was taught, the teachers would either criticize or discipline us physically?"

Qian Yanyan, who was standing at the back, heard these discussions. Her expression changed, one with pride and glory to one that looked guilty. "What nonsense are you talking about? What resemblance can there be? Isn't it just teaching English? Of course the teaching methods are similar. It's just like undergoing archery training. Even if there are some variations in the teaching methods, the training contents are the same. It's unavoidable that there'll be similarities in the way that the instructors teach."

"That's not necessarily true. Some of the instructors have a unique way of imparting knowledge. They're not all the same."

"What do you all know? Do you know English or do you know how to teach others? You don't have any capability except for making thoughtless remarks. You, you all, excuse me, I'm going back. You're gossiping about others and standing in my way. So annoying."

Could there be no resemblance? If she did not guess it wrong, Qiu Chenxi was teaching according to the lesson plans that she took from Teacher Xiao Qiao.

She did not listen to Teacher Xiao Qiao's lesson yesterday. Nevertheless, today, after she heard Qiu Chenxi's class, she felt that learning English did not seem difficult at all.

Was this Teacher Xiao Qiao really quite capable?

Even other people could sense that Qiu Chenxi's teaching style resembled that of Qiao Nan, let alone Qiao Nan herself.

Initially, Qiao Nan was puzzled that someone in the army would have that spare time and effort to steal that fifty-cent book of hers. The book was filled with words and would be of no practical use to them.

In the beginning, Qiao Nan was only a little suspicious. Nevertheless, she felt that Qiu Chenxi would not do such a thing as she was considered the modern version of a rich man's daughter.

However, Qiao Nan's suspicions were all cleared during this class. She was very certain that, regardless of who took it, that lesson plan of hers had fallen into the hands of Qiu Chenxi.

"Qiao Nan, what do you think?" After Qiu Chenxi finished the class, she was extremely daring. She even deliberately walked to Qiao Nan and looked at her complacently.

She could deceive everyone but Qiao Nan today.

Yes, Qiao Nan's lesson plan was in her hands. She was the one who got Qian Yanyan to take it. What could Qiao Nan do to her? She still had to be bullied by her, didn't she?

If Qiao Nan had abidingly given her the clues of that woman, she might be in a better mood and give her some advantages. Qiao Nan could also benefit much from it.

Today, she only took Qiao Nan's lesson plan. However, if Qiao Nan insisted to be at odds with her and help that woman bully her, it might not be so simple next time. If she could allow whoever that went against her to lead a good life, then that would be a miracle!

"You're a little more experienced than me. If there's something wrong with the contents of my lesson today, you have to give me more criticism. I'll definitely strive to improve it. After all, I do sincerely wish to do something for the army."

Qiao Nan was both angry and amused. Qiu Chenxi did something so disgusting and yet she deliberately came to her to boast about it. "I don't have much criticism. It's just that Comrade Qiu may have left the campus for too long and you've lost familiarity with these things. There's a lot that you need to make changes to. Moreover, there are certain teaching momentums that require implicit understanding and cannot be imparted with words. I can't tell you clearly. Why don't you feel about and reflect on it yourself? I believe you can do whatever I can."

She could only say that Qiu Chenxi was drawing a tiger using a cat as its model. Clearly, she followed her lesson plan, but she ruined the most exciting part of it?

"Certainly, there are a lot of things to improve on that can't be corrected overnight." Miao Jing was frowning. As a woman, how could she not feel that Qiu Chenxi was targeting Qiao Nan? "Nan Nan, Auntie Miao still prefers attending your class. Tomorrow, you should continue to teach."

"Political commissar, I feel that my lesson today was quite good. The comrades in the army seemed to like my class too. Political commissar, do you think I can continue to teach?" Qiu Chenxi already did not hope that Miao Jing would help her and stand on her side.

The political commissar tugged the dry corners of his mouth and smiled. "Comrade Qiu, you still have other duties in the army. I feel that it's more meaningful if you fulfill your original responsibilities."

Qiu Chenxi's teaching was not considered poor. Nevertheless, with the performance of Comrade Xiao Qiao yesterday, the political commissar felt that Qiu Chenxi lacked behind Qiao Nan by more than just a little.

This was the army and it was an official event that they formally launched. It was not a place for Qiu Chenxi to play her games. "Comrade Qiu, do you still remember your original intention of coming to the army? I remember that you have very good intentions and you should continue with that."

He did not expect Qiu Chenxi to help. He just hoped that Qiu Chenxi could give him less trouble. Didn't she see that the few leaders in the army were all gathered here, and she still had to be at odds with him?

When she heard that everyone did not agree, Qiu Chenxi's face turned pale. She thus targeted Qiao Nan.



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