"Qiao Nan, we know each other so well. What do you say?" Qiu Chenxi gave Qiao Nan a fake smile. "You are still so young and have just completed your examinations. I'm concerned that this will be very taxing for you. I want to relieve your stress. I'm sure you understand my good intentions?"

Qiao Nan laughed. Good intentions? Could she just appreciate the good intentions without taking any actions?

"Nan Nan, don't need to bother about others. What do you think?" There was a look of displeasure in the corners of Zhai Sheng's eyes. He gave Qiu Chenxi a cold stare. What Qiu Chenxi was thinking of did not matter. Nan Nan's thoughts were the most important.

Qiao Nan lowered her eyelids. Her long, black, and thick eyelashes hid the radiance beneath her eyes. "Do you really want me to speak my mind?"

"Say it," Zhai Yaohui replied. He gave Qiao Nan courage.

Qiao Nan lifted her head and gave Zhai Yaohui a glance. What show did Chief Zhai want to watch?

Zhai Yaohui narrowed his eyes and chuckled. 'You did not dare?'

Qiao Nan blinked her eyes once. "Political commissar, I have a suggestion. You can see if it works."

"Tell me about it." The political commissar wiped his sweat. He was in a dilemma. Would he have a say in this?

"Comrade Qiu's good intentions are hard to come by. I can't not grant her wish. However, if I go against the initial well-meaning thoughts of the army when you invited my master and me here, it won't seem good too. Why don't we do this? I notice that there's more than one activity hall in the army camp. From tomorrow onward, we will open two classes. I will take one class and Comrade Qiu the other. There are so many people in the army camp. Actually, it's also a concern that some people may not be able to listen that well if everyone crowds in the same place. I'm a lady and also very young. My voice is not loud enough. There'll definitely be people who can't hear me well. Moreover, as the space is limited, I believe many people did not have a chance to attend the class. If we can open two classes at the same time, we can accommodate more people. As we're carrying this out simultaneously, it will not affect the training schedule in the army too. When the time comes, they can just enter the activity hall to listen to whoever they prefer to."

Didn't Qiu Chenxi want to compete with her? Didn't she wish to provoke her?

Alright, she would fulfill her wish!

Since she wanted to have fun, then they would play a major game. She promised that Qiu Chenxi would feel satisfied and excited about it.

"I think that works!" Lin Yuankang was the first to agree. He looked as if he did not mind watching the fun escalate. "I think Nan Nan's suggestion is quite good. Let's do this. After all, everyone's teaching style is different. Not all the soldiers in the army can adjust to it. They can attend the class in which the teaching style matches their preference. It's more direct and simple this way. This idea is good. Good!"

"I think this will work as well," Shi Peng replied smilingly. There had not been anything interesting happening in the army for a long time. Furthermore, this matter was due to two young ladies.

So, this was the Qiao Nan that Qing Qing talked about often. She was quite good-looking and also smart. Most importantly, just as what Qing Qing said, her temper was not considered extremely mild. If someone provoked her, she would reveal her claws.

As a solider, Shi Peng never liked a kind person who was easily bullied, or a tamed horse that was often ridden.

As a human, one should have more courage and spine!

"Then, this matter has been decided." Zhai Yaohui was the last to agree. "Political commissar, arrange another activity hall and inform everyone in the army camp about this so that everyone is clear about it. Thereafter, put up proper signage at the activity hall to specify who the teacher is. Understand?"

"Okay, Chief Zhai. I'll arrange it immediately."

"That's fine. We'll settle for this then. It's already late. My old bones are tired out. I should sleep soon." Lin Yuankang, who clearly had not done anything except sitting by one side to watch the class, gave a tired yawn and requested someone to send him back to the dormitory.

"…" Qiu Chenxi, who completely lost her right to air her views since Qiao Nan spoke, looked at Shi Peng, her eyes full of injustice.

This was her biological uncle. Why did he not help his niece at that critical juncture? She was nearly driven to the grave by anger!

Qiu Chenxi gave a sigh. "Brother Zhai, it's already so late…"

"Zhai Sheng, you're the one who sent Comrade Xiao Qiao back to the dormitory yesterday. Since it's already so late, you'll send her back again. Don't trouble others." Zhai Yaohui placed great emphasis on the last part of his sentence, as if he was implying someone had to take care of his own 'daughter-in-law'.

It was rare that Zhai Sheng saw eye to eye with his father, Zhai Yaohui. "Yes, Chief."

"Yes, yes, yes, it's been so hard on Nan Nan. Quickly send Nan Nan back to rest." If Zhai Sheng did not send Nan Nan, he would be pulled away by Qiu Chenxi soon.

"Uncle, it's already so late. Can you send me back?" Qiu Chenxi had no choice. She could only let go of Zhai Sheng and held on to Shi Peng, her biological uncle.

When Shi Peng was not in the army, Qiu Chenxi could use his name and her identity as his niece to receive special treatment in the army.

Now that Shi Peng was personally present, in principle, she could depend more on her uncle, Shi Peng, and receive more preferential treatment. In particular, when she was dealing with Qiao Nan, she could not allow her uncle to favor an outsider instead of someone on his own side.

"Are you sure?" Shi Peng's face that still looked sickly and pale turned serious as he looked at Qiu Chenxi.

Qiu Chenxi nodded. "Of course I'm sure. Uncle has been hospitalized for such a long time. I was too busy previously and did not visit you much. Hence, I wish to catch up with you."

"Then, let's go." Shi Peng did not decline further.

Qiu Chenxi gave the political commissar a bow and then caught up with Shi Peng. "Uncle, can you slow down a little? I can't catch up with you." Qiu Chenxi was perspiring as she ran after Shi Peng. She could not help calling out to stop him. "Uncle, you should know what I'm thinking?"

Her uncle only had one niece. No matter what, it was only right for him to help her.

Shi Peng paused in his steps and looked at Qiu Chenxi. "Then, what about Qing Qing's thoughts? Are you aware?"

"I…" Qiu Chenxi was at a loss of words. "But, clearly I was the one who got together with Brother Zhai first." Brother Zhai was hers. Shi Qing was even her relative. How could she be so shameless to fight with her for Brother Zhai?

"Since you're already together with Zhai Sheng, then why do you still need my help?" Instead of being angry, Shi Peng smiled. He shrewdly pointed out the contradictions in Qiu Chenxi's words.

"Yes, I separated with Brother Zhai temporarily as we have some misunderstanding. As long as the misunderstanding is cleared, we'll still be together like before. Brother Zhai and I have known each other for so many years. No one can compete with that. Uncle, we're relatives. Surely, you won't let Qing Qing double-cross me and take the opportunity to snatch her own brother-in-law, right?"

Qiu Chenxi sounded so bold and righteous. Anyway, everyone was in the wrong except her.

Shi Peng did not understand Qiu Chenxi, but he knew his biological sister, Qiu Minlan, very well.

Upon hearing Qiu Chenxi's words, Shi Peng confirmed that Qiu Chenxi was definitely Qi Minlan's daughter. There was no doubt about it. "Since you've already said that, if I don't do anything, I will be letting you down as your uncle. Yesterday, the counselor came to the political commissar's office. At that time, a group of us was present."



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