"The counselor told us that Qiao Nan lost her lesson plan. Tell me, how many people in the army will be interested in such a book that is full of words, and English words at that?"

Everyone had ears. In particular, as a soldier of the citizens, they might not have many other capabilities, but at the very least, they needed to be observant and alert.

Even the older ones such as Shi Peng and Zhai Yaohui did not completely lose these skills. Hence, they had overheard those gossip and discussions amongst the soldiers from just now.

A lesson plan was not something an ordinary soldier would want.

Unfortunately, Qiu Chenxi was too obvious. Unless everyone was an idiot, they could guess it without much difficulty. "Your Uncle Zhai has already ordered the political commissar and Zhai Sheng to investigate this matter clearly. They will certainly not allow Comrade Xiao Qiao to suffer in silence or let someone break the rules in the army camp."

"This… What has this got to do with me?" Qiu Chenxi felt so guilty that she was almost dumbfounded. She had thought that Qian Yanyan was the only one who knew about this matter besides Qiao Nan and herself.

"It's best if this has nothing to do with you. Do you still need me to send you back?" Shi Peng could not be bothered to expose Qiu Chenxi's lies. He said all these to give Qiu Chenxi a kind reminder as he was her biological uncle.

Qiu Chenxi forced a smile. "No, no need. It's so late. Uncle, you've just been discharged for a few days. I should be the one sending you, not the other way round. I'll go back on my own. Uncle, did Brother Zhai know that Qiao Nan lost her lesson plan?"

"What do you think?"

"No, there's no other matter. Uncle, your health is not good. You should rest earlier. It's alright for me to go back on my own." Qiu Chenxi left in a hurry. After she returned to the dormitory, she shut the door tightly. She had predicted that Qiao Nan would not dare to complain about her. She would not raise a big rumpus and overturn all horses and men in the camp for the sake of one book. Qiao Nan was not so stupid. She would certainly not do that.

However, she never expected that the female counselor would be such a busybody to poke her nose into other people's matters.

Qiao Nan, the main party concerned, did not utter a word. Why was the female counselor creating trouble?

Now, Uncle Zhai and Brother Zhai knew about this matter. How was she going to settle it?

If anyone discovered that Qiao Nan's book was with her, then would she have to take the rap for Qian Yanyan? Others would then accuse her of stealing?

At the thought of these, Qiu Chenxi quickly took out Qiao Nan's lesson plan and read everything once. Then, she quickly used a lighter to burn the book to ashes. She did not care how much she had remembered.

It was only after she disposed of all the ashes that she had time to wipe away the sweat on her forehead. She then realized that she had broken out in a cold sweat.

This was truly the first time in her life that Qiu Chenxi pilfered and did such an unethical thing.

When she returned to the dormitory, Qiu Chenxi was so furious that she simply wanted to smash things.

The vixen that was fighting with her for Brother Zhai had not been found. Now, there was another problem, namely Qiao Nan, who had to be at odds with her on everything. When she said that earlier, she was hoping that Brother Zhai would send her back so as to create more opportunities for them to interact alone. But Uncle Zhai actually asked Brother Zhai to send Qiao Nan back!"

Could it be that even Uncle Zhai had changed his mind and forgotten his ties and relationship with her mother? Had he forgotten how much he owed her mother?

This situation would not do.

Qiu Chenxi bit the tip of her thumb nervously. One must know that Uncle Zhai was the strongest pillar she could rely on to marry Brother Zhai. If Uncle Zhai was also not on her side, then the possibility of her marrying Brother Zhai would be reduced further.

Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, she had to make a phone call home immediately and tell her mother about this so that her mother could quickly think of a way to settle the problems related to Uncle Zhai.

Qiu Chenxi, who was guilty conscious, was scared out of her wits. On the other hand, Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng's situation was more heartwarming. "Brother Zhai, I've been here for two days. Why didn't I see Brother Zhou?"

"Do you wish to see him?" Zhai Sheng sounded jealous when he asked this. "Nan Nan, don't talk about other guys in front of me. Or maybe you have changed your mind and wish to marry me earlier? You should know my temperament. If you corner me, I can't be sure that I can keep my words and wait two years for you."

"Is this matter related to that? I was just asking a casual question. If you don't like to hear it, then I won't talk about it. Will that do?" Qiao Nan was sullen. "Brother Zhai, when I talked about Brother Zhou, were you really angry? Or did you just want to switch to the topic about us getting married earlier?"

"You're no doubt a candidate for a soldier's wife. You do have these basic observation skills." Zhai Sheng did not deny that he did have such intention. "Nan Nan, Qiu Chenxi was the one who took what you have lost, right?"

Just as Qiao Nan felt more relaxed, Zhai Sheng caught her off-guard with this question.

"You've guessed it? But I don't have any evidence." After thinking about it, Qiao Nan did not deny it. "I'll settle this matter myself. Brother Zhai, you don't need to intervene in this. It's not appropriate for you to do so."

Qiu Chenxi just stole something that cost fifty cents from her. When an ordinary person heard about this, they would most probably think that she was making a mountain out of a molehill. It was just an item that cost fifty cents. Was there a need to kick up such a big fuss?

In the bigger scheme of things, Qiu Chenxi stole her lesson plan. There might even be people who could not differentiate right from wrong. They would see Qiu Chenxi as someone who was enthusiastic to learn but was just too shy and timid that she had used an incorrect means and thus making a small mistake.

No matter what, if this matter was made known to many, besides losing some face, Qiu Chenxi would not suffer any specific loss.

How would Zhai Sheng interfere in this matter? Would he steal Qiu Chenxi's things because of fifty cents or put a spoke in her wheel?

Either was inappropriate. It was too belittling of his status.

"Nan Nan…"

"Brother Zhai, given Qiu Chenxi's situation, when she knows I'm the woman she's looking for, she'll definitely create a fuss again. Most likely, she will not stop even after we are married. Will you be able to protect me 365 days a year and twenty-four hours a day, shielding me from her and resolving all the trouble she created? I think this may be one of the reasons why Chief Zhai and Auntie Miao are not willing to agree to our relationship. Brother Zhai, given your status, you're someone who is destined for big things. You should focus your efforts and energy on the army and protecting the country. If I really can't handle such a small matter properly, will you still dare to let me marry you as a soldier's wife? There's never a dodder amongst the soldier's wives." [1. Dodder is a plant that needs to rely on other plants for survival]

Zhai Sheng was stunned by Qiao Nan's firm attitude and tone. He then smiled. "Nan Nan, you're really sure that you want to become a soldier's wife and are willing to accept all the challenges?"

"I'm certain of it. I feel that Qiu Chenxi's matter is an opportunity, an opportunity for me to perform in front of Chief Zhai!"



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