Qiao Nan analyzed the issue at hand calmly. "Brother Zhai, I'm not stupid. Although I don't live in that social circle of yours, I do understand some matters after thinking about it carefully. Given the family situation of the Zhai family, you don't need in-laws that can bring honor to your family. You need a daughter-in-law who has the capability and who is able to handle major occasions. I feel that Chief Zhai's attitude toward me recently has changed quite a lot. This time, especially, he knew that I was opposing Qiu Chenxi, but he agreed."

"You're very rational in your analysis. It makes sense." Zhai Sheng's eyes, as dark as a meteorite, was filled with so much love as he looked deeply at Qiao Nan. "Continue."

Qiao Nan continued to say, "So, I think if I'm more capable than Qiu Chenxi, even if my birth status is not perfect, Chief Zhai may not mind. To put it bluntly, if Chief Zhai only looks at one's family background, then Auntie Miao…"

Even if Old Master Zhai tried all ways and means to convince him, Chief Zhai would not marry Auntie Miao.

Was his own future or his biological father's one-time happiness more important?

Furthermore, the situation of the Zhai family had not reached its current peak at that time. As compared to Brother Zhai, Chief Zhai needed to give more consideration regarding her wife's family background was he to marry back then. Nevertheless, didn't Chief Zhai still marry Auntie Miao eventually and even raise Brother Zhai and Sister Zhai Hua together?

Qiao Nan smiled, looking a little embarrassed. "Brother Zhai, actually, I feel that Chief Zhai is not someone that's so power-hungry."

At least, he was unlike others, like Qiu Chenxi, who was so driven by money and power, and only cared about status and wealth, not their characters.

"I agree with this point." Zhai Sheng took a deep breath and held Qiao Nan's hands. He then walked toward Qiao Nan's dormitory.

In the past, he had been worried that Nan Nan was young, that she had not fully matured, personality-wise. Even if she knew, she only knew a little. But at this juncture, he finally understood that Nan Nan did not give less than him in this relationship.

He should not have been so worried because of Nan Nan's age.

The woman that he had taken a liking to was indeed different. Even if she was so young, her thinking was so much more mature than those typical people of her age.

At the sight of the young and tender-faced Qiao Nan, who had such a mature and stable personality, there was an upsurge of emotions in Zhai Sheng's heart. It was as if there was an uncontrollable flood flowing out from his heart.

"Brother Zhai…" Qiao Nan wanted to take back her hands. "There are so many people moving about in this camp. How do you intend to explain to Auntie Miao if someone sees us?!" Auntie Miao was the number one problem. Wasn't Brother Zhai worried at all when he did this?

"Don't worry about my mom. You should prepare for tomorrow's lesson properly. Don't be too nervous. You have settled my dad. Of course, I'll be the one settling my mom." He was never a man that would push all the responsibilities to a woman.

This matter involved the two of them. It was only right that they worked hard together to resolve this matter.

"Don't." Qiao Nan shook her head vigorously. "Brother Zhai, there's a saying that doesn't sound very nice. Don't blame me for saying it. I believe that you will understand Auntie Miao's thoughts better after you hear this."

"What saying?"

"The mother-in-law spent five years to teach her son how to wear his pants but the daughter-in-law only used less than five seconds to make his son take off the pants." At the end of her speech, Qiao Nan's face turned red. "Brother Zhai, don't look at me in this way. Do you think this makes sense?"

Zhai Sheng was perplexed when he looked at Qiao Nan. "The words are rough but not the reasoning behind it. Also, Nan Nan, who said this to you? If that person is a male, then he's playing rogue!"

"I heard it from somewhere. Didn't many people say this?"

"Many? Why am I hearing this for the first time?"

Qiao Nan was speechless as she questioned heaven in her heart. "Brother Zhai, we're talking about Auntie Miao. Auntie Miao is jealous. Do you understand? I have to be the one to disentangle the knot in her heart. Otherwise, both of us will hurt Auntie Miao."

"If I resolve this problem in a rational way, you may not need to resolve this problem yourself." His father was not a problem. If his mother also agreed, then, he no longer needed to wait for two years to submit that marriage report.

He and Nan Nan could completely get engaged first. They would then marry officially and collect the marriage certificate when Nan Nan reached the legal age.

"The three of you have been convincing Auntie Miao in a rational way for so many years. Why had Auntie Miao been so firm that Qiu Chenxi was her daughter-in-law to be? If your rational ways were so useful, Qiu Chenxi and you would have been together for a hundred years." Qiao Nan expressed that she completely did not trust the rational analysis that Zhai Sheng adopted. "What if the situation turns out unexpectedly in a bad way? That'd be depressing then."

"Brother Zhai, you… don't be anxious. Can we take it a step at a time? You… If you keep forcing me, I'll have to tell my master that I'm going home! I came here to give you all English lessons. Why should I give you the chance to force me!" Qiao Nan stomped her feet in fury. Don't think that she could not tell what Brother Zhai's thoughts were. She was very smart and not easy to lie to.

Zhai Sheng sighed as he looked at the sky full of stars. "Nan Nan, I'm a soldier. I don't like to do things under the carpet. When are you going to let me see the 'sun'?"

"Tomorrow, in another ten hours, you will be able to see the rising sun, Comrade Zhai Sheng. I hope that the sunlight can drive the gloom away from your heart," Qiao Nan replied in a serious tone. Was it not easy to see the sun? As long as it was not raining, Brother Zhai would be able to see the sun every day.

After sending Qiao Nan to the dormitory, Zhai Sheng then went back to his own place.

When Zhai Sheng arrived, Zhai Yaohui had already drunk half a cup of freshly brewed tea. "You're back. Did Qiao Nan, that child, tell you anything?"

"She said that she will accept the challenge given to her by the organization leader." Zhai Sheng unbuttoned the collar of his shirt. He then prepared a basin of cold water so that he could bathe.

"Who wants to give her a challenge?" Zhai Yaohui snorted lightly and refused to admit.

Zhai Sheng turned and took a glance at Zhai Yaohui, who refused to speak the truth from his heart. "Alright, Dad, there's no one else here. Why are you pretending? Even Nan Nan can tell what's happening. Do you think you can bluff me?"

Zhai Yaohui put down his cup of tea. "I've already given you the opportunity. It's up to you whether you can grab it. Let me remind you. Don't behave too arrogantly. You have not passed the hurdle at your mom's end. Even if I agree to this, if you can't take care of the problem at your mom's side, this matter will not do. Zhai Sheng, you have to remember that you only have one mom. Understand?"

If Zhai Sheng angered Miao Miao for the sake of a woman, he would definitely break Zhai Sheng's leg!

"Understood." Zhai Sheng sneered. "I can only blame myself for being your son. There's a saying that the son will pay for the father's sin. I have to clean up the mess that you've created. Nan Nan and I are united as a couple. Of course, she has to help me clean up your mess. Nan Nan is very good to mom. She hopes that on the day of the wedding, Mom will be a happy mother-in-law as she watches her daughter-in-law marrying into the family."



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