"In the future, if Nan Nan and I resolve the problem that you have caused, how are you going to treat Nan Nan? You should think over this matter and don't repay kindness with ingratitude." After finishing his shower, Zhai Sheng poured away the water. "Dad, it's already so late. You're not going back?" He was going to sleep.

Zhai Yaohui had a strange look on his face. It was as if he had choked himself after gulping some dumplings. "Why can't I stay here? I'm sleeping here today, can't I? I'll sleep on the lower bunk and you the upper bunk!"

As Zhai Sheng was not married, he did not apply for a suite room. He was still staying in a room with bunk beds. It was just that Zhai Sheng was the only one staying in the place.

Zhai Sheng's face turned stiff. "I've really not slept with any of my elders from a young age. Dad, are you making up for my childhood regrets? Thank you. Regarding this, you can leave it to Nan Nan and my son in the future." As for his daughter, he would not let her bunk in with his father.

"You've also seen it. There are only the upper and lower bunks. There's nothing on the upper bunk bed. What's wrong with Mom and you again? You've been sleeping in the study room at home. Now, you're coming to my place to sleep? Since you're having arguments with Mom… Comrade Zhai Yaohui, please settle your problems as a couple and don't cause inconvenience to others. Understand?"

"Others? Who are you to your mom and me? When did you become someone else? When did I have any conflict with your mom? Don't sprout nonsense. Can't you hope that I'll reconcile with your mom?" Zhai Yaohui would not concede defeat. He did not believe that as a father, he could not subdue his son!

Zhai Sheng laughed. He then swiftly rolled out a straw mat on the upper bunk. "I've been hoping that you will reconcile with Mom. The outcome is that you have to sleep at my place. This is a treatment that I've never received since I was a child. Fortunately, it's summertime now and only a straw mat is needed. Tell me, if it's wintertime and you're going to bunk in with me, where am I going to get a mattress and blanket in the middle of the night?"

After shooting Zhai Yaohui with these words, Zhai Sheng swiftly flipped up to the upper bunk bed, wore his clothes, and fell asleep.

"This young brat, switch off the lights!" Zhai Yaohui's face turned blacker. Zhai Sheng only knew how to take a shower himself. Could he not help him to get a basin of water so that he could wash his face?

At the thought that Zhai Hua would also be as crude and careless as Zhai Sheng, Zhai Yaohui felt even more depressed. Didn't he and Miao Miao give birth to a son and a daughter? Why did it seemingly turn out that he had two sons instead?

"…" Zhai Sheng had already closed his eyes but he opened it helplessly. He did not argue with Zhai Yaohui. Instead, he took out a fifty-cent coin from his pocket and threw it at the light switch.

The lights were switched off with a bang.

When he heard Zhai Yaohui lying down, Zhai Sheng leaned over and lowered his head. He was able to see Zhai Yaohui in the moonlight. "Dad, speaking of it, how did you provoke Mom again this time? You've been chased out by Mom again. You have to know. This is the army camp."

"…" The response that Zhai Sheng received from Zhai Yaohui was not his words but a flying pillow.

It was directly aimed at Zhai Sheng's face.

Zhai Sheng reached out and caught it. "It must be because of Qiu Chenxi again. But thanks for the pillow." Having said that, Zhai Sheng placed the pillow under his head and expressed that he finally felt comfortable. He could really fall asleep now.

Zhai Yaohui's breath skipped a beat. He was both angry and amused. "This young brat." He purposely agitated him so that he would fling his pillow to him. He even wanted to plot against him for a pillow. He did not know anything about respect for elders and love for the young at all.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, why did you wake up so early today?" When the female counselor woke up, Qiao Nan was already dressed up. "It's only six o'clock."

"I slept early yesterday so I woke up early. I'm going to the field to jog two rounds first. Take your time." The air in the mountains was very fresh early in the morning. It was extremely good and there were many negative ions.

Qiao Nan took a few deep breaths. She felt so good and comfortable, as if her lungs had been cleansed.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Good morning, Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, you're also jogging?"

The people in the army were quite affectionate. Although Qiao Nan only taught them one class, all of those who still remembered her addressed her as 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'.

"Good morning, everyone." As Qiao Nan jogged, she responded with a smiling face.

After jogging for a few rounds, it was almost seven o'clock when Qian Yanyan saw what was happening as she helped Qiu Chenxi get breakfast. With the porridge and dishes in her hands, Qian Yanyan returned to the dormitory at her fastest speed. "Qiu Chenxi, do you know who I saw this morning?"

"Who?" Qiu Chenxi, who had not slept for one night, asked listlessly. Her eyes were red and there were dark circles below her eyes.

"Who else could it be but that high school student? She only taught one class but she really thinks that she's a teacher. She has been jogging in the camp since early in the morning. She's so proud now. Everyone who met her called her 'Teacher Xiao Qiao'. I don't understand. Why is she so thick-skinned? She didn't even feel embarrassed when she acknowledged the greetings."

"There is an old saying, 'Once a teacher, always a father'. If those people are willing to call Qiao Nan 'mother', I'm sure Qiao Nan will also be thick-skinned enough to respond to them, let alone calling her as a 'teacher'," Qiu Chenxi said in agitation. "Alright, I've not slept for the whole night. I'm having a headache. Don't disturb me. Let me quiet down."

Qian Yanyan took a mouthful of porridge. She completely did not understand what Qiu Chenxi was nervous about. "I've brought porridge and dishes back for you. Qiu Chenxi, you're really odd. Didn't you do well last night? So what if they open two classes at the same time? What do you have to be afraid of? You actually didn't sleep for the whole night to prepare for the class. Isn't that a little exaggerating? Qiu Chenxi, are you worried that you can't win against that high school student? I don't think so, right?"

One was a senior high school student and the other was a college graduate. Between these two, was there a need to compete?

"What do you know? I'm serious about teaching well and being responsible for my own work as well as to the comrades in the army. That's why I am doing my best. What has this got to do with Qiao Nan?" Qiu Chenxi refused to admit.

"If you're not afraid that you would lose to that senior high school student, why did you have to ask me to take that thing written by her?" Qian Yanyan was a little greedy but she was not stupid. She was able to make sense of the situation.

Qiu Chenxi's expression changed greatly. She quickly closed the door of the room. "Let me warn you. If you mention this again, I can't protect you if anything happens."

Qian Yanyan was stunned. "What do you mean? What do you mean if anything happens? What happened?"

"Qiao Nan told the political commissar that she lost her book. Political commissar said that this matter must be investigated. You also know the rules in the army. Tell me, if anyone finds out, can you still continue to remain in the army?" Qiu Chenxi intentionally did not make herself clear. She made it sound as if Qiao Nan lodged a complaint and directed all of Qian Yanyan's hatred toward Qiao Nan.

As expected, Qian Yanyan jumped in shock. "What? That high school student is really too petty. She's Lin Elder Lin's disciple and should be very wealthy. She actually complained to the political commissar just because of a fifty-cent book? This… Isn't this person too much? Why is she so shameless?"



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