Qiu Chenxi tried to suppress the slight curl of her lips. "So you must keep a low profile. You should not go around telling everyone about that. After all, you did that in order to help me. I will definitely keep it a secret for you. However, if you go around telling everyone and are seen by others, there's nothing that I can do. If the political commissar really wants to punish you, there's no way that I can stop him."

"You can rest assured that I won't do it again. I promise I will not tell anyone about this. I must be down on my luck. The notebook is only worth fifty cents, yet a high school student lodged a complaint against me. It is no wonder that the elderly always say that the richer one is, the stingier one is. She complained to the political commissar because of such a small amount of money. She is too annoying, a bully." Qian Yanyan was angry and in a panic. She was afraid that what she did would be found out and by then, she would be ruined.

The soldiers in the army, especially military performers like her, once they had any black record, they could no longer stay in the army and would be transferred away.

The high school student wanted to ruin her life for the sake of a fifty-cent notebook!

"Alright, you should go back to your dormitory. I have to prepare for the lessons."

"Okay, it will not be good if others discover that I am always at your place. By the way, Qiu Chenxi, that notebook, you…" Qian Yanyan was not at ease. She would not tell others about it, but what if Qiu Chenxi had a slip of the tongue?

"Don't worry. I am your good friend. I won't harm you. I have already burnt that thing. Otherwise, I won't stay through the night to prepare for lessons tonight," Qiu Chenxi said with concern. "As soon as I heard about the news, the first thing that I did when I came back last night was to get rid of the evidence. Without that notebook, I have to work hard and prepare for the class."

"I see. Qiu Chenxi, you are very kind to me. I am sure that you will handle the matter well. I will go back first. Next time, if you need help, you must look for me." Qian Yanyan was moved. Initially, she thought that Qiu Chenxi did not sleep for a night as she was afraid of losing to the high school student. She did not expect that she did all that for her sake.

"That's right, we are good friends. Of course, I have to help you. You should go back now. Tonight, you must come to my class and cheer for me. You must cooperate with me."

"Don't worry. Not only will I attend your lesson, but I will also bring my good friends with me. I will find a way to get more people to join your class. You must remember to dress up. Yesterday, you were very well-dressed. A lot of the soldiers stared at you."

Qiu Chenxi, who got her wishes, was all smiles. "What nonsense are you talking about? I am there to teach. Why should I dress up?"

"You're wrong. There are more male soldiers than female soldiers in the army. It's natural for men to look at women. If you dress up beautifully, you will definitely attract more attention. The high school student overrated her own abilities. She can never be compared to you. You must not be modest. You should use whatever methods that you have."

"Okay, thank you for your concern. I know what to do." Qiu Chenxi's eyes sparkled. In fact, she already had this idea in mind even before Qian Yanyan mentioned it.

From what Qiao Nan said yesterday, she was obviously out to challenge her.

Usually, she had no need to bother with Qiao Nan's taunting.

But last night, many influential and powerful people were present. Uncle Zhai and his family were there as well.

If she did not accept the challenge or lose to Qiao Nan, she would never be able to hold her head high in front of the Zhai family. She would be ridiculed for her entire life.

Therefore, she must face Qiao Nan head-on and make sure that she suffered a crushing defeat.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, why are you still here? You should go out and have a look." Qiao Nan was doing her summer homework when she was dragged out of the female dormitory by the female counselor.

"What am I supposed to look at?" Qiao Nan blinked in confusion at the uniformed soldiers who were training. "What do you want me to look at?"

"There, over there!" The female counselor pointed her finger toward a certain direction. Qiao Nan looked in that direction and finally understood what the female counselor meant.

Qiu Chenxi wore a dignified long skirt yesterday. Her legs and neck all covered up. But today, Qiu Chenxi was dressed differently. She wore a one-piece dress that came to her knees, exposing her calves. What surprised Qiao Nan the most was that Qiu Chenxi's dress was worn like a vest, sleeveless.

Qiu Chenxi paid attention to taking care of her skin and she did not like to be under the sun. Hence, she looked especially fair and tender.

Among the soldiers who were tanned from the sun and were in their uniforms, the way Qiu Chenxi dressed was simply stunning, catching the attention of all the soldiers.

Not to mention the male soldiers, even Qiao Nan could not help but look admiringly at Qiu Chenxi's fair arms and slender legs. It was indeed very eye-catching. The soldiers in the army rarely got to see women who were dressed up so beautifully. The sight of Qiu Chenxi got their blood racing.

They could not help but keep staring at Qiu Chenxi. It took a lot of willpower for them not to make catcalls.

"Qiu Chenxi must be out of her mind. Why will she dress in such a manner?" Qiao Nan looked stunned. She suspected that Qiu Chenxi must be crazy to wear such clothes in the army camp.

Even if Qiu Chenxi was only here for a visit, her attire was way too much. Moreover, she would be staying in the army for a certain period of time.

In the army, the dressing requirements for women were much stricter than that in school.

The female counselor was exasperated. "I have no idea what's going on. She is really… I am too embarrassed to bring myself to say it. As a woman, I feel embarrassed for her. She should dress according to the circumstances. Even though there are not many female soldiers in our army, what she did set a bad example for them. If all of the female soldiers are dressed up in such a manner, this is really… I heard that Qiu Chenxi is the offspring of cadres. Is this how she should behave?"

"Counselor, don't be angry. I suppose someone will report to the political commissar." Qiao Nan was speechless at Qiu Chenxi's behavior. She did not understand why Qiu Chenxi dressed in such a manner. Was she not afraid that she would invite gossip?

However, when it was time for class at night, judging from the number of students in the different classrooms, Qiao Nan finally understood the reason why Qiu Chenxi did that.



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