"What are you doing? Are you vying with me for talent?" Lin Yuankang was enraged when he heard the political commissar's words. He had intended for his little disciple to follow in his footsteps and work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He had already sourced out a good position for her. The political commissar wanted to vie with him for talent? No way!

"She is my disciple. She will definitely not join the army in the future. Don't think about it." Lin Yuankang pulled Qiao Nan behind him. "You should know that she is frail and feeble. It is sheer torture for her to join the army."

"Elder Lin, you can't say this. Just because Comrade Xiao Qiao's physical ability is not as good, all the more she should join the army to train and build up her stamina." The political commissar was not convinced. After listening to what Elder Lin said, he felt that it was the best decision for Comrade Xiao Qiao to join the army.

"Train to be like him?" Lin Yuankang pointed disdainfully at Zhai Sheng.

The political commissar sized up Zhai Sheng, who was more than 1.85 meters tall. He looked at his athletic build and his large frame, growing silent. He paused for a while before saying, "I didn't say that all soldiers will be trained to be like him. We have female soldiers in the army as well. Will that do? They will undergo moderate training."

The political commissar did not know that there was another kind of person in the world who was called the 'Muscle Babe'. But when Lin Yuankang used Zhai Sheng as a comparison, he could never imagine Qiao Nan having his build. That image was way beyond one's imagination.

"Alright, say no more. I won't agree to it." Lin Yuankang snorted.

The political commissar seemed to be at loggerheads with Lin Yuankang. "It doesn't matter if you don't agree. We have to respect Comrade Xiao Qiao's own wishes, don't we? The 21st century is coming. We can't make decisions for the juniors based on the old feudal ideas. Comrade Xiao Qiao, what are your views?"

Lin Yuankang made no concession. "Nan Nan, tell me, will you listen to me or him?"

Qiao Nan, who was sandwiched between the two of them, was speechless. "I am about to advance to the second year of high school. I prefer to study."

Being a soldier was her dream in the previous life. In this life, she only wanted to finish her studies first.

"Did you hear that? She wants to study first." Lin Yuankang was happy. His little disciple had maintained his dignity. As long as his disciple continued with her studies, sooner or later, she would follow in his footsteps.

"No, Comrade Xiao Qiao, do you want to reconsider? I remember that you told me that your father was also a soldier." Comrade Xiao Qiao should have more affection for the army.

Lin Yuankang rebutted. "If it wasn't for the fact that her father had been a soldier, do you think that she would be here, at this barren land? Alright, it's getting late. Stop disturbing my disciple from her rest. She still has to give lessons tomorrow. Look at the people in your army. There are so many of them who focus on external beauty. I feel ashamed for you."

At the mention of the situation just now, Lin Yuankang boiled in anger.

He never expected that people in the army would be focused on looks and neglected real abilities. It was such a shame!

Lin Yuankang might be rude to the political commissar, but in fact, he had been very polite. He had a lot of complaints that he kept to himself.

Nobody expected that through what happened between Qiu Chenxi and Qiao Nan, it was revealed that the people in the army placed such importance on looks, and not on real talents.

If it was thirty years ago, the small island nation only needed to send a beautiful woman here and these fools would easily betray their party and the country.

Of course, it might have been an exaggeration, but it was indeed a slap in the face.

"I will practice self-reflection and self-criticism. I will definitely talk some sense into these people and correct their wrong attitude. The people in the army should not have such an attitude. Once they have the incorrect way of thinking, it will be reflected in their behavior." The political commissar had a stern expression on his face.

He must not ignore the problem just because the influence was not as big. Actually, the problem itself could cause potential harm.

A small leak would sink a great ship!

"Okay, you are the political commissar, so this is your job. We will not intervene. Moreover, my suggestion is that you do not need to be in a hurry to carry out the correction. Perhaps, you can take advantage of this opportunity to see who are really worthy of promotion and who the real talents are. The more insignificant things are, the more you can tell the character of that person. After everything is over, you can do whatever you want." Lin Yuankang gave a suggestion to the political commissar.

The political commissar pondered carefully. "Elder Lin's considerations are very true. We shall do as you say. Comrade Xiao Qiao, you have worked hard. You should have a good rest."

"You are too polite. Good night, everyone. I will go back to rest." Qiao Nan kept silent throughout the whole conversation. After all, she had no right to interject.

"I will walk you to the dormitory." Zhai Sheng stood up and walked away with Qiao Nan, not caring about the expression of Zhai Yaohui and Lin Yuankang.

When they were outside and staring at the sky full of stars, Qiao Nan said in a relaxed tone, "Brother Zhai, do you think I have won or lost in today's battle?"

Qiu Chenxi had an overwhelming advantage over her in terms of the number of people in her class.

"Without a doubt, you have won, and beautifully at that." Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan with bright eyes. He only had eyes for her, as if she was the one and only moon in the sky. He could only see her existence. "Nan Nan, I am so proud of you. Honestly, do you really have no plans to be a teacher in the future?"

In the past, this had never crossed his mind, but this time, he realized that it was a good choice for Nan Nan to be a teacher.

"No." Qiao Nan, who had a faint smile on her face, turned serious at Zhai Sheng's question. She refused without any slight hesitation.

"Why?" Nan Nan did not seem to refuse because she did not want to be a teacher.

Qiao Nan took a deep breath, looking desolate. "Brother Zhai, you seem to have forgotten about my family. Recently, I have been worried that even if I prove myself to Chief Zhai and let him know of my hard work and abilities, he and Auntie Miao will give up on me because of my family. They may say that in this world, parents will never abandon their children, but it's different in my case. Ever since I was born, my mom has given up on me. This is nothing to me. What worries me the most is that my mom will continue to make unreasonable demands of me in order to satisfy my sister. Even if I stand firm against her and refuse to give in to her endless requests, given my mom's character, hehe…"

Qiao Nan felt bitterly disappointed at the things that Ding Jiayi did to her in her previous life.



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