Apart from sneering and smiling bitterly, Qiao Nan had no idea how she should respond.

All her colleagues knew that as soon as the factory gave the employees their pay, her mother would be the first to arrive at the factory. At times, she would even go with her to the finance department to collect her pay, not leaving any money for her.

Even when she became a tutor and earned extra money through doing English translation, her mother would take more than half of her pay, leaving her with a small amount of money, barely enough for her to lead a very simple life for the month.

If she became a teacher, the salary would be paid directly through the wage slip.

Given her mother's character, she would snatch the wage slip away from her.

If she was ruthless enough to apply for another wage slip, her mother would definitely go to the school to create a fuss. She would scold her for abandoning her parents once she had the ability to earn money.

For the past year, although her mother created a fuss at Ping Cheng High School, she was not worried at all.


That was because she would only need to spend three years in Ping Cheng High School before graduating and going to colleges in other cities.

In that case, whatever trouble her mother had created, would be forgotten because of her departure.

However, if she became a teacher at Ping Cheng High School, the situation would be totally different. Qiao Nan could not imagine how terrible it would be.

She had enough of it. Because of her mother, people would give her weird stares and glances. There was a mixture of ridicule, indifference, sympathy, and gloating.

"As a teacher, one needs to have a good character and conduct to be a role model for the students. But given my family's situation, I can't be a teacher. With my mother around, if I have any sense with me, I will definitely refuse to be manipulated by her. However, my mom will certainly spread rumors or create a fuss at school. In a few months' time, all the teachers and students of the school will have the impression that I am a cold-blooded and ruthless scum who abandons her parents and refuses to provide for them. In the end, there will only be three possibilities. First, I surrender everything to my mom. As long as she is satisfied, she will not make life difficult for me. Second, being a teacher is secure employment. The school will transfer me to other undesirable positions so that I will not affect the school's reputation. Regardless, my mom will make trouble for me time and again, and there will not be an end to it. By then, my reputation will be in shatters. Third, I quit the job."

No matter what, among all the three possibilities, none would turn out well.

Since she knew that there would not be a good outcome, Qiao Nan would never give Ding Jiayi the chance to make life difficult for her.

Zhai Sheng's heart ached for Qiao Nan. What she said was beyond what others could have understood. One needed to go through it to be able to understand her despair.

He wanted to tell Qiao Nan that it was her groundless worries, that no matter how terrible Ding Jiayi was, as a mother, she would never do things to such an extent.

However, after listening to Qiao Nan's words, he felt as if Ding Jiayi had already done all these and had forced Qiao Nan to desperation. In retaliation, Zhai Sheng was very protective of Qiao Nan. "Nan Nan, don't worry and don't be afraid. After we are married, leave me to deal with your family."

Qiao Nan smiled reluctantly. "The point you want to drive across is still 'let's get married'?"

Her single concern was that if she married Brother Zhai, her mother might turn to Brother Zhai for money.

Given what happened with Chen Jun in her previous life, Qiao Nan was worried that if her mother knew about her relationship with Zhai Sheng, she might be capable of even more ridiculous deeds that were beyond Brother Zhai's imagination.

"Don't think too much. You are tired. You should go back and have a good rest." Zhai Sheng longed to embrace Qiao Nan to let her know that he was right beside her, to tell her that he could share her burdens and he would be her pillar of support. He would not allow anyone to bully her.

But at this moment, Zhai Sheng was able to control his yearning and urge to embrace Qiao Nan. Due to his protectiveness of Qiao Nan, he was rational enough to stop himself from acting rashly.

He wanted to protect Nan Nan from any harm. What he did previously to get Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin to leave Ping Cheng was only a temporary method.

Before he could think of a way to completely resolve these problems for Nan Nan, he should at least respect her opinions and stop creating trouble for her.

Luckily, Zhai Sheng was rational. Otherwise, Qiao Nan would have another trouble right on her doorstep.

Footsteps could be heard coming toward them.

It sounded hurried and the person seemed to be running in their direction.

Qiu Chenxi's skirt swayed along with the light breeze at night. Her long hair that was draped over her shoulder blew in the light breeze. Under the moonlight, Qiu Chenxi seemed like an angel.

"Brother, Brother Zhai…" Qiu Chenxi ran breathlessly toward them. The weather was warm. Qiu Chenxi, who ran hard, was perspiring profusely. As soon as she stopped, she could no longer feel the night breeze. In less than ten seconds, her clothes were sticky with perspiration, plastered to her body.

Thankfully, the quality of the clothes that Qiu Chenxi bought was good enough. If not, the fabric might be thin and transparent when damp!

But even so, the people who passed by would steal a few glances at Qiu Chenxi.

"Is anything the matter?" Zhai Sheng asked coldly.

Qiu Chenxi took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She then took out a small handkerchief to wipe the perspiration on her face and forehead. "Qiao Nan, I heard that you ended class very early today. I am sorry. I didn't expect that so many people would come to my class. Initially, I planned to share your burden and have half of the students each so that both of us could have an easy time. Who knows… Qiao Nan, I am really sorry. But in fact, this turned out quite well. I heard that you brought a lot of summer homework with you. You can finish your lesson earlier and have more time to do your own work. Qiao Nan, you are still young. I am older than you. I will definitely look out for you."

Qiao Nan grinned. "It's indeed very good. Thank you."

Qiao Nan sounded very sincere.

Qiu Chenxi paused momentarily. Was Qiao Nan sincere in thanking her, or was she deliberately saying something else, trying to mock her?

"Comrade Qiu, I can understand that everyone likes to look pretty." Since Qiu Chenxi could not understand, Qiao Nan continued on. "But I hope that you can be more mindful about how you dress for different occasions."

"Brother Zhai, look at what Qiao Nan is saying. She sounds as if the large number of students who came to my class were there to look at how I dressed." Qiu Chenxi looked stiff. She shot a look at Zhai Sheng.

There was a tacit understanding among all of them in this field that even though there might be something amiss, generally, nobody would spell it out in front of everybody and embarrass that person.



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