In this way, one could easily offend others. There was no benefit to it.

Qiao Nan was the kind of people who came from inferior family background and did not have much knowledge and experience. If Qiao Nan kept her mouth shut and pretended to be a good girl, she was still passable. But when Qiao Nan opened her mouth, she could not hide her inferiority.

If the woman that Brother Zhai was seeing was similar to Qiao Nan, then she would be less worried. As long as she used some little tactics, she could let Brother Zhai understand that the woman was not suitable for him or the Zhai family.

Zhai Sheng's brows turned stiff. "Isn't that so?"

"…" To Qiu Chenxi, Zhai Sheng's words gave her a greater blow than that of Qiao Nan. Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth. "Brother Zhai, don't go overboard. You're so fearless and unreasonable to me. Isn't it because you know that I like you? Brother Zhai, don't forget that I also have a temper. I have a limit for my patience. I hope you won't squander away my feelings for you again. Why can't you calm down and face your own feelings honestly?"



When they heard Qiu Chenxi's words, both Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng had the same expression.

Soldiers were the people that Zhai Sheng came into contact with most in his life. Hence, everyone that he led would obey his instructions whenever he gave an order. They would never display any sign of disobedience. Besides his comrades in the army, Zhai Sheng only interacted with the Zhai family or Qiao Nan.

Among these people, none of them was similar to Qiu Chenxi in any way.

Hence, Zhai Sheng completely did not understand why an individual such as Qiu Chenxi existed in this world. There were truly all kinds of fish in the sea!

Qiao Nan secretly gave Qiu Chenxi a thumbs-up. In another few years' time, these words of Qiu Chenxi would become a classic dialog. "Comrade Qiu, do you have a mirror in your bag?"

"Are you trying to change the topic?" Qiu Chenxi was not pleased. She finally found the chance to force Brother Zhai to face his feelings for her directly. Why was Qiao Nan interrupting?

"No. Comrade Qiu, you really don't have a mirror in your bag?" Qiao Nan shook her head. She was a good person.

"What exactly are you trying to do!" Qiu Chenxi was losing her patience.

"Take it out and look at yourself in the mirror." One sentence, but there were two sides to a coin.

Qiu Chenxi's face swelled in red. "Brother Zhai, did you hear what she said? She actually dared to ask me to look in the mirror! Qiao Nan, what do you mean? Do you think that I'm not compatible with Brother Zhai? No matter what, our Qiu family and the Zhai family are old-time friends. I'm the daughter-in-law that Uncle Zhai and Auntie Miao have in mind for many years. Who are you to talk to me like that? Qiao Nan, admit it. You refused to give me clues about that woman because you like Brother Zhai! When I was with Brother Zhai last time, you knew that you couldn't hold a candle to me and thus, you wouldn't stand a chance. Now that the situation is different, and the woman that Brother Zhai is in a relationship with has similar qualities as you, you began to harbor a greedy intention and feel that if such a woman is acceptable, then so are you. As such, you are thinking of ways and means to break up Brother Zhai and me, right?!"

Right, that must be the reason!

She had felt odd that Qiao Nan refused to reveal any information to her despite having dangled so many carrots in front of her.

In this world, everyone had a price in mind. There was nothing that money could not settle.

Qiao Nan refused to agree not because she was not moved by money. It was because she had not offered a price that was high enough!

"Brother Zhai, you're quite good to Qiao Nan, right? She, she is actually hitting on you!" Brother Zhai, you should quickly see through Qiao Nan's true colors.

Given a person like Qiao Nan who had such a family background, how good could her moral qualities be? Qiao Nan was like that. Brother Zhai, the vixen that you were with now was also the same. We were the only ones that were most compatible with each other!

Zhai Sheng looked at Qiu Chenxi from the corners of his eyes. He was willing to be missed by Nan Nan and was happy when Nan Nan hit on him. He could not wait for Nan Nan to take him away and subdue him as soon as possible!

"Brother Zhai, we've arrived at the dormitory. I'm going in. You should go back too." Qiao Nan gave a yawn. She was feeling tired after having such a long and pointless conversation.

"Okay, rest well," Zhai Sheng replied. He then ignored Qiu Chenxi and walked past her coldly to return to his dormitory. This morning, he had gotten another pillow. That person was his father after all. He would not shortchange his father for two nights because of a pillow.

"…" Qiu Chenxi wanted to go after Zhai Sheng. However, she could only chase after Qiao Nan at this moment. "Qiao Nan, let me ask you. Do you also like Brother Zhai? You don't know your limits and have been hitting on Brother Zhai? Let me tell you. It's impossible between Brother Zhai and you. Uncle Zhai will not accept you and never will Auntie Miao as well. I advise you to give up before it's too late. If you dare to harbor such ideas on Brother Zhai, be careful that I'll be unruly to you!"

She had not even found out who that vixen was. She did not wish to have another annoying pest like Qiao Nan being an eyesore.

"Comrade Qiu, are you really not going to take the mirror and look at yourself in it?"

"Qiao Nan, you dare to mock me?" Qiu Chenxi flared up. "Now that Brother Zhai is not here, you dare to be so out of hand. Do you really think that you're very capable just because you're Lin Yuankang's disciple? Did you forget what you were before that? I'm going to wake you up now and let you realize what you really are!"

Qiu Chenxi raised her hands and swung her hands toward Qiao Nan's face!

The female counselor, who had already been walking toward Qiao Nan, saw this happening. She gave a stare as she strode forward with steps akin to that of a dragon and a tiger. She grabbed Qiu Chenxi's hands forcefully. "Qiu Chenxi, this is the army camp and not the house of your Qiu family! Comrade Xiao Qiao is the English Teacher that political commissar invited to give English classes. Do you wish to damage the reputation and image of the army? I will definitely report today's matter to the political commissar. If you really wish to be unreasonable and make a scene, go back to the house of your Qiu family. I really don't understand why a person like you can come to our army!"

The army's face was all lost!

"C-counselor?" Qiu Chenxi sounded guilty.

"What's wrong? Do you also wish to hit me?" The female counselor was an authentic soldier and not a military performer. She was those female soldiers who participated in various kinds of special training. She was powerful in terms of physical strength.

When the female counselor struck, Qiu Chenxi was as tender as tofu. She nearly crumbled with one pinch.

Qiu Chenxi stared at Qiao Nan, looking unjustified. "Counselor, it's a misunderstanding. It's all a misunderstanding. I know Teacher Xiao Qiao well. We've known each other for a long time ago. We're friends. I was just chatting with her."

"You know each other and are friends?" The female counselor laughed. "You're friends, yet you still want to hit Teacher Xiao Qiao?"

"I didn't hit her. I really didn't. Counselor, I think you have really misunderstood. You also know that it's summer and there are a lot of mosquitoes. I saw a mosquito on Teacher Xiao Qiao's face and wanted to kill the mosquito for her. After such a huge movement, the mosquito escaped. Fortunately, Teacher Xiao Qiao's face was not bitten by it."



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