"Those who lost had to listen to the high school student. Only those who won were qualified to attend your class. Today, you were in great limelight. You should be feeling happy." Hearing that those who lost had to attend the high school student's class, she wondered if that could still be considered as attending a class. They were simply attending a punishment session. There was so much fun.

"Don't talk about it anymore." At this moment, Qiu Chenxi could not feel happy even after hearing these words. No matter how successful she was in the class, she had embarrassed herself in front of Brother Zhai. It was enough of a blow to her. "I'm tired. You should go back. I'll wash up and sleep."

"Oh, okay. Then, I'll leave. Sleep well. I'm looking forward to your class tomorrow. Right, I heard that some teachers have teaching assistants. How about it? Do you want me to help you?"

"Do you know English?" Qiu Chenxi sneered. Qian Yanyan wanted to be an assistant teacher? She was indulging in her own fantasy.

"It doesn't matter that I don't know English. I can help you take some items such as lesson plans, water, or towel." At that time, she could then stand beside the podium instead of sitting with the audience. She would be so presentable and proud.

"Fine, let me think about it. If there is really such a need, I'll definitely look for you."

"Sure!" After she achieved her aim, Qian Yanyan left without further ado. She even closed the door for Qiu Chenxi.

After Qiu Chenxi finished her bath, she lay on the bed listlessly. She did not feel a sense of victory or happiness at all.

To Qiu Chenxi, the female counselor's words were piercing through her heart. It made her feel extremely bad. Unfortunately, she had also embarrassed herself so badly in front of Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan. At the sight of the dress that she had changed out of and dumped into the washbasin, Qiu Chenxi felt more annoyed, like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Clearly, everything was going smoothly in the beginning. Why was her current mood so bad? It was as if she had done everything wrong. Why did it turn out this way?

This would not do. When she was awake tomorrow, she must look for her uncle and clarify what she did not understand. Her uncle would certainly know.

After she made this decision, Qiu Chenxi then quieted down and fell asleep.

Qiu Chenxi had fallen asleep but there was someone who had not. It was Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng waited for half an hour and discovered that his father had not come to his dormitory. When he looked at the clock, it was already ten o'clock. Zhai Sheng smiled. "This sly old fox really values woman more than his son. Did he have to kick him to the curb after he had outlived his usefulness so quickly?"

Having said that, Zhai Sheng swiftly switched off his lights and returned to his lower bunk bed to sleep.

In less than ten minutes after Zhai Sheng lay on his bed, asleep, someone opened his door again.

Zhai Yaohui's face was black. He was holding a pillow in his arms as he walked in gloomily. "Where are you sleeping at? Go up."

"…" Zhai Sheng, who was being dragged up, raised his eyebrows. "Hasn't Mom forgiven you?"

"…" Today, Miao Miao called him over. He thought that Miao Miao was not angry with him anymore and that he could finally sleep on the same bed with his wife after a few months' time. Unexpectedly, when Miao Miao finished her words, she chased him out. He came up with excuses that Zhai Sheng's place did not have any pillow and that he did not sleep well last night. Miao Miao then threw him a pillow and pushed him out of the room.

She kicked him out the moment he outlived his usefulness!

"Quickly go to the upper bunk. I'm tired and want to rest!" Zhai Yaohui lifted his chin and asked Zhai Sheng to sleep on the upper bunk bed.

It was, after all, his own father, so Zhai Sheng was more indulgent toward him. Without a word, he went back to the upper bunk bed. "You're such a bunch of old bones. Don't worry. I won't let you sleep on the upper bunk bed."

"Who did you say is a bunch of old bones?" Zhai Yaohui was unconvinced. "Last time…"

"Don't talk about your glory in the past. It's not meaningful," Zhai Sheng replied. "What did Mom say after she called you over?"

"What has it got to do with you?"

"Do you think I can't guess it if you don't tell me? The son knows his mother best. My mom must have asked you over regarding Qiu Chenxi's matter today, right?" Zhai Sheng was certain about it.

Actually, today, Miao Jing wanted to support Qiao Nan. She really went to her class. However, when she saw Qiu Chenxi's classroom brimming with people while Qiao Nan's class had so few people, Miao Jing was afraid that Qiao Nan was too young and would not be able to take it. Miao Jing thought that if the elders Qiao Nan was familiar with were around, the latter would feel bad and nervous.

Hence, just as Miao Jing stepped in, she withdrew her steps.

At the thought of Qiu Chenxi's manner and behavior today, clearly, Miao Jing was not the main party concerned, but she felt angry and shortchanged on Qiao Nan's behalf. She felt that Qiu Chenxi's actions were too despicable. What Qiu Chenxi did was no different from selling her body.

If such an individual married into the Zhai family, would the Zhai family still be able to keep their reputation!

With this reasoning, Miao Jing mercilessly and thoroughly gave Zhai Yaohui a bad scolding.

The soldiers who turned up because of Qiu Chenxi's appearance were no different from the Zhai Yaohui a few months back who wholeheartedly wanted Zhai Sheng to marry Qiu Chenxi. They were exactly the same. It was truly like the chief, like the soldiers. Birds of the same feather flock together!

"You're happy now." Zhai Yaohui snorted coldly. Because of Zhai Sheng, he had received a harsh scolding from Miao Miao.

Zhai Sheng tossed and looked at the moon outside the window. "I've already told you before that I don't feel anything for Qiu Chenxi. One has to pay a price for refusing to admit their mistake and persisting in the wrong course."

Nevertheless, for Qiu Chenxi to have committed such a foolish act, she was truly cornered by Nan Nan.

Prior to this, he really did not expect Qiu Chenxi to be such a person.

On the surface, Qiu Chenxi seemed like someone who was able to see the big picture, one who carried herself well with poise and dignity. She matched the requirements of his parents. In actual fact, she was not. On the contrary, Nan Nan, who looked so skinny and petite, never fumbled the ball at critical times. She was able to keep her cool and maintain her stand and dignity while using her ability to convince and gain the respect of others.

When he thought of the political commissar and Lin Yuankang fighting for her to work for them today, and that these two whose age added up to more than a hundred nearly fought with each other, Zhai Sheng laughed out loud.

"Don't be too complacent. You have not passed your mom's hurdle. Your mom sees Qiao Nan as her own daughter now. If Qiao Nan becomes her daughter-in-law, she may not be able to maintain her current attitude toward her." Zhai Yaohui sighed. He admitted that he had made a mistake in the judgment of character regarding Qiu Chenxi.

What Qiu Chenxi did today was extremely offensive. She was, in fact, ruining her own future.

Comparing the two classes held that night, on the surface, it seemed that Qiu Chenxi had gained a little victory. In actual fact, Qiu Chenxi had lost badly. The quality, and not quantity, was important. Clearly, it was the same type of class, but Qiu Chenxi could not achieve an outcome that was close to that of Qiao Nan.

Given this point, Qiao Nan had overtaken Qiu Chenxi by miles.

Unless the attendees were real fools, there would be a reverse of the number of attendees between Qiu Nan's and Qiu Chenxi's classes after a few sessions.

At that time, no matter what kind of tricks Qiu Chenxi played, or how revealing she was, it would be of no use. She would only be putting her face beneath her feet until she was trampled on and ruined thoroughly.

"Anyway, my sense of judgment is better than yours."



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