Zhai Sheng leaned on his pillow comfortably. "Fine. It's late. Quickly sleep."

"I can't sleep!"

"I can sleep." Zhai Sheng did not bother about Zhai Yaohui's insomnia. He did not even give him any word of consolation. He closed his eyes and fell asleep in a good mood.

"This brat!" Zhai Yaohui was angry beyond words, but he did not disturb Zhai Sheng as the latter had a lot of work to do tomorrow. Nighttime was Zhai Sheng's resting time. Without good sleep, Zhai Sheng would likely not be able to carry out his duties well tomorrow.

"Good morning, Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Good morning."

"Good morning, Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Good morning, everyone."

On the second day, there seemed to be more people greeting Qiao Nan when she was jogging. Moreover, their tone was obviously more sincere when they called her.

Qiao Nan wiped away the sweat on her face and returned to the dormitory. "Counselor, what is happening recently?"

"Are you pleasantly surprised by their attitude?" The female counselor was pleased.

Qiao Nan drank some water and smiled helplessly. "Pleasant surprise? It's more like a shock. It was like everyone changed overnight. Didn't they say that they wouldn't take any actions for the time being? Don't tell me the political commissar really assigned them some psychological homework and strongly criticized them?"

She remembered clearly that her master told her that he wanted the political commissar to make use of this opportunity to make some observations.

It was just one night and the political commissar could not wait further. He had already disciplined these soldiers because of his face and asked them to open their eyes wider?

"It has got nothing to do with the political commissar. I heard that the political commissar was so angry that he did not sleep well last night. Until now, his mood hasn't got any better. The reason why the attitude of the people in the army changed so much toward you is that those who attended your class yesterday formed a procession in English during the free and easy self-training session this morning. You don't know how complacent those few people were. Of course, their instructor also deliberately chided the others. Toward the same knowledge that was picked up, some people could adopt it so well while some have forgotten what they learned as if they did not learn anything at all. There must be a great difference in the ability and effort put in."

Who would not value those who knew English at this time?

If they did not, would these people report to the class on time every night?

They learned the knowledge, but their comrades could adapt them flexibly and received their instructor's praise. On the contrary, they had gone through similar class but did not remember anything. They were even criticized because of this. Would those that were criticized not feel envious of those who were praised?

Most critically, the way the procession was formed in English was really too cocky.

"So that's why there's such an obvious change in their attitude." Qiao Nan put down her cup of tea. She did sort of understand now.

"Yesterday, only thirty-six people attended your class. Teacher Xiao Qiao, guess how many people will sit in your classroom today? Will it be a full house? And will there be no one at Qiu Chenxi's end?" At the thought of this possible scenario, the female counselor felt elated.

It was not that she wanted to discriminate. It was because she really could not agree with Qiu Chenxi's behavior. It was truly a bad influence on the army.

In particular, when she thought of the moment Qiu Chenxi was about to hit Qiao Nan yesterday, the more she could not see eye to eye with Qiu Chenxi. She was the older one and yet she bullied the younger one. Such must not be the manner a soldier should behave in.

Judging from her actions, did Qiu Chenxi deserve to wear the army attire?

Most importantly, Comrade Xiao Qiao was the teacher invited by the army. No matter what, Qiu Chenxi had attended one class taught by Comrade Xiao Qiao. Wasn't she also considered a student of Teacher Xiao Qiao?

A student hitting her teacher. She did not even know how to respect her elderly and teachers. There was a flaw in this person's character!

"Counselor, don't be too exaggerating." Qiao Nan was speechless as she shook her head. She never thought that such a situation would occur tonight. She had always felt that those who wore soldier attire were the cutest people in the world. However, she had never felt that they were the most perfect, wise, or far-sighted people in the world.

Qiu Chenxi was mature and charismatic. She also knew how to dress up.

From a man's perspective, most of the people in the army went purely because of Qiu Chenxi. It was not because they wanted to pick up more knowledge or improve themselves.

To put it bluntly, not all those who joined the army was like Brother Zhai, who was a top student. On the contrary, there were more slackers.

To expect a slacker to be interested in obtaining knowledge and working hard to grab every available opportunity to improve themselves were not possible.

There were many such 'simple' soldiers. Of course, there were also those who truly strived to improve themselves.

As she understood this reason, Qiao Nan did not expect that the situation tonight would be reversed.

Qiao Nan was prepared for the worst, that when all the classes had ended, the number of students in Qiu Chenxi's class would still be more than that of hers.

Of course, the difference was that those who learned from Qiu Chenxi would have seen much of a pretty woman, while those who learned from her would have benefited at least a little.

After hearing Qiao Nan's analysis, the female counselor who was just grinning from ear to ear earlier pulled a long face. "Men. It's true that they have this problem. Shallow!" However, she refused to admit that there were, in fact, so many shallow comrades in the army who could not do the army proud or gain any glory for the army!

"Yes, shallow indeed," Qiao Nan chuckled as she replied. "Actually, I'm shallow as well. Who doesn't like to see pretty girls and handsome guys? The problem is that everyone weighs the importance differently. Those who attended Qiu Chenxi's class can be described as loving beauty more than the country. Those who attended my class are those who love the country more than beauty."

The female counselor was delighted beyond words. "Teacher Xiao Qiao, clearly, these comrades' thinking is not forward-looking and can even be considered corrupted. But after hearing what you said, these people seem to have been elevated? In ancient times, those who love beauty and not the country were either the emperor or high-ranking officials."

The female counselor was even more pleased that Qiao Nan did not berate the soldiers due to this matter.

The female counselor was older and looked upon the soldiers like her own younger brothers. She berated them earlier as she expected better from them.

It was a similar situation to when she mentioned her own daughter in front of Qiao Nan previously. Although she felt that her own daughter and 'brothers' were not perfect, she might be reluctant to hear any strict or ugly criticism when her daughter and 'brothers' were assessed by other people.

Of course, one's own children and 'brothers' were always the best.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao, you have such a great personality." The female counselor sighed and said, "Why is it that you don't seem to have any temper? The matter has turned out this way but I've never seen you get angry."

"I've been trained. I can't survive if I don't have a good temper. Otherwise, I'll be the first to be driven to the grave. As a human, there's nothing bad about being more forgiving. It's a blessing to be shortchanged a little." She could not agree with huge suffering though.

Perhaps she had the opportunity to be reborn because she had suffered too much under the hands of her mother and Qiao Zijin in the previous life.



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