"Have you forgotten what the political commissar told you? With this attitude of yours, hahaha! Fine. When the time comes, I'll reflect this situation to the political commissar."

Clearly, the political commissar had asked Comrade Qiu to apologize to Comrade Xiao Qiao.

As long as Qiu Chenxi was willing to apologize to Comrade Xiao Qiao sincerely and obtained the latter's forgiveness, Qiu Chenxi would be able to continue to remain in the army.

However, after Qiu Chenxi arrived for so long and said so much, she had not heard a single word of apology from her. Did Qiu Chenxi forget what she initially came for?

Qiu Chenxi gritted her teeth and moved closer to the female counselor. She then lowered the volume of her voice. "Counselor, don't forget that my uncle is also in the army. If you continue to target me, I'll tell my uncle. How do you think my uncle will react? That's my biological uncle. In other words, counselor, you should understand what I mean."

The female counselor smiled in mockery. "Comrade Qiu, if your uncle is so vicious and powerful, then are you here today to brag? Fine, since your uncle is so formidable that he's the one that calls all the shots, it won't make any difference even if Comrade Xiao Qiao doesn't put in any words for you. Alright, I'll remember what you said today. I'm the counselor in the army. By right, I should counsel comrades like you who are a little problematic. Unfortunately, you're deeply poisoned. My skills are not good enough and I can't counsel you. I'm helpless when it comes to you but we have many talents in the army. I'm sure there'll be someone who can counsel you well. Don't need to thank me. We're all good comrades with one another. We don't need to differentiate ruthlessly."

Did she think that she was a young lady who just joined the army? Would she be able to threaten her with these few words?


"You, counselor, don't you feel that you're poor in your words? Why do you have to tell the political commissar everything? Do you think you're still a kid who has to tell the teacher about every minor matter that you encounter? So childish!" Qiu Chenxi was nearly driven to the grave. This female counselor was too annoying.

The female counselor must be aware of the status and influence that her uncle, Shi Peng, had in the army.

She was Shi Peng's biological niece. Shouldn't the female counselor curry favor with her and help her deal with Qiao Nan? Was this person sick in the mind?

"Whether it's telling the teacher or the political commissar, I'll do so as long as the method works. You're already so mature, yet you're still into the game of telling your parents. Fine, if you're not here to apologize, leave quickly. Don't disturb Comrade Xiao Qiao in her preparation for classes. Really, what kind of person are you?"

"I apologize? Impossible!" She would never apologize to Qiao Nan.

"Leave then." Why was she trembling with anger then?

"Qiao Nan, I'll ask you one last time. Are you going to help me clarify the matter? If you're willing to help me explain, tell me your terms." It was not possible for her to apologize to Qiao Nan whose status was beneath her. By allowing Qiao Nan to help her, she was already giving Qiao Nan face.

Qiao Nan held her cheeks in her hands as she looked at Qiu Chenxi. "I'm not helping in this."

"You! Fine! We'll wait and see. Don't think that I don't have other solutions if you don't help!" Her uncle was in the army. She did not believe that her uncle would not help her remain in the army if she begged him.

If she could not convince her uncle, there was still her mother.

"Sigh, she still has her own justification." The female counselor simply rolled her eyes. "This kind of young lady must have been too pampered in normal times. She has been spoiled rotten by her family and thinks that everyone is obligated to help her. Comrade Xiao Qiao, please don't get angry. If you suffer because of this, it's totally not worth it."

"Don't worry, I'm not angry." It was all thanks to Qiao Zijin. She had seen many more sophisticated tactics. She was already used to them.

If today's matter happened to Qiao Zijin, Qiao Zijin's spine would be absolutely bendable. After weighing the pros and cons, Qiao Zijin would definitely apologize to her without any delay. Qiao Zijin would not only apologize swiftly but also cry miserably in a remorseful manner. She would cry as if she was in a very pitiful state.

If anyone did not accept such an apology from Qiao Zijin, that person would be too much.

Now, the phrase 'I am sorry' was precious to many people.

No matter how much wrongdoing one committed previously, seemingly, when they said 'I am sorry', all the things that happened previously could be regarded as words written with chalk regardless of whether the apology was sincere. They could be wiped away without leaving any traces.

On the contrary, today's situation, or rather, Qiu Chenxi's attitude today, was, in fact, more acceptable to her.

"Right, counselor, is it true that Qiu Chenxi can no longer remain in the army?"

"You manage to infer it from her words?" The female counselor secretly laughed.

"Who decided on this? The political commissar?" Was it because Qiu Chenxi wanted to slap her but did not succeed? Wasn't this reason too far-fetched?

The female counselor sat down. "Don't worry. This matter is not so serious. The decision will not change. Qiu Chenxi joined the army via the 'backdoor'. She didn't join us through the formal and usual way. It's not so easy to expel someone but it's much easier in Qiu Chenxi's situation. Furthermore, this was not decided by the political commissar alone. Chief Zhai, Officer Shi, and Regiment Commander Zhai have all unanimously voted for the decision. Our army is originally so united and has an honest culture. They can't let an individual like Qiu Chenxi bring bad influence to the army. Qiu Chenxi is like a little poisonous lump. Of course, it'd be best to 'remove' her as soon as possible."

"Who initiated it?" There was a flash in Qiao Nan's eyes.

"I heard that Regiment Commander Zhai suggested it first." The female counselor shook her head in disdain. "Qiu Chenxi came to our army for Regiment Commander Zhai. As a young lady, she doesn't even know how to maintain a woman's chastity and chases after a man. She's really… If my daughter does that in the future, I'll definitely break her leg! Didn't she see that Regiment Commander Zhai doesn't like her at all and can't wait for her to leave soon?"

"Okay, so it's Regiment Commander Zhai." Brother Zhai was making use of the recent happenings to cease all the opportunities for Qiu Chenxi to get close to him.

Qiu Chenxi joined the army with an ulterior motive. Most likely, many people knew about it.

"Then, does Qiu Chenxi know about this matter?" The man that she was after could not wait for her to leave the army. If Qiu Chenxi was aware, would she still be able to tolerate all this?

"Of course she doesn't."

"Oh, I see!" She fully understood.

Brother Zhai initiated this and the important figures in the army unanimously voted in agreement, including Qiu Chenxi's biological uncle, Shi Peng. Qiu Chenxi was such a failure in terms of relationships with others.

Qiao Nan found out about the circumstances of the matter. On the other hand, Qiu Chenxi, who was totally unaware, was bent on seeking help from her biological uncle. "Uncle, I'm looking for you regarding some matter… Qing Qing, why are you… You're here too?" Shi Qing must have come for Brother Zhai. Just like her, Shi Qing must be trying to enjoy the benefits of a favorable position by joining the army to get close to Brother Zhai.



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