Qiu Chenxi was also stupefied, let alone Shi Qing.

She was counting on Shi Peng to remain in the army and even receive special treatment due to that.

If Shi Peng left, who could she rely on if she stayed in the army?

"Uncle, are you serious about it? Or are you just threatening me?"

"Who do you think you are to be worthy of my dad's threats?" Shi Qing wanted very much to kick Qiu Chenxi out of the place. She knew very well that her father loved being a soldier very much. Her father was already in such a poor state of health. Unless he needed to be hospitalized, he would insist to remain in the army.

Today, her father had been forced to express that he would like to submit his resignation letter. Her auntie, Qiu Chenxi, as well as her grandparents had really gone overboard.

Her auntie and Qiu Chenxi were respectively her grandparents' daughter and maternal granddaughter. Nevertheless, her father and she were also respectively their son and maternal granddaughter.

"Dad, don't say things in a fit of anger due to other people's matters. It's not worth it." Shi Qing was extremely anxious.

Shi Peng patted Shi Qing's arms. "Didn't you come to the army to look for Qiao Nan and exchange views with her? I've already told you where she's staying at. Go and look for her yourself. Dad's matter will eventually be settled properly. When was dad ever impulsive? I've thought very deeply and carefully about this before I made the decision. My health can't make it anymore. It's time to retire and give up my position to the younger ones. I can also take a good rest. Dad is tired too."

The exhaustion in Shi Peng's tone was something that Shi Qing could not understand or comprehend.

"You! You're the jinx!" Unable to persuade Shi Peng, Shi Qing scolded Qiu Chenxi and left immediately thereafter.

Other people could bear to make things difficult for Shi Peng, but not Shi Qing, as the latter was very close with Shi Peng since she was a child. She could not bear to let her father feel any unhappiness at all.

Despite being scolded by Shi Qing, Qiu Chenxi failed to come to her senses. "Uncle, you're joking with grandpa, right?"

It was fine if he did not want to help, but it was needless for him to say such things. Who was he trying to threaten?

Although she had not heard the entire phone conversation, she could tell that her grandfather was on her side. He even asked her uncle to leave the army.

She did not believe that her uncle would truly leave the army, that he would rather forgo a bright future than to help her and let her stay in the army. "Uncle, you're busy. I won't disturb you anymore. I still have a class tonight."

She would wait and see if she or her uncle would be the first one to leave the army.

Did he think that she was a three-year-old child? Uncle was underestimating her!

Looking at the ignorant and flamboyant Qiu Chenxi, Shi Peng could not help shaking his head. He then took out a piece of blank, white paper and quietly wrote his resignation letter.

He did not have the habit of joking or threatening others.

He had considered for a very long time about leaving the army that he was so passionate about. It was just that today's matter was a catalyst in helping him make up his mind.

"Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan!" Arriving at the door of Qiao Nan's dormitory, that bright and loud voice of Shi Qing sounded as if she was seeking revenge. This alerted the female counselor and she was immediately on her guard.

"You are… you are Officer Shi's daughter. You're looking for Comrade Xiao Qiao? Is there any matter?" Could this be another Qiu Chenxi who was looking for Comrade Xiao Qiao to stir up trouble?

Qiao Nan took the initiative to open the door. "Why are you here? You came to look for your dad?"

"If I tell you that I'm here to look for you, will you believe me?"

"No." No one would come and look for her rival-in-love. Of course, they would look for the one that they liked. "Brother Zhai is not here." It was not a guarantee that they would find something each time they visited her. This was the army camp. Could she and Brother Zhai be as arrogant and out of control as they were in Ping Cheng?

"You're really… I'm telling the truth but you don't believe me." Shi Qing was angered. She sounded anxious when she spoke.

Qiao Nan stopped smiling. "I'm just joking with you. What happened to you? Quickly come in. I'll get some water for you."

"Comrade Xiao Qiao, do you know each other?" Sensing that the atmosphere between the two was much better than when Qiu Chenxi was around, the female counselor heaved a sigh of relief.

"She's my classmate. She's quite a good person. We're also on quite okay terms."

"Alright, then. I'll leave first as I have something on."

"Oh, take your time."

After sending off the female counselor, Qiao Nan pushed a cup of warm water to Shi Qing and also wrung a towel for her. "Wipe away your sweat. Drink some water and tell me what happened."

Shi Qing took the towel and wiped her face twice in a slipshod manner. She then gulped down the whole cup of water. "Qiao Nan, I really came to look for you initially. But now I'm in trouble. You have to help me. You have to love your classmate and comrade."

"It's so urgent? What happened?" Qiao Nan was shocked. She was used to seeing a confident-looking Shi Qing. This was really the first time she saw such a restless and anxious Shi Qing. "Something that can make you ask me for suggestions must be a very critical matter."

"My dad is leaving the army."

"…" Qiao Nan was stunned for a while. "Are you saying that he's literally resigning from the army?"


"Why?" Officer Shi had quite a good reputation in the army.

"Why? What can it be? Isn't it all because of that jinx, Qiu Chenxi! She doesn't know what wrong she committed such that she can't stay in the army anymore, and she insisted on my dad helping her. She even alerted my grandparents. My dad was not willing to. I don't know what my grandpa told my dad. In the end, my dad simply said that he's going to leave the army and grandpa did not stop him. What is happening?!"

"You're going to cry?" At the sight of Shi Qing's eyes turning red, Qiao Nan wrung the towel in her hand and passed it to Shi Qing.

The first time she saw Shi Qing behaving in this way was when Shi Qing talked about the matter between Brother Zhai and her. Today was the second time.

"Qiao Nan, you don't know. My dad loves the army so much. He has given all of his life to the army. Each time, my dad would only leave the camp because he was in really poor health and had to receive better treatment elsewhere. This time, my dad wanted to leave because of such a small matter regarding Qiu Chenxi. I'm… I'm worried." Shi Qing sniffed and sounded like she was about to cry.

"Okay…" Qiao Nan frowned. "Regarding this matter, I've not heard about it from the beginning until the end. I only gathered the rough situation. You said that your dad is very passionate about everything in the army. When he said that he's leaving, on the contrary, I feel that he's not doing it out of impulse. Don't you think so?"

"Why can't it possibly be out of impulse?" Shi Qing did not believe her.

"Your dad would rather be taken to the hospital than to leave the army. Think again about your dad's expression and reaction when he said that he is going to leave."

"I…" Shi Qing was trying to recall. "My dad… It's true that he seemed quite calm." Someone who was acting on impulsive could not possibly be so calm. Moreover, she had never really seen her father making any decision on impulse before.

"When I say this, it may sound like I'm being assumptive without standing in your father's shoes. Don't take it to heart." After some considerations, Qiao Nan still decided to be honest. "Your dad is not a three-year-old child. He is giving up his passion or even everything that he loves with his life. He must have his reasons. As a daughter, maybe you should support him?"



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