Shi Qing did not say a word.

Qiao Nan felt awkward and she simply sighed. "I've said that I don't know the causes and consequences of the entire matter. Hence, I can't confirm if your dad's decision was a sudden one or due to a long-time consideration. Your dad and you belong to the same family. If you have any doubts and want to persuade your dad, just speak to him directly. You're one family. As long as you communicate properly, there are always ways to resolve the matter and reach a consensus."

In the army, the rank and status of Officer Shi were only slightly below that of Uncle Zhai. Officer Shi was a man of talent. It could be said that he had also reached the peak of his career very quickly.

If Officer Shi were to give up everything that he had in the army, this was certainly easier said than done. It was thus understandable that Shi Qing would feel unhappy.

"Qiao Nan, you don't need to explain anymore. My mood is certainly not quite good and I am thus easily influenced. Don't take my reactions to heart. I'm going to look for my dad now." Right, if she had any doubts, she could ask her father directly.

"That's great." She was an outsider. Regardless of her opinions, if the outcome was good, all would be well. However, if the outcome was slightly less ideal than expected, she would be blamed by others. Hence, it was not easy to be a good guy.

Shi Qing came and left in a hurry.

Once Shi Qing left, Qiao Nan was focused on doing her summer homework.

The next time Qiao Nan saw Shi Qing was already lunchtime at the canteen.

At the sight of Shi Qing listlessly approaching, Qiao Nan took a deep breath. She quickly finished her food and intended to run away. Although she did not feel that she had done anything wrong, she felt that she had to escape.

It was only when Shi Qing headed straight toward her, seemingly with no second thoughts, that Qiao Nan could not help regretting not finishing her meal earlier. She had allowed Shi Qing to catch her on the spot.

"You've finished your meal. Just nice. I have something to tell you." Shi Qing looked very listless. "I'd like to have a chat with you."

"Shi Qing, do you take me as a tree hole?" She was looking for her to have a chat and not to settle scores with her. That seemed alright.

"Tree hole? What do you mean? Do you look like a tree hole?" Shi Qing was puzzled.

"It is noontime. Do you want to eat something first before we chat? Anyway, there's still time." Upon thinking, Qiao Nan stood up. "I'll wash my lunchbox. You can use it to get some food."

Shi Qing slumped on the table, looking downhearted. "I don't have any appetite. I don't feel like eating."

"Then, wait five minutes for me." Qiao Nan shook her head. She still went ahead and washed her lunchbox. Thereafter, she went to get some rice and dishes. "Chef, sorry to trouble you. I would like to have some food for two people."

"Comrade, you're getting so much food. Can you finish them? It's a shame to waste them," the chef in the canteen reminded Qiao Nan.

"I'm getting them back for other people to eat. There are two of them."

"Oh, that's fine." The chef was able to tell that Qiao Nan was not the type who would waste food. She was helping her comrades to take away some food. He thus gave more than enough shares for two people.

Holding the fully-filled lunchbox, Qiao Nan then walked to Shi Qing and gave her a kick. "Let's go. Aren't you going to chat with me?"


In the end, the two of them returned to Qiao Nan's dormitory again.

Upon arriving at Qiao Nan's dormitory, tears welled up in Shi Qing's eyes and her voice was hoarse. "Qiao Nan, my dad really submitted his resignation letter. I saw him wrote it in person."

"You didn't stop him?"

"Yes, I didn't stop him." Shi Qing was pulling a long face. "After I spoke to you, I went back and asked my dad a question. I asked him if he's leaving the army because of Qiu Chenxi's matter today, or if he has already intended to do so long ago."

"What's the outcome?"

"My dad said he has had this intention since a long time ago." Since her father had said so, how could she convince him to do otherwise?

"Qiao Nan, I feel very sad, very, very sad. My heart feels like it's pinned under a stone. You don't know. When I saw my dad writing the resignation letter, his hands were shaking. His handwriting was extremely ugly." When she described how ugly Shi Peng's handwriting looked, Shi Qing's sobbing sounded even more obvious. "Normally, my dad's handwriting is very beautiful."

Qiao Nan sat down and poured Shi Qing a cup of tea, pursing her lips. After thinking, she said, "Given your dad's response, actually, you already know that he's certain about his decision. Therefore, you didn't object although his hands were shaking, right?"

"But why?" Her father definitely loved the army and could not bear to leave. When he wrote the resignation letter, she could seemingly hear the sound of blood trickling down from her father's heart.

"Then, why were you willing to give up on Brother Zhai?"

"He likes you, and he's not willing to bother about me. What could I do!"

"That's right. You like Brother Zhai so much, but you're willing to give him up. You're sad, you're suffering, but you still chose to let go of him because of your pride. It's the same reason. Why do you think your dad did this?" It should not be about Brother Zhai. Shi Qing seemed very fierce.

Shi Qing was very anxious. "For me, it's because Brother Zhai… Damn, why do you have to expose my scars!"

"Only then you'll understand why your father did that. You don't know the reason why your dad was willing to give up, but that doesn't mean he didn't have any reason. Every family has its hardships. I have my own problems and your dad does not seem worry-free too." Qiao Nan sighed. "Shi Qing, do you want to be a filial daughter?"

"Of course!" Shi Qing replied with certainty. "But after wracking my brains, I don't think it's possible to make my dad change his mind."

"Even if you want to be a filial daughter, you may not necessarily need to set such a difficult task for yourself. Think about it. You're feeling so sad because of this matter. How is your dad feeling at this moment? You feel so bad that you have lost your appetite. Most likely, it's the same for your dad. However, the difference is that you're younger and in good health. It's alright if you skip one or two meals. Nothing will happen. I remember that your dad has recently been discharged from hospital. Is it really good for him to skip one or two meals? Your grades are so good. You should be able to understand my point. After a person takes his meal, he will feel better, or if he takes more sugar, his mood will improve. Don't just think about yourself. Aren't you going to console your dad?"

Officer Shi's condition was certainly not better than Shi Qing.

Shi Qing patted her silly head. "To think that I always feel that I'm quite smart but actually made such a mistake at this time. Regardless of whether the situation can be changed, my dad is certainly the one who is feeling the worst, the one who can't bear to let it happen the most. My dad does have the habit of neglecting his meals and sleep due to work, so his health is not too good. He definitely can't afford to go hungry. I… I'll go and get some food for him now!"

"Forget it." Qiao Nan held on to Shi Qing who was running out of the room. "You know the situation at the canteen. There may not be any food left at the canteen at this hour. Take this." Qiao Nan passed the lunchbox that she had previously filled with food to Shi Qing. "After you've finished them, wash it properly and return it to me. I still have to rely on it in the evening."



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