"Wrong, I am a warm-blooded animal." So there was no need for hibernation. "Okay, from the looks of it, you seemed to have had a good talk with your dad. You should know that you can't do anything about it, so stop dwelling over it."

"Qiao Nan, you are a strange person."

"How am I strange?"

"I couldn't stop pondering about my dad's resignation, yet you could accept it right away."

"Bystander is always clear-minded." She was not strange.

"No, that's not what I mean. Don't you think that your attitude regarding this matter is too mature?"

Qiao Nan paused momentarily and was slightly nervous. "When you came asking me for help, you were already without reasons. If I were irrational as well, the two of us would only create more trouble for your dad. Daughters should be more sensible and caring. You should at least do that for your dad."

"Go ahead and cook up stories." Shi Qing snorted, not taken in by Qiao Nan.

"I finally understand why Brother Zhai likes you so much. That's because both of you are too outstanding, abnormal. Qiu Chenxi's tactics and plots seemed so foolish and childish in front of both of you. Do you know why I like to stay in the army and why did I have such good results?" Shi Qing had given up. Her father was right. It was true that she was not as good as Qiao Nan.


"Because of Brother Zhai. I have fallen for Brother Zhai the first time I saw him. In order to show off to me that she would marry a man who is very outstanding in the future, Qiu Chenxi always told me about how outstanding Brother Zhai is. He always ranked first in the exams and is very athletic. Though he is young, his fitness level is better than that of the special force in the army. He does not rely on his family. He has the ability and skills. Do you know why Brother Zhai was willing to send me to school amidst his busy schedule last time? Actually, Brother Zhai is too young to be the regiment commander, but my dad pushed for it. My dad said that Brother Zhai deserved it. It's just that those people who were against Chief Zhai tried to prevent him from being promoted and insisted that he's too young to take on the position."

Of course, Shi Peng pushed for it in the end, and that was why Zhai Sheng became the regiment commander at such a young age.

As Shi Qing had said, Zhai Sheng had the capability to be the regiment commander, but without Shi Peng's help, he would only be promoted a few years later.

Zhai Sheng owed Shi Peng a big favor.

"Qiu Chenxi did not expect that she has brought disaster upon herself." Because of Qiu Chenxi, Shi Qing had fallen head over heels in love with Brother Zhai. She would use Brother Zhai as her benchmark and would discipline herself to be as good as him in everything she did.

Qiao Nan remembered that Qiu Chenxi wanted to learn from Lin Yuankang back then. It seemed to be for similar reasons as well. Qiao Nan felt ashamed at that.

She had to admit that before she was in a relationship with Brother Zhai, she had wanted to carve out a good future for herself. Now that she was with Brother Zhai, her pressure was indeed greater and she wanted more so than ever to become a better person.

Men indeed did people great harm!

"She did it deliberately," Shi Qing said coldly. "It is understandable that I fall for Brother Zhai. He is so outstanding. It is rare for girls not to like him. Qiu Chenxi knew that I liked Brother Zhai as well, but the person who could marry him in the future is her, not me, so she deliberately told me everything about Brother Zhai. When I went back, Qiu Chenxi would talk to me on the phone frequently to update me about Brother Zhai. She would tell me about his results and his achievements in the army. She would even let me know when her family went to the Zhai family residence for meals."

Qiu Chenxi had evil intentions!

"Oh my god." Qiao Nan was speechless. Qiu Chenxi was perverted.

"Brother Zhai and you are the same type of person. Since he likes you, I will admit defeat. There is plenty of other fish in the sea. If the person doesn't like me, he is not the one for me. It's okay if he doesn't like me. I will find someone who likes me. It's as simple as that!" Shi Qing said sourly.

One could not show others their weakness. She must show that she had the guts and determination!

"Yes, find someone who likes you. Those who don't like you should stand aside." Qiao Nan agreed.

"You… It's right of me to say that you are annoying. Must you be so smug? Must you show off in front of me? I know that it's Brother Zhai who confessed his love to you and developed feelings for you first, but do you have to agitate me in such a way?" Shi Qing was upset. She was trying to comfort herself, yet Qiao Nan was bent on provoking her!

Qiao Nan had an innocent look on her face. "I didn't say anything at all."

Shi Qing lifted her chin proudly. "I can tell. Brother Zhai and you are miles apart in terms of social status. You are not the kind of person who is vain. No matter how outstanding Brother Zhai is, even if you like him, you will not dare to be close to him. Therefore, it must be Brother Zhai who took the initiative."

"Fine, you are a genius." Shi Qing's analysis was indeed accurate. There was no way that she could rebut. "By the way, what are you doing here? Are you giving lessons to the soldiers as well?"

"Of course not. I do not have time for that." Shi Qing lazed around at Qiao Nan's place, refusing to leave. "My dad is in the army, and he is recently discharged from the hospital. As his daughter, can't I check on him?" Besides, according to her father, Qiao Nan was at the army to give lessons and Qiu Chenxi was creating trouble for her. It was such a good show. How could she miss it?

"Isn't your dad leaving?" Qiao Nan did not go easy on Shi Qing. She knew that Shi Qing was upset about her father's resignation, hence she deliberately mentioned it. They were bent on digging at each other.

"It's not so simple. My dad is also a talent and he holds an important position in the army. Besides, he has helped promote talents like Brother Zhai. Even if he really decided to quit and has submitted his resignation letter, it will take some time before it will be finalized. You are too ignorant!" Shi Qing gritted her teeth. Her father had happily told her that she had made a true friend, but she thought otherwise. A good friend would not dig at her friend.

"Oh, so you intend to leave with your dad?"

"You might be the one who leaves first!"

"Fine, you must send me off by then." It was indeed a child's play to deal with Shi Qing. "Hey, you're so sweaty. Get up. Don't rest on my bed."

"I see. So this bed is yours. No wonder it looks so pleasing to the eye. I am tired and sleepy. You seemed to have had a good night's sleep. Don't bother me. You should do your homework while I sleep." Shi Qing took off her military cap and covered her face with it. She fell into a deep slumber right away.

It seemed that Shi Peng was bent on leaving the army.



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