More than a month ago, after Zhu Baoguo was defeated by Shi Qing, he had made up his mind to hone his skills.

"Zhu Baoguo may be weak but he has abilities. You may look down on him, but that is because you haven't seen how he was like two years ago. Back then, if you have seen him, you probably wouldn't be willing to cast him another glance, let alone spar with him." Shi Qing was arrogant. For those whom she despised, she would not bother herself to talk to them or waste her time on them.

To put it bluntly, since Shi Qing was willing to use her fists on Zhu Baoguo at school, Shi Qing did not really dislike Zhu Baoguo.

If she found him to be an eyesore, she would not have mentioned him more than once to Qiao Nan. She would have already forgotten about him after punching him.

"Alright, don't mention him again. I have a headache." Her father would always say the same words to her. Whenever she defeated others, Shi Peng would lecture her, but Shi Qing never took him seriously.

However, now that Qiao Nan mentioned it, Shi Qing felt uneasy.

Qiao Nan was right. She could not relax just because she was good enough.

If there was a day she lost to her defeated opponent, it would be such an embarrassment. Her father would laugh at her for years.

"Alright, I will participate in the training from tomorrow onward. I will train while you go to class. We will have each other's company."

"Wow, you are so cool. Then, are you putting the matter regarding your dad's resignation aside?" Qiao Nan looked at Shi Qing, feeling puzzled. Shi Qing was no longer upset about it? "Don't you want to know why your dad wants to leave the army?"

"Stop confusing me." Shi Qing refused to be fooled. "I want to know, but my dad refused to tell me, so I won't probe. Didn't you say that every family has its hardships? If it's something I should know, my dad will definitely tell me. Given his condition now, all I can do is to behave myself such that he will not have to worry about me."

"You are finally acting like a sensible and caring daughter."

"I am a sensible daughter. I don't need to act like one."

During the nighttime, Shi Qing went around to survey the two classrooms as if she was the leader making the inspection. "The equipment in the two classrooms is similar. Your classroom is pretty good."

"The equipment is almost the same?" Was there any equipment in the first place? She did not see any, though. Could she be referring to the microphone on the stage?

"We are classmates, but you mustn't be nervous. I am only here to support you. If your lesson is not as well, I won't tell others. I believe that no matter how badly you perform, you are definitely better than Qiu Chenxi. Let's not compare it to the famous teachers. It's good enough to beat Qiu Chenxi."

"Shi Qing, who's your sister?!" Qiu Chenxi, who was here to prepare for her class, overheard what Shi Qing said.

"Sister? Don't mention that word in front of me. I would rather not have a sister like you. It's better if we're not related." Her father might have planned to leave the army, but without Qiu Chenxi, he would not have made the decision at this moment.

She and her father were devastated, while her relative, Qiu Chenxi, only cared about herself.

On the contrary, Qiao Nan, who was an outsider, was considerate and thoughtful. She made sure that they did not go hungry.

Shi Qing was clear about one thing. Her so-called relatives were a hindrance to them at a critical time. On the contrary, as an outsider, Qiao Nan showered them with concern.

Shi Qing knew clearly who to love and who to hate. In the past, she had never liked Qiu Chenxi. Now, she only had disgust for her.

"Qing Qing, don't be too much. If you continue to be like this, I will tell grandpa and grandma."

"If you have the ability, you can go ahead to do so." Shi Qing sneered. "Don't forget that I am no longer the five-year-old Shi Qing. I won't faint from running a few laps just because you complained about me and grandpa punishes me to run."

Her grandpa might be angry, but he only meted punishments so that she would learn from her mistakes. He would not use any excessive corporal punishment. At most, he would make her run a few laps and do push-ups.

These punishments were easy tasks for her.

"So, do you want me to get a phone for you?"

"I, I am your sister. I won't be angry with you. However, I will bear in mind what happened today." Qiu Chenxi was furious, but she did not know what to do with Shi Qing. If her grandparents were here, she could make use of their love for her to make them punish Shi Qing.

As they were not in the army camp, Qiu Chenxi was helpless.

Her grandparents would side with her occasionally, but not in Shi Peng's case. He was very clear that one was his daughter while the other was only his niece. He would only be partial to his daughter and would not side with Qiu Chenxi.

"Fine," Shi Qing said coolly. "You're not the only one who will keep records. I will keep a record too. Qiu Chenxi, I will make it clear to you today. You'd better not ask me for any favor in the future. Otherwise, I will make sure that you are embarrassed thoroughly!"

Shi Qing was too young to hide her emotions, especially when she saw Qiu Chenxi, the chief culprit.

"Hehehe, fine, I will be waiting for that day!" Qiu Chenxi had a look of disdain on her face. Her uncle's position in the army was not as high as Uncle Zhai. Sooner or later, Brother Zhai would take over Uncle Zhai's position. By then, she would be the wife of the chief and would have no need to ask for any favor from the Shi family. Instead, it would be the Shi family who sought help from her.

Besides, if her uncle was not lying to her, that meant he had the intention to resign from the army.

Once he left the army, the Shi family would no longer have any support.

The Shi family had nothing to themselves, so how could she possibly ask them for help? It was nighttime. Shi Qing should not be daydreaming.

Shi Qing raised her fist, wanting to give Qiu Chenxi a taste of her fist just like what she did to Zhu Baoguo. "I never understand why my grandparents doted on her. Why would they punish me for her sake? Look at the way she behaves."

"Alright, someone is coming." Qiao Nan pulled at Shi Qing, trying to calm her down.

Dirty linen should not be aired in public. Shi Qing could not possibly quarrel and fight with Qiu Chenxi in the army camp.

However, after what Shi Qing said, Qiao Nan felt that there was something strange with the Shi family.

Even if Shi Qing's grandparents gave up Qi Minlan for adoption and felt guilty toward her, their behavior shouldn't have gone way overboard. It was odd that they treated Qi Minlan better than their son and doted on their maternal granddaughter instead of their paternal granddaughter.

"Teacher Xiao Qiao."

"Teacher Xiao Qiao."


Qiao Nan nodded with a smile as the 'students' streamed into the classroom.

Qiao Nan was not the only one greeted by her 'students'. Qian Yanyan also stood next to Qiu Chenxi, getting ready to welcome the horde of 'students' into their classroom.



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