Qian Yanyan was extremely excited when the people that she would not have the chance to meet in her army life walked into the classroom. She pulled at Qiu Chenxi's clothes and said, "Look, Qiu Chenxi, all of them are here!"

Today, she was a teaching assistant. From today onward, her status in the army would be different.

Qiu Chenxi pulled at her clothes unhappily. "Enough. Calm down. I am the one who will conduct the class, not you. What are you so excited about? If you are seen by others, they will laugh at you."

She was indeed someone who had not been to big occasions. She was just like a country bumpkin.

Take what happened recently for instance.

When she was in college and joined the student union, becoming one of the union head, she was not as excited as Qian Yanyan during the meeting.

Qiu Chenxi could not help but feel upset at the sight of the ungracious Qian Yanyan. Qiao Nan came from a similar background as Qian Yanyan, yet why was it that she was so difficult to deal with? It was useless to give her money or buy her over by giving her benefits.

If Qiao Nan was as shortsighted as Qian Yanyan, she would have already found out about the vixen who snatched Brother Zhai away from her.

Qian Yanyan tidied her clothes. "You are right. I must calm down." If she acted overly excited like a country bumpkin, it would be too disgraceful.

Thinking of Qiu Chenxi's usual attitude toward her, Qian Yanyan cleared her throat, lifted her chin, and straightened her back, trying to look elegant and graceful.

Qian Yanyan majored in dancing. She looked somewhat like Qiu Chenxi with her dignified posture.

Qiu Chenxi turned black with anger when she realized that Qian Yanyan was imitating her. She was not the least happy or proud.

If not for those people who had already entered the classroom, Qiu Chenxi would definitely change her mind and make do without Qian Yanyan as her dispensable assistant, lest she became too proud and thought too highly of herself.

However, compared with her behavior previously, Qiu Chenxi preferred the way she behaved now. Anyway, this would be the first and only time. She would tolerate her once.

The political commissar had already known about the issue regarding the lesson plans.

If she had to leave the army and there was no room for discussion, it would be Qian Yanyan's turn to be worried as soon as she left the army.

If not for Qian Yanyan helping her, she would not have landed her hand easily on Qiao Nan's lesson plans.

At the thought of that, Qiu Chenxi glared at Qian Yanyan angrily.

If Qian Yanyan did not discover that Qiao Nan was preparing for her lessons and told her about it, she would not know that Qiao Nan had prepared lesson plans. Moreover, it was Qian Yanyan who took the initiative to say that she could get the notebook for her. Otherwise, she would never get Qiao Nan's notebook that was only worth fifty cents.

"Qiu Chenxi, do you feel that the people who came to the classroom today seem to be much fewer than yesterday?" Qian Yanyan, who had been staring at the entrance to the classroom, had no idea what was going through Qiu Chenxi's mind. What she knew was that nobody seemed to be coming into the classroom anymore. Compared with yesterday's situation, the people who attended the class today seemed to decrease by one-third.

Qiu Chenxi came back to her senses and looked around the classroom. The people who attended her class were indeed much fewer than yesterday.

Qiu Chenxi checked the time. It was close to eight o'clock. Given how punctual soldiers were, it was impossible for them to join the class at this time.

"Qiu Chenxi, did those people go to the classroom next door?" Qian Yanyan was depressed. She had just gotten the role of a teaching assistant, yet the number of people who turned up was fewer than yesterday. It was such a pity. She should have thought of being a teaching assistant yesterday. "But it doesn't matter. Don't be discouraged. If I am not mistaken, the number of people in our class is still higher than the number of people next door, so we are the winner. We did not lose."

"I know…" Qiu Chenxi took a deep breath.

Qiao Nan shamelessly took so many students away from her. Even if more soldiers came to her class than to Qiao Nan's class and that she did not lose to Qiao Nan, Qiu Chenxi felt that it did not look good on her.

"Qiu Chenxi, what methods do you think the high school student used to get your students? Qiu Chenxi, in fact, I think the problem still lies with you. I have already said that you should wear that pair of pants and put on some makeup. If you walked around the army like what you did yesterday, there would certainly be more students today." It was without a doubt that men were naturally drawn to beautiful women.

Qiu Chenxi shot a disdainful look at Qian Yanyan. "Enough. Stop coming up with such lousy ideas. What happened yesterday was already very embarrassing."

Qiu Chenxi was getting ready to start her lesson at eight o'clock.

Like Qiu Chenxi, Qiao Nan had no wish to waste everyone's time and began her lesson as well.

Qiao Nan's teaching principle was simple. It was to explain in simple language.

Her lessons must be simple and easy to understand such that the soldiers would find it easy to comprehend and commit them to memory. As for the profound theories, Qiao Nan felt that it was not necessary to teach these to the soldiers.

For today's lesson, Qiao Nan went on to elaborate what she taught them yesterday. She taught them how to ask for and give directions through the use of 'where' and 'how'. However, she did not teach them ordinal numbers like 'first' and 'second'.

Shi Qing could not help but frown at Qiao Nan's non-standard teaching method. Was it okay for Qiao Nan to teach in such a manner? Would she be hampering the students' progress?

Shi Qing, who had been through the traditional teaching model, looked at the expressions of the people around her. Apart from her, the others were absorbed in the lesson and paid full attention to it. Shi Qing was speechless. These people had not been to school indeed.

Qiao Nan was able to fool these people with her way of teaching.

If the English teachers at school knew that Qiao Nan used such methods to teach them, they might be exasperated at her.

She did not expect that the top student who scored full marks in English was lousy at teaching English to others. Her teaching method was messy and without any structure.

Shi Qing waited until the lesson was over before looking for Qiao Nan. "Qiao Nan, is it okay to teach in such a manner? What if something crops up and the army wants you to answer for it?"

"The political commissar has posed the same question to me. You should have realized that I didn't teach alphabet and pronunciation. I also didn't ask them to memorize any words. They only learned some simple and basic conversation. I suppose my intention is very clear." Qiao Nan packed her teaching materials. "Don't worry. It's fine."

"Are you still worried?" Qiao Nan was amused. Why would Shi Qing be worried for others?

In fact, if Shi Qing was wicked enough and was close to Qiu Chenxi, she should be happy that her teaching method was flawed. Why should she care so much about her?

"Nonsense." She wondered why Qiao Nan was able to laugh at this time.

"Alright, since you care so much about me, then come with me to a place."



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