Today was the third lesson. The leaders, including the political commissar, Chief Zhai, and Zhai Sheng, did not join the lessons. They felt reassured enough to leave it to Qiao Nan.

With Shi Qing around, Zhai Sheng was assured that Shi Qing would send Qiao Nan back to the dormitory. As a result, Qiao Nan had the time to take Shi Qing to a place to take a look.

"Where are we going?"

"Follow me and you will know." Qiao Nan led Shi Qing to take a look at what the soldiers were doing after their English lessons.

Last night, Qiao Nan taught them how to use English to form the platoons. However, only thirty to forty soldiers who came to her lessons learned about it, and the rest did not know anything.

As a result, those who were interested to learn would have to ask their comrades to share with them. The army had the fine tradition of unity and camaraderie, so these soldiers gave each other lessons privately.

"This is…" Shi Qing was dumbfounded when she heard the shouts of the soldiers from afar. "Wang, Tu, Wang". They were lining up and forming the platoons. Throughout the whole process, most of the commands were given in English. "Although there is a slight problem with the pronunciation and the word order is somehow awkward, I can understand what they are saying…"

It was amazing.

"That's more than enough. The army's intention is to give them a chance to learn and improve. They don't want us to teach them as if they were elementary school students, give them any written test, or insist that they have to attain a certain result to pass, be it passable or excellent. They do not need to reach the standard of English that is required of us. Therefore, our learning method is not suitable for them. Shi Qing, think about it. What I taught today might be without any structure, but when it's time for practice, can you understand what your neighbors are saying?" Qiao Nan did not ask too much of the soldiers. She felt that it was good enough for them to be able to make simple conversations in English.

"Well, I should not have preconceived notions." Shi Qing patted her forehead. She was indeed muddleheaded.

The intention of the army was to organize an activity such that the soldiers could be exposed to new knowledge and have more interaction with the world outside.

If Qiao Nan really taught these soldiers using the method that she had in mind, then that would be acting without sound reason.

"That's normal. After all, you are not the first person to ask me this question." Qiao Nan massaged her neck. "It's getting late. Let's go back to the dormitory. I want to bathe and sleep. By the way, aren't you going to check on your dad and say good night before you go to sleep?" Shi Qing had been with her since this afternoon and had not been to see Officer Shi.

"No need," Shi Qing said dejectedly.

"Are you upset again? I thought you have sorted out your thoughts this afternoon? Are you in a bad mood under the influence of the moon?" Qiao Nan was once again surprised.

Shi Qing laughed dryly. "Alright, stop mocking me. Aren't you tired of goading me into action? I decided not to check on my dad lest he feels awkward. I also don't wish to be upset. Therefore, I choose not to go."

"Upset and awkward? What do you mean?"

"My grandpa." Shi Qing walked toward the dormitory. "My grandpa might be firm in speech and forced my dad to deal with Qiu Chenxi's issue, and he agreed when my dad said he had no other choice but to resign. However, he must have thought that my dad was bluffing. That's why he told my dad that if he couldn't solve Qiu Chenxi's problem, he should simply resign. He even said that though my dad is in the army, he refused to help his niece. He might as well quit. But in fact, if my dad really resigns, my grandpa will be the first person to object."

Grandpa had two children, her father and her auntie. Her auntie was born with a blissful life whereas her father had to be responsible for the Shi family.

If her father left the army, the Shi family would lose their influence and power. Her grandpa would not want that to happen.

But since her father had already submitted the report, her grandpa must have received word of it and had phoned her father to lecture him.

"I see." Qiao Nan snorted. At home, her mother was muddleheaded. At the Shi family, it was the old master who was muddleheaded.

Shi Qing kicked the stones. "Qiao Nan, why do you think my grandpa behaved in such a manner? Why did he help his daughter and maternal granddaughter to such an extent? Why did he ask my dad to quit in a pique of anger? He might have been in a pique of anger and believed that Dad would never do that, but he had no idea that my dad was serious."

She had thought that China was a patriarchal society. Why was it the other way round in the Shi family?

Qiao Nan was silent. "I heard that back then, your auntie, which is Qiu Chenxi's mom, almost ended up getting married to Uncle Zhai. Did your auntie throw a tantrum when they did not get married?"

"Of course. She almost committed suicide and insisted that my grandpa and dad went to the Zhai family to get Uncle Zhai and drive Auntie Miao away. I don't understand. Why did she have the audacity to say this? When she was creating a ruckus, Uncle Zhai and Auntie Miao had already sent out the wedding invitations, and the marriage report and certificate were ready. They were going to have the wedding dinner in a month's time." In other words, at that time, Uncle Zhai and Auntie Miao was already a legal couple recognized by both the army and the country.

If her auntie insisted on coming between them, she would be the third party.

"But I'm sure your family didn't agree to it, did they?" Back when she heard about this, she had thought that Qi Minlan was the willful one, and the rest of the people in the Shi family, like Old Master Shi and Officer Shi, were the reasonable and cultured ones.

But after listening to what Shi Qing said today, Old Master Shi did not seem to be as reasonable as what she had imagined.

"They didn't agree to it. Actually, I am still puzzled over this. My grandpa dotes on my auntie. Why did he not help my auntie to get what she wanted? Now that I think of it, I find it incredible. Grandpa's behavior back then and right now seemed to be totally different. Anyway, I don't know much about this matter. Alright, let's not talk about them. They are such a bother."

It seemed like the Shi family and the Zhai family already had a complicated relationship from twenty years ago.

"Well, let's go back to take a bath and sleep." Since Shi Qing did not wish to say further, Qiao Nan did not probe. She knew that she could not get any answers from Shi Qing. If she wanted to know the answer, she had to check with Zhai Sheng.

"Aren't you going to do your homework?" It was rare that Qiao Nan, who was crazy about learning, knew to take things easy. There might be a typhoon tomorrow!

Qiao Nan glanced at Shi Qing. "I won't mistreat myself. I have already finished those that must be done today."

"Hahaha, is that so? You definitely won't mistreat yourself." Staring at the look of disdain in Qiao Nan's eyes, Shi Qing found it amusing and was not the least bit angry. In fact, she broke out in laughter. Qiao Nan pulled a long face. Was she not afraid at all?

"Qiu Chenxi, I heard that she is Officer Shi's daughter. Isn't she your cousin? Why did she hang out with the high school student and give you the cold shoulder?" Office Shi was supposed to be Qiu Chenxi's pillar of support in the army.Wang phonetically sounds like 'one'.Tu phonetically sounds like 'two'Wang phonetically sounds like 'one'.



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