Could it be that the sisters fell out with each other, so Officer Shi's daughter was in the company of the high school student? "Do you hear them? They seem to be in a good mood."

Qiu Chenxi sneered. "Let them be. My cousin has been spoiled by my uncle from a young age. She has a nasty temper and is difficult to deal with. She likes to favor an outsider instead of someone on her own side. It's been so many years. I have gotten used to it. She is my uncle's daughter, so he is able to tolerate her. I don't care if she creates trouble, but sooner or later, I'm afraid my uncle will have enough of her."

Her uncle resigning and leaving the army was such a serious matter. As his daughter, Shi Qing could have tried to stop him and dissuade him from resigning, but she did nothing. It was as if he was not her father. She had no conscience.

When her uncle calmed down and regretted his decision, Shi Qing would be the first to suffer.

By then, she was sure that Shi Qing would no longer be in such a good mood.

There would be a day where Shi Qing would be in tears!

"Crap, why is there such a person in this world? Officer Shi is so unlucky. She has such a good father, yet she does not cherish him. What a pity." Why wasn't she blessed with such a good father? If it were her, she would definitely maintain a good relationship with Officer Shi and would not help outsiders to bully her family.

Qian Yanyan had an idea and she trailed after Qiu Chenxi. "I heard that the big shots like to have godchildren. Do you think there's a possibility that I can be family with you? For instance, I can address Officer Shi as my dad." If so, she would rise up through the ranks and would no longer be an average female military performer from the countryside who was without any power.

"Qiu Chenxi, you often said that the Shi family values and cares about you. If you make the request, I am sure they will agree. Look, we are such good friends. If we are one family, I will definitely take good care of you. Qiu Chenxi, what do you say?" Qian Yanyan felt that her idea was feasible. She could not wait for Qiu Chenxi to look for Shi Peng right away and tell him about her suggestion.

"What do I say?" Qiu Chenxi laughed contemptuously. "Nothing great about it." It was impossible!

"Why not?" This idea was quite good.

She had always taken great care of Qiu Chenxi. If she and Qiu Chenxi became one family, she would be Qiu Chenxi's elder sister. She would certainly take good care of Qiu Chenxi.

"If it was so simple and easy, my uncle would probably have lots of goddaughters by now. You're not my only friend. During my school years, I had lots of good friends." No matter what, it would never be Qian Yanyan's turn. "Alright, say no more. I feel vexed. I have no idea what to do for tomorrow's lesson."

Since Qiu Chenxi was in a bad mood, Qian Yanyan's wishful thinking had to come to a stop. "What's wrong? Today's lesson was pretty good. Have you not seen the people in the class?"

"What's there to see?" Qiu Chenxi was frustrated.

Initially, she had thought that there was no way that Qiao Nan could get the notebook back since it was with her.

She did not intend to spend too much effort in the army. After getting hold of Qiao Nan's lesson plans, she did not remember much despite having flipped through the whole book.

Previously, she was able to look at the lesson plans and conduct the lesson thereafter since she could still remember the details.

However, she had burned the notebook last night.

Without the lesson plans, Qiu Chenxi had to rely entirely on herself and prepare for the lesson by herself. She could feel a headache coming up. She did not know how to prepare for a lesson.

When teachers conducted lessons, at the very least, they had textbooks as a guide. However, the problem was that she did not have any teaching materials. She had to come up with all the teaching materials by herself.

It was too difficult.

Although she was not interested in the activities that the army organized, the army could not arrange for activity and leave everything else for others to do. It was tantamount to playing tricks on others!

Qian Yanyan kept her mouth shut. She finally understood why Qiu Chenxi was so annoyed. "Did you come up with the lesson plans for today's class?"

"Half of it." She took down the lesson plans from Qiao Nan's notebook and used it for today's lessons. But she could not remember the teaching method.

"No wonder…"

"What do you mean?"

"N-nothing." At first, she had thought that the high school student was not that brilliant after all. Her first two lessons were great, but her third lesson was too dull and boring.

But it turned out that today's lesson was planned by Qiu Chenxi.

In that case, the high school student was indeed better than Qiu Chenxi, a college graduate?

Oh, man!

"By the way, Qiu Chenxi, I have forgotten to tell you. I have a dance rehearsal tomorrow night, so I won't be able to join your class tomorrow. You must not be angry at me."

"I'm not." Qian Yanyan was getting on her nerves. It was good that she had something on. Anyway, she did not need any teaching assistant.

Qian Yanyan would get excited over the smallest thing. She was a disgrace to her.

"Well, then I will go back first." Since Qiu Chenxi said that she was not angry, Qian Yanyan ran off to her room.

Looking at how Qian Yanyan sprinted away, Qiu Chenxi felt a mixture of helplessness and anger. "Is she sick? An hour ago, she was following me around. Now, she ran away as if she has seen a ghost. She must be abnormal!"

Qiu Chenxi, who berated Qian Yanyan for her weird behavior, finally understood why she behaved in that manner when it was time for her fourth lesson on the next day evening.

Qiu Chenxi understood what happened, but Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were shocked. "Wow, what happened?"

The people came in one after another into their classroom. Shi Qing blinked and rubbed her eyes. She suspected that she had seen wrongly. "The number of people today is more than twice yesterday's number of students. The classroom is almost full. Qiao Nan, what have you done? Did you set any beauty traps…"

Shi Qing turned and noticed that Qiao Nan wore baggy clothes and pants. Her delicate curves were covered by her clothing. Her attire was not revealing at all. Shi Qing could not accuse Qiao Nan of dressing indecently and using unfair methods to get the soldiers to attend her class.

"That is Qiu Chenxi's style, not mine." Qiao Nan was puzzled as well. "Has hell frozen over? It can't be that these people are not interested in looking at beautiful women?" How could they possibly come to her class when Qiu Chenxi was mature and more alluring, just like a ripe apple?



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