Why would all of them go to her class when she was a sour plum that had yet to grow and develop fully?

Could it be real?

"Did the political commissar talked to these people and lectured them?" She could understand that there were slightly more students in her class yesterday, but the number of people in her class today was almost the same as that on the first day. It was unbelievable.

If the political commissar did not lecture the soldiers, it must be that Qiu Chenxi was disfigured. Perhaps she had turned from a fresh apple to a dry and wrinkled apple?

"Lecture? Had a talk? What do you mean?" Shi Qing blinked, confused.

"Don't you know the reason why Qiu Chenxi kept bothering your dad? You are clueless?" She heard that it was due to various reasons. One of them was about how the political commissar had decided that Qiu Chenxi could no longer stay in the army.

Undoubtedly, Qiu Chenxi went to ask Officer Shi for help yesterday, but he refused. Hence, she sought help from her grandparents.

"The more you care about something, the more mess you might create. I was occupied with my dad yesterday and didn't have time to care about Qiu Chenxi. What is the situation? Tell me about it." Could it be that Qiu Chenxi got into some trouble? "I heard that Qiu Chenxi could no longer stay in the army. As for the reasons, I really don't know."

"It's already eight o'clock. I will tell you later." All the students had arrived. Qiao Nan had to start today's class.

Yesterday, Shi Qing did not ask Qiao Nan anything about Qiu Chenxi, so Qiao Nan thought that Shi Qing had known about it.

Qiao Nan focused her attention on the lesson and put the matter aside for now.

Qiao Nan was very focused on the lessons, and the students paid full attention during the class as well. All of them were absorbed in the lessons. Qiao Nan was amazed by their concentration and cooperation.

Nobody was shy to ask questions or participate in the activities. Nobody was lured to the other class by the beautiful sight they saw.

Given the cooperation and attentiveness of the students, Qiao Nan might be awarded an outstanding teaching award if it was a formal lesson.

It was already eight o'clock at night and the soldiers were tired from a day of training. However, they were attentive and enthusiastic throughout the one-hour long lesson.

Without anyone realizing, more than an hour had passed.

"Alright, I will stop here for the day. Before I end the class, I have to praise everyone for your learning attitude. If all of you are to go to school, with such a positive learning attitude, all of you will be top students."

At first, she had thought that she would try her best to teach, but it would be up to the soldiers to take in whatever that was suitable for them.

Seeing today's situation, she had been too pessimistic. She should not be too strict on herself. She should take it easy while making sure that the soldiers benefited from the lessons.

The soldiers were shy when they received compliments from Teacher Xiao Qiao. "That is too flattering. It's Teacher Xiao Qiao who taught well."

"Yes, Teacher Xiao Qiao, you are amazing."

"Hehehe…" Some simply smiled.

"Thank you for your recognition. I may be able to teach well, but all of you have to be willing to learn as well. This is my first teaching experience. From this, I realized that it's quite fun to be a teacher as long as there are good students. Alright, let's end the class."

Even though they received compliments from Qiao Nan, some of the soldiers were happy while some were not.

The hall turned empty in no time.

Shi Qing went forward and patted Qiao Nan on the shoulder. "Qiao Nan, one really can't tell that you can teach so well with those unorthodox teaching methods of yours. The learning atmosphere was so good that you could be awarded an outstanding teaching award. You're brilliant!" From a young age, among all the teachers she had come into contact with, there were very few teachers who could create such a good learning atmosphere like what Qiao Nan did just now.

For students, there were basically three scenarios when they went to class. The first scenario was that the students did not like going to class. Usually, students with bad grades would have such an attitude. They did not pay attention in class and were sick of the lessons. The second scenario was that the students were very serious in the class but the results could fluctuate. The third scenario was that the students felt happy being in the class. The teacher was happy to teach the students and the students found joy in learning.

It was self-evident which teaching scenario was best.

"What's wrong? Do you want to be a teacher in the future? If you are a teacher, it will be a blessing to all students. Everyone wants to be taught by such a teacher. Let's have an agreement. When I get married and have children, I will send my children to your class. Even if you are famous by then, you must give me this privilege." Everyone would be dying to send their children to good teachers. It was the same logic as sending one's children to good schools.

"Alright, stop mocking me. I won't be a teacher. Didn't you say that my teaching methods are unorthodox? I will not hamper your child's progress." Qiao Nan would not fall for Shi Qing's trap. "It's strange. I have already taught four classes, but for today's lesson, the level of cooperation and atmosphere is the best out of all. This is the first time I have such an enthusiastic class. I am surprised as well. Everyone came to my class, but what about Qiu Chenxi's class?"

"Are you sure you're not going to be a teacher?" It was a pity. Her future children were not blessed enough to be taught by Qiao Nan.


"Well, I won't force you."

"Qiu Chenxi?"

"God knows, I can't be bothered with her. Don't ask me either. I don't know anything. I am here to make up the numbers. I have no idea what happened at Qiu Chenxi's class." She could not be bothered with Qiu Chenxi. She would only get on her nerves.

"Right, it is useless to ask you."

"That's right. If you are interested, I can find out for you." Everyone had come to Qiao Nan's class. Qiu Chenxi needed people to make up the numbers. How many students went to her class today?

Qiao Nan raised an eyebrow. "Sure, you can go and ask around. I will go back to the dormitory first." She knew that Shi Qing was not going to ask around. In fact, she wanted to make fun of Qiu Chenxi and watch a good show.

"Alright!" After what happened to Shi Peng, Shi Qing could not wait for Qiu Chenxi to make a fool of herself. As long as it concerned Qiu Chenxi, she would not miss the fun. Perhaps she should consider going to Qiu Chenxi's class tomorrow to make up the numbers?

After all, they were 'relatives'. Now that Qiu Chenxi was in such an embarrassing situation, as her sister, she should lend her a 'helping hand'.

Shi Qing went to check out Qiu Chenxi's class while Qiao Nan went back to her dormitory. She had just left the hall when she bumped into someone. "How long have you been waiting?"

"A few minutes." Zhai Sheng came forward and took the teaching materials that Qiao Nan carried with her.

"Did anyone see you?"

"It doesn't matter if I am seen by others. This is the army camp. Isn't it normal?" Zhai Sheng smiled. Nan Nan was being too cautious. Given his position, he would not arouse any doubts no matter where he was in the army camp. "I am the regiment commander. Naturally, it is alright for me to check out the activities organized in the army camp."



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