Zhai Sheng repeated it once again.

Zhai Sheng was always brisk and straight to the point. He was never one who repeated himself.

But he did today.

One could tell that he hated the 'what if' that Qiao Nan mentioned.

"This will be the one and only time." Qiao Nan smiled embarrassedly. It was rare for her to be jealous, but it ended up awkwardly.

"You don't have to worry too much about the Shi family. Officer Shi is very smart. He won't be influenced by his family." Seeing that Qiao Nan had learned her lesson, Zhai Sheng did not harp on it and changed the topic. "In this field, it is indeed much more complicated than you think. The Shi family is a case of bad debt, and only they themselves can resolve it."

"Well, I understand." Officer Shi seemed to have a mind of his own. She just wanted to understand the situation, lest she was muddleheaded and made mistakes unwittingly.

"Go back to have an early rest. Don't tire yourself out." The walk from the hall to the female soldier's dormitory was not a short distance. However, for people who were in love, it was too short a distance.

Qiao Nan nodded. "Brother Zhai, I will go back to rest. You should have an early rest as well. You have much more difficult tasks than me."

"Alright, go in." Zhai Sheng watched Qiao Nan enter the dormitory before leaving. He turned around and saw Shi Qing. "You're back?"

Shi Qing looked awkward and hurt. She seemed to be staring at Brother Zhai for a long time.

Shi Qing took a deep breath and smiled reluctantly. "Yes, I just came back. Did you send Qiao Nan back?" Shi Qing regretted it as soon as she asked the question. She should not have said something that would hurt herself further.

"Yes." Zhai Sheng gave a faint reply before walking off as per normal.

Shi Qing was heartbroken. Zhai Sheng walked off coldly as if she was just an average soldier in the army.

As expected, it was not easy to let go. What happened just now was too hurtful. It was a blow to her pride!

Apart from being the daughter of her father, in Brother Zhai's eyes, she was probably just like any other soldier in the army. There was no difference between them. Perhaps, Brother Zhai had never treated her as a woman.

This was too painful and heart-wrenching for Shi Qing.

"What's wrong?" Shi Qing came back looking listless. Qiao Nan, who came out from the bath, was wiping her hair. She halted. "You failed to check out Qiu Chenxi's class? It can't be, though."

There was only that number of people in the army. Given that many people turned up for her class today, Qiu Chenxi must not have many students in her class. Why did Shi Qing look so depressed?

"Qiao Nan, I regret it."

"What happened?"

"I shouldn't live in the same dormitory as you. It's too hard a blow for me." If she did not stay in the same dormitory as Qiao Nan, she would not have witnessed Brother Zhai sending Qiao Nan back. He was so gentle and tender toward Qiao Nan. She was right about Brother Zhai. He was a good man indeed. Unfortunately, this good man did not belong to her.

Qiao Nan was stunned. "You saw it? How much of it did you see?"

"Not much, but it is enough to make me uncomfortable. If I saw everything, I am afraid my eyes would be blinded. Today, I finally understood what it means when they say a person who is cold and ruthless can be gentle at times." She almost could not recognize that it was Brother Zhai. He used to be cold and harsh, but he was so gentle and considerate toward Qiao Nan.

"You're good with your words." Qiao Nan continued to wipe her hair. "If this was the case, you should have been back earlier. Why is it that you were only back when I have finished my shower?"

"I ran a few laps to vent my frustration and calm myself down. If I returned to the dormitory directly, I might give you a round of beating." Her Prince Charming since a young age had been taken away by her classmate. She was afraid that she would not be able to resist using violence against Qiao Nan in order to vent her anger.

"Have you calmed down? If not, do you want to run a few more laps?" Qiao Nan made this suggestion as she sensed danger.

"I will calm down as long as you're out of my sight." Shi Qing heaved a sigh. "Should I put a sack over your head? I will make three holes for your eyes and nose. In that case, I will feel better and you do not need to suffer any punches from me." Shi Qing felt that it was a good idea.

"Scram. Shouldn't you just change to another dormitory? I am not a prisoner under the death sentence who is to be executed by shooting." Qiao Nan refused to be fooled. "Alright, you are sweaty and smelly. Take a bath. It's about time to turn off the lights. Don't tell me you are going to sleep without bathing tonight."

"I will bathe now." Shi Qing took her clothes with her back facing Qiao Nan, hiding her face from Qiao Nan. She left for the bathroom at the fastest speed.

Shi Qing turned on the tap to the maximum. Sounds of falling water could be heard in the bathroom. When Shi Qing was wet from head to toes, she started to bathe in silence.

Today, the water from the showerhead that flowed down her face to her mouth was salty and bitter.

It was almost time to switch off the lights when Shi Qing came back from her shower. She was the last to return to the dormitory.

Shi Qing straightened her neck, and her entire face was covered with a towel.

Shi Qing plopped down on the bed, getting ready to sleep.

The female counselor turned off the lights and the dormitory became pitch dark.

After a long while, Qiao Nan sighed at the thought of Shi Qing's reddened eyes when she came back. As a woman, no matter how tough she was, she could not be chic when it came to relationships.

Shi Qing stiffened at the sound of Qiao Nan's sighs. She pursed her lips and continued to lie down stiffly on the bed until she fell asleep.

The next morning, Shi Qing's bed was already empty when Qiao Nan woke up.

The female counselor came in to change her clothes. "Comrade Xiao Qiao, do you know what's wrong with Shi Qing? She woke up earlier than me. When I got up, someone told me that Shi Qing had run for three laps."

"Like Officer Shi, Shi Qing has the habit of doing morning exercise."

"I see. It's a good habit. She is not dainty like Qiu Chenxi. After all, she is the daughter of Officer Shi." The female counselor was not close with Shi Qing. When she heard that Shi Qing would exercise in the morning, she could not help but compliment her. "Comrade Xiao Qiao, I am going to bring some porridge back. Should I get some for you? How about some for Shi Qing as well?"

"No…" Qiao Nan was going to say that there was no need for that. From today onward, Shi Qing would not stay in this dormitory. She would stay with Officer Shi. But in the end, Qiao Nan changed her mind. "How about you ask Shi Qing if you see her later? In case she decides to finish her porridge before coming back."



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