"You're right. I will ask Shi Qing." The female counselor did not want to waste the food, so she decided to ask Shi Qing if she saw her.

After the female counselor left, Qiao Nan took out her summer break homework and stared at it for fifteen minutes.

Since her mind was not on her homework, Qiao Nan did not force herself to do it. She simply put down the pen and leaned on the chair, letting her thoughts wander.

Apart from the five young ladies in the same dormitory, Shi Qing was the first and only female friend that Qiao Nan had.

Unexpectedly, their friendship could not last. They had not been friends for long, but they already faced challenges.

"Why are you in a daze early in the morning? That's such a waste of time. Today, Qiu Chenxi and you still have classes. Even though you have more students than Qiu Chenxi, you must not forget that Qiu Chenxi has some students as well. Your target is to get all the students over to your class so that Qiu Chenxi will be left with no one." Shi Qing, who just returned to the dormitory, saw the scene and covered Qiao Nan's face with her towel that was used to wipe off her perspiration.

Qiao Nan turned green from the smelly towel. "I haven't had my breakfast yet. Don't go overboard! You didn't go back to your dad's place?"

"Why should I go back to my dad's place?" Shi Qing pretended not to understand.

"Stop pretending." Qiao Nan threw the towel back to Shi Qing. "You should think about it. What you witnessed yesterday may happen again. Don't be too hard on yourself." If Shi Qing stayed behind, it would be asking for trouble for herself.

"Forget it. Sooner or later, I will need to get used to it. It's better to get used to it as fast as possible. In fact, it's quite good this way. Brother Zhai always gave me the cold shoulder. I was too silly to have harbored such a thought for years. It was indeed painful to see the two of you together. It was as if my bones were being crushed. However, the more painful it is, the faster I will wake up from the dream. I don't want to be muddleheaded any longer, or to believe in the impossible. I'd rather be sober and in pain than to deceive myself and believe in the impossible."

She refused to deceive herself. She preferred to make things clear as she disliked grey areas.

If she must die, she wanted to make it snappy!

"Why? Did you think that I would run away?"

"Under normal circumstances, ordinary people would usually do that."

"As you have said, that's what ordinary people will do. Am I ordinary? I won't admit to being weak." Shi Qing straightened her neck. She had completely forgotten that when she ran early in the morning, she had considered for a long time whether to move out of the dormitory or leave the army altogether.

Shi Qing had already made up her mind, but when she entered the dormitory and saw Qiao Nan, she changed her mind.

"Alright, it's good that you are not weak. By the way, I didn't have the chance to ask you about Qiu Chenxi's class yesterday. Why did most of the students come to my class without any apparent reason? Did Qiu Chenxi make a major mistake?" Even if she made any mistakes, the soldiers would not take issue with her on account that she was a great beauty.

"Don't think too highly of Qiu Chenxi. I have found out what is going on. For the past few classes, she was able to get through the classes as she had your lesson plan with her, right?" Shi Qing snorted. It was no wonder that Qiu Chenxi asked her father to cover up her mistakes. She was too shameless.

She never expected that a graduate from a famous university would actually steal other people's lesson plans so as to be able to conduct a lesson! Initially, she had been thinking of going to the university that Qiu Chenxi graduated from. Now, she was considering removing it from her list of potential universities that she planned to go to.

"I suppose that after she stole your lesson plans, she would only look at it right before she conducted her lessons. Now that the army is holding her accountable for it and forbidding her from staying in the army, Qiu Chenxi must be scared out of her wits. I am sure she burned your lesson plans. As a result, she has to come up with the lesson plans by herself, ones that reflect her actual standard. Those who can tell the differences will not go to her class anymore."

Qiao Nan touched her chin. "Your analysis does make sense."

"Makes sense? I came to this conclusion based on Qiu Chenxi's character. It is definitely not far off. After all, we are relatives. I am sure that I'm right." Shi Qing was very confident of herself.

Qiao Nan raised an eyebrow. "If she has no idea how to conduct a lesson, why did she join in the fun? Isn't that the same as exposing her weakness and going against her original intentions?"

"Wrong. This is called trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off," Shi Qing said bluntly. "She wanted to have a good image in front of Chief Zhai and Brother Zhai and impress them. She knew her own abilities and that's why she set her sights on you. She thought that you wouldn't dare to speak up and would concede defeat instead. That's the reason why she was fearless."

"Both of you are indeed sisters. You really understand her."

"Hey, don't mention that we are relatives. I don't want to be embarrassed by her. Even if I am not her relative, given her character, I can easily guess what happened." If she did not have this ability, she would not be able to survive in the army. "Qiao Nan, will all of the students go to your class tonight and Qiu Chenxi will conduct lesson for nobody but herself?"

If this was the case, Qiu Chenxi would sulk even more. "I decided to make up numbers for Qiu Chenxi tonight."

Qiao Nan hit Shi Qing's forehead. "You think too much. Qiu Chenxi is not that miserable. Last night, you wanted to watch a good show but missed it. Let me give you a piece of advice today. Don't go. Not only will she not be embarrassed, but you will be the one angered instead."

"I don't believe you!" There was no way that Qiu Chenxi's class would be better than Qiao Nan's class. The standard was too far apart.

How could someone be so stupid to skip Qiao Nan's class and choose to waste their time and life on Qiu Chenxi instead?

"The number of people may change, but as long as Qiu Chenxi still conducts the class, she will definitely have no less than twenty students in her class." Qiao Nan gestured 'two' with her hand. "Don't say I didn't warn you in advance. You must not blame me if you come back feeling frustrated." She was innocent.

"Definitely no less than twenty? Are you kidding? I feel that Qiu Chenxi will have fewer than twenty students today. In a few days, she will not have any student at all!" After what Qiao Nan said, Shi Qing changed her statement.

Qiu Chenxi would still have students today, but within five days, Qiu Chenxi would definitely end up with an empty classroom.

"Okay, I hope that you are right." Qiao Nan did not argue. After all, this was not a debate.

Seeing that Qiao Nan did not believe her, Shi Qing inched her face closer to her. "Since you don't believe me, do you dare to make a bet with me?"

"Let's not bet. You can't afford it. I'm afraid that you will have to give me your underpants by then." Qiao Nan smiled. She was not willing to make a bet with Shi Qing.



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